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JUNE 2021

SAA Continues Advance on Deir El Zor

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SAA Continues Advance on Deir El ZorOn the 10th of June, the 11th and 18th Divisions of the Syrian Arab Army seized control of the Talilah crossroad in east Palmyra in a bid to advance on Arak and the nearby T3 Airbase.

Along with capturing the crossroad, the SAA also managed to affirm fire control over the Talilah oil reserve. Those advances come at a time when ISIS finds itself attacked on many different fronts. Some reports suggest that ISIS is carrying out a massive redeployment from the Aleppo and Palmyra front lines to bolster their defenses in the Raqqa governorate.

We remember that the SAA is attempting to lift the siege off Deir El Zor where over a hundred-thousand civilians desperately cling to life in the face of starvation and increasingly desperate ISIS attacks .

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