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SAA And Russian Support Eliminate Over 300 ISIS Terrorists In Less Than A Month

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SAA And Russian Support Eliminate Over 300 ISIS Terrorists In Less Than A Month

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The Syrian Arab Army has eliminated 338 terrorists since April 23rd. It did so with assistance from the Russian Aerospace forces.

A spokesman for the Russian group made the claim.

“Units of Syria’s pro-government troops, with the support of the Aerospace Forces of Russia, continue their search and reconnaissance missions in the Syrian desert. Since April 23, a total of 228 members of terrorist groups have been killed and 44 captured, 20 vehicles have been seized and six destroyed, 38 facilities and 45 hideouts have been demolished,” the spokesperson said.

In his words, Russian and Syrian forces have also found 26 arms caches with over 21.5 tonnes of ammunition and 7 tonnes of other equipment and property of terrorists.

“Thanks to skillful planning of joint search and reconnaissance efforts, terrorist groups have suffered serious losses in manpower and equipment. Also, terrorist acts against servicemen and civilian residents of Syria have been prevented,” the spokesperson said.

He also said that engineering troops of the Syrian army examined 2,530 kilometers of roads and 865 buildings in the reported period, with mine clearance efforts carried out at three locations.

Earlier, a deputy chief of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Opposing Parties in Syria, Rear Adm. Alexander Karpov, said that illegal armed groups operating in Syria were staging terrorist acts and attacks on government offices in major cities in an attempt to destabilize situation in the country ahead of the presidential election. Terrorists undergo training in areas outside the Syrian government’s control, including the Al Tanf zone, controlled by the US military, he said.

Presidential election in Syria is scheduled for May 26.

Separately, MSM reported that Syria has freed more than 400 civil servants, judges, lawyers and journalists detained this year in a crackdown on social media dissent, a move seen by rights activists and former detainees as intended to win over public opinion ahead of presidential elections.

At least 60 of those released are well-known in their local communities, including senior police officers, judges and a senior customs inspector, state employed journalists, lawyers, university students, businessmen and women’s rights advocates, four detainees said.

The releases were among steps taken in recent weeks ahead of the elections to influence public opinion, such as efforts to fight sky-rocketing inflation, and extending government grants to state employees in areas suffering from economic hardship.

The interior ministry had in January warned that violators of the cyber-crimes law, which criminalizes social media comments deemed to undermine the authority of the state, would face a minimum of six months in prison.

The ministry said it would pursue people who leaked fake news to portals that “distort and sow confusion in public opinion”.


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As long Zion are in M.E good luck ending ISIL or any other terrorist groups for that matter…god loves his “people” after all and not others as we can see.
The only way to end Zion is for Arabs to join together as one with Iran+China+Russia…but that’s why the West pays so much to CIA, MI6, and Zion rats.

Jens Holm

hahaha Russia not killing enough soon rats takeover assads need iblid be his for chrismas soon I go live iniblid with my friends me not silly .


Jens holm
Sully boy go to buy your mother
Sionistan of ISRAËL the maffiosos ,the APARTHEID nation ,is broker,toi much hate in this crazy people.
You cant leave IN peace with humans so go to your country america or Europe


Jens holm
Your father
Your mother is Europe,go back to your country,palestinians are free.
Thé and fighting agaisnt Europe, AMERICA .
ISRAËL is the 51 ème state of AMERICA.
Palestinians are very human and strong like Nelson Mandela the will win against the colony

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