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S-500 Weapon System Acquires the Faculty of Invisibility

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The Ministry of Defense has ordered special containers for the protection of the anti-aircraft weapon systems, radars, command posts, and other sophisticated electronic hardware platforms from detection by spy satellites, writes the Izvestia daily citing a representative of the Russian Defense Ministry familiar with the situation.

S-500 Weapon System Acquires the Faculty of Invisibility

Photo: Dmitry Vinogradov/RIA

Originally appearede at RG, translated by J. Trefz exclusively for SouthFront

In 2016 we plan to acquire such containers designed particularly for the latest anti-aircraft missile systems and anti-missile systems such as the S-500, the publication’s source reported.

The new hardware will hide electromagnetic radiation which incidentally occurs during the operation of electronic systems from signals intelligence equipment. “It occurs during the operation of any electronic equipment: from a normal lamp to a heavy duty radar facility,” explained independent military expert and editor of the site Militaryrussia, Dmitrii Koneev. Radar may not emit a signal, it’s automated control system may neither transmit nor receive information, but its electronic components operate and receive electric power. This produces electromagnetic radiation, having detected which, the enemy can discover our positions without difficulty. By the type of radiation it’s possible not only to classify the target, but if we’re talking about means of communication and command posts, then also to read our data.

Since 1995 the US National Reconnaissance Office has launched five “Mentor” geostationary reconnaissance satellites. Their purpose is not only to monitor global radio communications and discover new sources of transmission activity, but also to persistently look for incidental electromagnetic radiation. For this the five-ton satellites are equipped with antennas over 100 meters in diameter, which make them visible in the night sky to the naked eye.

The American U2 high-altitude spy plane has been equipped with the Senior Glass system for many years, designed for the interception and analysis of incidental electromagnetic radiation. The first prototype of this system was tested during Operation Desert Storm, in which it demonstrated a high level of effectiveness.
For defense against means of electronic reconnaissance Russian equipment will be enclosed in special containers which are not outwardly distinguishable from box trucks. However, there is a special coating within their walls and they contain special equipment to inhibit ambient radiation.

Work on the development of the “invisible” containers was launched by the Ministry of Defense a few years ago. We are talking about the development of a series of containers of differing length and mass, to be installed directly on a truck chassis, or transported by road or rail. Some of the containers are already being mass-produced, others are going through testing. Some will contain only hardware, in others personnel will be able to operate.

Communications systems, radar stations, radio-electronic warfare systems and command posts will be the first to be placed in the “invisible” containers.

Shielding technologies have long been known. But to simply hide the radiation within such a massive weapons system as, say, the S-500, is impossible. It would hinder the functioning of the electronic system, and in certain conditions may become lethal for personnel. Therefore, to reach the needed effect it is necessary to combine special coatings and filters, a representative of the Ministry of Defense said.

In parallel, the military has resolved another problem. The radiation of massive electronic weapons systems interferes with the operation of systems located nearby and negatively affects human health. This must be considered when deploying hardware. The use of absorbent containers eliminates this problem.

Russia Defense Report: Russia’s Anti-Missile Shield

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Nice. But this is only for transpoting, a working unit will still be visible.

Random guy

sweet. But I suppose it is for the radar unit only. Because missle unit has no signal output to detect anyways.

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