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S-400 and Pantsir Systems Are Preparing For A Great Test In Syria – Russian Media


S-400 and Pantsir Systems Are Preparing For A Great Test In Syria - Russian Media

Sputnik/ Dmitriy Vinogradov

At present, Syria has become a great theater scene. A colossal military performance could be played by Russian and American arms. Who will be the winner: American Tomohawsks or Russian S-400 and Pantsir-S1 air defense systems?

The Russian newspaper Vzglyad furnished opinion over a possible US-Russian confrontation in Syria referring to the officials allegedly affiliated to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The official is sure that it is Russian opportunity to “show everything it possess and is able to do”.

The officials stated that the general scenario is clear:

“The two destroyers in the eastern Mediterranean will launch the first set of cruise missile and then the USA will launch their “smart” missiles”.

“The aim is clear: the defensive side must disburse its ammunition allowance of missiles. Afterwards, the US considers to “fire with impunity” from the other warships headed with the air carrier “Truman”.

“It is absolutely transparent, that the strike will be. We have time to prepare the defeat and to reorganize our work under the circumstances”, concluded the official.

According to the article, it is important to know what time will it take the adversary to contract. As the source estimates, Russia “has imposed enough of different facilities of the air defense”. Thus, cruise missiles are not the problem for this modern Protection Against Aircraft (PAA).

However, the official emphasized the US immensity, which Russia has to stand against.

“If we take in that the strike will be more powerful than it was at the Shayrat Airbase (60 missiles were launched), so it will be about 100 missiles”, supposed the expert of the Strategy analysis and Technology Center Vasiliy Kashin.

“Besides the US could block Syrian ports to nip military deliveries”, he added.

The referred officials remarked that the “upcoming”  US strike on Syria will be a decisive exam for the Russian forces.

The newspaper’s sources believe that Russian remains strong and sure about its military capabilities regardless and is ready to take counter measrues to possible US military actions.

Main Scenarios Of Possible Military Escalation If US Strikes Syria



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