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Russian S-300 Air Defense System Spotted In Libya?

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Russia has deployed an advanced S-300 air defense system to Libya to support the forces of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar against the Turkish military and its proxies, local media reported on August 5.

According to photos surfacing online, the supposed S-300 system is deployed near the town of Ras Lanuf, a key oil export port controlled by the Libyan National Army (LNA). The town is located more than 200km away from the port city of Sirte, which the LNA is defending against Turkish-led forces.

The circulating photos supposedly show a 96L6E Cheese Board radar and a transporter erector launcher (TEL) similar to those used in S-300 and S-400 air-defense systems. This 3D early-warning and acquisition radar has a range of 300 km and can track up to 100 targets simultaneously.

Last month, several Arab sources already reported that an S-300 system had bee deployed in Libya. Egypt, an ally of the LNA, operates a variant of the system that is different from the one allegedly spotted near Ras Lanuf.

Turkish sources are already crying foul about the cowardly Russians who are aiming to shoot down peaceful Turkish combat drones democratically bombing LNA-controlled cities. At the same time, it should be noted that the photos from the Ras Lanuf area are yet to be verified. In particular, the pictured radar also looks similar to those of the Iranian-made Khordad-15 air defense system, which was used in 2019 to shoot down a RQ-4A Global Hawk BAMS-D surveillance drone of the United States over the Strait of Hormuz. In any case, if any of these versions is confirmed, it will be sad news for the Erdogan sultanate and its proxies.

Despite active preparations for an attack on Sirte, the Turkish Armed Forces, pro-Turkish Syrian militants and Tripoli forces have not yet launched an attack on the port city, likely fearing a direct military response by Egypt to such a move. Sporadic clashes regularly erupt west of Sirte and sides exchange isolated airstrikes, but the general situation on the frontline has stabilized.

This means that the conflict has at least temporarily entered into a positional war stage. In these conditions, the main backers of Field Marshal Khaftar – Egypt and the UAE, partially supported by France and Russia, have every chance to take the upper hand in this standoff even without the direct involvement of Russia or other major powers at their side.

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Little black bird

Clearly the Russian variant.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Could be North Korean.


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So Mr. Erdogan who has bigger d**k now? How many drones and F-16 is Turkey ready to lose really?

Rodney Loder

BS. Russia only supports mercenaries in Libya, Putin is not stupid but Sisi is, Assad backed the wrong animal, which makes him the stupidest, he didn’t have to, as if Syria has any affinity with KSA, UAE or the little Jew dog in Egypt that is not even a shadow of Mubarak but is desperately trying to revive a dead era, the Brotherhood is a reformed organisation, they learned the same lesson Mubarak did, but lived to regret tying up with Jewish benefactors, who needs their confetti money going down the sewer where the homosexual Sid Loder is there to count it.

Rhodium 10

S-400 deployed in Sirte means that Russia can control a huge part of the mediterranean sea air space..like the S-300VM4 Antey deployed in Tartous ( 400km range)…

Rodney Loder

That would be OK but you didn’t read the article, it said to support Haftar, which is a blatant lie.


It is not a lie, they deployed S-300 to support Haftar, but the clear benefit is the control of part of the southern Mediterranean. However, the first task is support, because they cannot be there if Haftar is defeated. And the fact that you don’t like Russians and, after all, all those that Americans tell you are bad, and that you blindly believe in the fairy tale about American democracy – as long as you express your opinion in writing, we won’t have any problems.

Rodney Loder

Russia betrayed it’s people thinking the West was about to become their oyster, but the shell the oyster was supposedly in only contained a a crab which took the wealth of the Soviet Union in its stomach and regurgitated it in Israel, Putin hates Muslims not the other way around.


Ti les vre malaka karagiozi again !

FUCK TURKISIS AND FUCK YOU gamo ton mohameti sou poustara!

Rodney Loder

Homosexuals should try to control themselves in public.


Oh …look at you trying to bring your mentor Erdogay the Taliban into this … How gay of you!

You make him very proud!



Rodney Loder

My Salafist Brothers and Sisters treat homosexuals with the contempt they deserve, which is why we support Donald Trump unlike his relative the homosexual Mary L. Trump, the L is for lame, I suppose you’ll be reading it.


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And this is what happens to your brothers, hopefully to you too : [Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/OA6IeI7.png)

You dirty little cockroach!

Rodney Loder

Simple war mongering nonsense, the fact is I’m the only man ever to gain permissions throughout the ME to use the name of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuH) to stake my claim as the Messiah, after which if successful peace will replace Israel.


…yeah…ok…Just remember to take a break every once in a while otherwise you might go blind!


Rodney Loder

Well I am in constant communication with Salafist Call Egypt, aka Al-Nour Party all you have to do is ask, mainly now I’m representing the Brotherhood, my identity is not a secret, and my address neither is, come to that, check me out on Quora “Terry Loder” on Quora, Terence is my middle name my address is clearly and accurately stated, I’m easy to find me on Quora I’ve got 150 followers and 1.2 million views addressing questions concerning psychology, or you might be interested in my efforts on One Political Plaza (OPP), RTfriend on OPP, but don’t let me know I’m the Brotherhood they don’t know about that.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Interoperable Chinese and Russian warfare systems…. Or just North Korean? From deadly, to deadly serious capability.


That’s not S-300.

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