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JUNE 2023

‘S-300 Destruction’ Delayed: Israel Halts F-35I Flights Over Engine Malfunctions Problem

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'S-300 Destruction' Delayed: Israel Halts F-35I Flights Over Engine Malfunctions Problem

The “Adir” jets first flight in Israel. Pictured: “Adir” jet and F-16I “Sufa”. Photo by: Maj. Ofer

The Israel military announced on October 11 that it had halted all F-35I flights following the crash of a U.S. F-35 in South Carolina last month. The move followed similar steps by the Pentagon.

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) revealed in an official statement that the F-35B crash was caused by a technical malfunction in the engine’s fuel pipe. According to the statement, Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin, commander of the IAF, decided to take additional precautions and conduct tests on all F-35I aircraft, despite the accident having occurred in a model not used by Israel.

“The testing will take several days and once completed the planes will return to full operations … In the meanwhile, if the F-35I are required for operational action, the F-35I aircraft are ready and prepared,” the IAF said in its statement.

Last May, Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin said that the IAF used its version of the F-35 in operational missions, striking at least two unspecified targets in the region. The Israeli announcement marked the first time the F-35 had been used in an actual combat situation.

Capabilities of the Israeli F-35Is gained additional media attention when Syria received S-300 long-range air defense systems from Russia. Some Israeli top officials even said that the IAF will began using the stealth multirole fighters to attack targets inside Syria.

However, now it appears that the IAF will have to wait additional time before its F-35Is will be able to challenge the increased Syrian air defense capabilities.

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How sad, Syria must now have to wait to shoot down a F-35. It will be delayed gratification for the Syrians.

Zionism = EVIL

haha the $1.5 trillion dollar dud F-35 scam and more birdstrikes for kikes.

Zo Fu

The problem with USA is, that German-exNazi engineers are dead or too old to keep US military-industrial complex running. Some examples: 1969 – Apollo landed on Moon , chief designer Wernher von Braun, development time – 9 years 1979 Wernher von Braun died, Arthur Rudolph was denaturalized and forced to move in Germany. 1981 – USA is not able to land on Moon any more, but have space shuttle at least, development time – 10 years (1972-1981) 1992 – F35 development started 2000 – first X35 prototype flight 2011 – USA is not able to maintain spaceplanes any more and cancel program after repeating disasters, 2018 – USA is not able construct fighter jets properly, F35 is not able to meet basic requirements, 19 years after 1st prototype took off and is a decade behind the schedule ….. P.S: I didn’t mentioned, that American were never able to construct good cars (including electric ones) :D

Wolfgang Wolf

dont forget: what happened to all those “invincible” F-117? )))


No Apollo ever landed on the moon. USA were far behind Soviets in that technology in those years and after yet another failed launch in 1968 it was decided to film a fake landing on the moon in order to help USA gain prestige needed to win the cold war. USSR top level and space scientists knew about it being faked, but since the global oligarchy had infiltrated the Soviet elite after they killed Stalin, it was ordered for them to keep quiet, cos Soviet union was planned to loose the cold war. Why? Because the socialism started to be becomming what it was declaring to that is to serve the people and not to serve as a slave sociaty brought up by the Lenin and Trocky global oligarchy agents duo. Socialism was starting to recover from WW2 destruction very fast and was developing faster than capitalism. Global oligarchy had to stop that before the USSR pass by capitalism and create a better society. If the people around the world seen that the money printing machine and motivation by profit (real name of market economy) would by in danger.

Tommy Jensen

It doesnt matter whether we landed on the moon or not. What matters is that your mother believed it and she told her little son who believed it too…………………LOL. Until shit came up on the internet and now its too late for you and your mother little boy.


An empire based on a lie, will not last long………


Same can be said for Russia. I don’t know what happened with their great scientists in aerospace industry, but I can almost imagine they were rerouted to Defense industry for far higher salaries and now they are developing Khinzhal and other supersonic weapons. As a result last two Russian space launches were abysmal failure. But obviously the top goal for Putin is to make sure US & NATO do not invade Russia. In the long run this guys should return to Russian aerospace industry if Russian elite does not want India, China and the US to get the upper-hand in space exploration.

P.S. Lack of money might play huge role as well, but still cannot explain technical failures.

Tommy Jensen

Take that smile off your face. You are talking to me? You are telling that right up in the face of an American? We are the worlds leading nation in everything and your talk is envy. You envy that we are in America, and you live in some shithole country outside America..


America has developed into a rat race society based on property, materialism and a general save-your-own-ass mentality. A smart guy from New York once described his own country as money talks, bullshit walks.

The fish rots or rather trickles down from the head. America is run by a bunch of mafia cartels no better than street gangs – Wall St, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Media, Military-Industrial-Complex etc. – with the Federal Reserve as their giant money laundering corporation, a bureaucracy of ridiculous proportions as both the mafia’s hit-men (CIA, Pentagon) and legal front (Congress), and the US president as the constantly changing promotion mascot. There is very often no love lost between these cartels or their players, but there are two things that unite them. First, the US dollar system, the single largest Ponzi scheme in human history and, second, an extremely elitist self-concept inherited from English aristocracy asserting that it is them, and only them, who shall rule the world


Syria doesn’t have to Shoot F-35s…. they come Fallin’ out of the Sky all by themselve…

leon mc pilibin

better to ground them than have them shot down by the S 300s,because that would be a financial disaster that would destroy the credibility of the zionist warmongering machine.


One day, there will be $135,000,000 target over Syrian skies. There is a buzz of excitement among Syria’s military defenders.

John Whitehot

not to mention the birds.


And in the case of the S300 system, many Birds of a Feather Fly Together :)

Zionism = EVIL

The kikes are scared of kites from Gaza too.

Promitheas Apollonious

the politicians maybe crazy but I am absolutely sure the pilots are not. So dont any one hold its breath. On the other hand this announcement from the jews it may be a trick that in their poor empty head maybe thinking this way all will relax and dont give attention to the skies, since the super plane is not flying.


Mossads Motto ‘ By deception we fight war ‘.

Hisham Saber

‘ By way pf deception, thou shalt make war’.

Empire's Frontiers

‘All warfare is based on deception’ you’ll find in the art of war too.

Tommy Jensen

Best playstation game ever.

Zionism = EVIL

at least the playstations work most of the time, the F-35 is dud most of the time :) The fat US pilots should play with playstations as they are more value for money. A RAND report stated that the majority of US trailer trash military is unfit for war.


Ohhh, common guys, we need to see how the S-300 system works in real confrontation. Please, do not disappoint us. I will be funny to see how millions and millons of US-tax payers blew up in the air.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Guess I’ll have to cancel the popcorn and pizza for the battle of the century. What a Obommber! Why does Putin have to hack into everything and so spoiling our fun???

Promitheas Apollonious

No shit the super plane is not flying again….. Or the pilots refuse to suicide?


It is a very expensive piece of junk.

Promitheas Apollonious

you find me in full agreement with you.

Ivan Freely

More like LockMart ordering the IDF to cool it. If the S300 downs an F-35, you can bet your pension that all foreign sales will plummet.

Promitheas Apollonious

shit man what happens if I dont have a pension? Never paid taxes to any government or got a salary as an employee so maybe I just bet my old bike I have from my grandfather by now it should worth a fortune I guess. I that alright you think?


Give the pilots some Captagon and they will fly :)


F35 bombing ground target itself becomes a ground target, once it lands. So IMHO a greater and much more efficient deterrent would be a swarm of 2 dozen Iranian made precision guided ballistic missiles raining down on IAF base housing them. You can’t win a fight with an arrogant bully like Israel with one hand tied behind your back, but punch him on the nose just once and he’ll run away crying bloody murder…


Well look at the Americans, they say to the Turkish that if they buy Russian S-400 air defense Russia will obtain intel on the F-35 and for that reason they are not selling F-35 to the Turks, but how are they not realizing that Russians have S-400 in Latakia Base, and if Russians want to obtain intel on F-35 they will do it so easy when this Zionists decide to fly around with those F-35, by now if the zionists flew the f-35 somewhere near Syrian border Russia got its intel long time ago, right I mean wtf is the problem with these americans, they forgot that Russia has the S-400 Triumph in the Khmeimim base.


US just pissed off them turkeys are giving money to the Ruskies instead them.

Ivan Freely

The Russians should contact the Chinese for details of the F-35. I suppose it would be good to verify the data.



Promitheas Apollonious

you forget the bird incident?


Probably a migrating Russian bird!

Ivan Freely

Excuses. Nothing more.

Roddy Wehrmacht

Waiting to see how Russia gets payback for the soldiers killed by recent israeli air jewing. Hymowitz and Co already bragging that they can beat the S-300, even without the F35. They should be pinned behind the walls they built for themselves.

Promitheas Apollonious

remember you speaking of people who even lie when you ask their name? Bragging is always free. Doing is all together another issue.


Jews like ghettos :)


And …….. this is the crap that po’d the Russians. Israeli leadership right now, just never comes clean. It is never ending sshhhhtttiiiiiick. They were heavily lobbying against Syria receiving any S-300’s for a longtime. Now that it looks like Syria has actually received top of the line S-300s, no problem. They have the same problem as US representatives; they just don’t know when or how to shut their mouths and let things pass, without making fools of themselves. A debacle in the making for the F-35. Can anybody imagine what it would be like to have to scrap that plane and go back to the drawing board? It might happen.

Ivan Freely

IMO, it’ll happen. I believe Japan is pushing for a newer model, a F-22/35 hybrid to counter China’s FC-31 and Russia’s Su-57. LockMart is all for it; no surprises there.


Yeah, they are in a tough spot. They tried to create a bird that was all around better at everything. How many times has that failed before. Sometimes they get away with it, like the F-4. It was a dog at first but, they got it straightened out and it became formidable. Flat out, they are just screwed right now and have no clue as to what to ‘constructively’ do next. I wish you well Ivan.


They won’t scrap it, because it has taken 25 years to produce. If they scrap it, it will take until 2040 before the US has a replacement for its current fleet, the newest being the FA18. By then the FA18 will be 62 years old, and the F16 66 years old, the F15 68. When the US decided to put all its eggs in the F35 basket, it sealed its fate. They could restart F22 production?


The F-15 *silent* eagle, some sort of f-35/f22 hybrid, restarting the f22, a new fighter from scratch, all of these ideas have been picked up and dusted of in the past year, which may reflect something like buyer’s remorse.


Lol. They won’t scrap it because it’s: “Buy from US or else…”


The more money that NATO nations poor into the F35 drain the better.In fact ALL their old fighter/bomber aircraft should be scrapped and replaced with the F35. :)


Hey Sinbad. I also tend to think they will just keep marching forward with it, until something overwhelming occurs. The idea of the F-22 is interesting but, it is an older bird too, whose time is already passing. It would be production of something head for antique status in 10 years. I wish well to you.


fucking scum. Planning to do murder on citizens of a sovereign nation.


The problem is that Russia would get valuable data on the F35, data that the US does not want Russia to have. At one stage the US was using F22’s in Syria, but withdrew them as soon as Russia installed the S400 system. The ease with which Russia can disable Tomahawk missiles, is due to the US using them so often in so many countries.

Remember when the US bombed the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia? It was to stop the Chinese spying on American military equipment.

Bio_ Hazard

The entire F-35 fleet got grounded in the US today, engine problems ahahahaha

Lena Jones

Ooof what a relief for the coward jew!

Feudalism Victory

Fascinating. Do it or shut up

Zo Fu

F35 is already 17 years in development and decade behind the schedule. Now let me sum up some problems in it. Airframe – cracks, corrosion, overweight, collapsing landing gear, breaking arresting hook in F 35C variant, radar absorbing coating drop off the plane in supersonic speeds, excesive vibrations during supersonic speed turns. Cockpit – poor eyesight, catapult killing pilots, oxygen generator suffocating pilots, small size for big helmet, instruments and markings in helmet not readible and confusing pilots. Engine – rotor blade separation, overheat, underpower, prone to catch fire. Hydraulics – leaking, prone to catch fire. Fuel system – overheat, prone to catch fire. Armament – cannon inacurrate, precision weapons unusable as SW for Block 4 is still in development Software – still in development, prone to be hacked, flawed and malfunctioning. Maintenance – 50% of the fleet not airworthy in peacetime conditions, ALIS system for spare parts flawed, excesive maintenance labor is causing that F35 can perform maximum 1 mission in 2 days. Performance – can’t turn, can’t climb, can’t run. Originally F35 was intended as a fighter capable 9G turns, he is capable merely 6G turns at the best. Originally F35 should be able to supercruise but it is not. It was supposed to be able provide ground support but it is missing any protection from ground fire, can’t maneuvre in slow speeds. It was supposed to attack ground but it can carry only 2 big bombs which is riddiculous payload for a bomber. Conclusion – F35 spectacularly failed in every aspect, except of spending money.

John Mason

Excellent site for information on S300/400; F35; SU57/35 and a lot more. By all accounts the S300 series is to be taken very seriously.


Lena Jones

Yet it won’t be delaying the destruction of israel lol!

Wolfgang Wolf

next time birdstrike, vol. 2 )))


http://www.unz.com/tsaker/s-300s-and-other-military-hardware-for-syria/#comment-2558132 Post #43 by FB

A superb description of the S300 capabilities and the S200 hybrid (not mentioned anywhere), which is an S200 on which advanced S300 radar is mounted. Syria has become no-go for Israel.

Nigel Maund

Well more time for the Russian’s and Syrian’s to prepare the appropriate reception for the F35i’s and their attendant drones, support aircraft and missiles when the attack comes. If the Syrian S300’s down a couple of F35i’s then one would be able to hear the howls of anguish in Jerusalem and the US from some remote island in the Pacific!….. The blow to IAF pilot morale would be pretty devastating. Russian manufacturers of the S300 and S400’s would be salivating at the boost in sales adding to their already attractive bottom line!

Kenneth Hammond

The Russians appear to be taking a pragmatic position towards Israel’s concerns about the effectiveness of the F-35 against the Russian radar integrated S-300 system deployed in Syria, Although Russia possesses high-frequency VHF, tracking systems and radar capable of detecting the F-35 and making it visible, it is another matter to shoot it down with the S-300. Russia’s answer to this theory? “Let the Israelis test our system and we shall see the results”. Russia it seems could be waiting a while for that result given the latest fuel/engine failure that has grounded all US/Israeli F-35’s.

hope springs eternal.

But the Israelis have been saying for some time, that the F35’s have been flying over Iran for quite a while, and have never been detected and have never encountered a problem.


It does not have the range to fly to Iran and then back! Jews are compulsive liars….it’s in their DNA. That’s how they managed to survive so long!

hope springs eternal.

Thank you RB sir! That is what i thought too. Fighters are high speed and short range generally, and Iran is far away.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

hahahha the thing cant even reliably fly and they want it to take out S-300? looool

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