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RyanAir’s Landing In Belarus And Its Far-Reaching Impact On Europe

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You can read this article in German: LINK.

Belarus has been regularly in and out of the spotlight in recent months, with protests, chaos and alleged assassination schemes against President Alexander Lukashenko.

On May 23rd, Ryanair flight FR4978 from Athens to Vilnius in Lithuania made an emergency landing at the Minsk international airport, following a false bomb threat.

The incident resulted in the arrest of opposition activist Roman Protasevich, who was on board.

He is best known as one of the main people behind the Belarus’ opposition Nexta Live network.

It is operated out of Poland and is the main platform for coordination of the mass protests since 2020.

At the moment, there are two main versions regarding the incident with the RyanAir aircraft:
Either this was a high-profile operation of the special forces of Belarus aimed at detaining a young activist.

Or, conversely, it was an operation played out by the Belarus opposition forces supported by their Western allies, who seek to discredit President Lukashenko.

To shed light on the incident, a recording of a pilot’s call with the dispatcher was released, proving they were not forced to land in Minsk and it was their own decision made in accordance with international rules.

Belarus officially claimed that they had received a message from the Palestinian group Hamas threatening to blow up a Lithuania-bound flight over Belarusian airspace unless the European Union condemned Israel over the conflict in the Gaza Strip.

Subsequently, a video showing that Protasevich was in good health and remained in a pre-trial facility was published online.

He also acknowledged his participation in organizing mass protests in Minsk in 2020.

Belarus’ foreign ministry insisted the country’s authorities acted “in full conformity with international rules” and accused Europe of politicizing the incident.

However, it did not prevent the EU from proclaiming more restrictions against Belarus.

In addition to blocking the use of the EU’s airspace and airports, the EU is expected to hit individual officials and companies linked to the incident with sanctions.

The incident coincided with the European Summit, where a strategic debate on Russia is to be held.

The new international scandal may influence the final decision of European leaders.

The Russian Foreign Ministry criticized the West’s response with spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

She reminded everyone of similar incidents happening in recent years.

In 2013 US special forces, looking for Edward Snowden, forced the plane of the Bolivian President to make an emergency landing in Vienna.

The White House declined to compare the two incidents, but US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said Washington “strongly condemns” the Belarusian regime’s “brazen and shocking act to divert a commercial flight to arrest a journalist”.

It is still not clear who exactly was behind the emergency landing of the RyanAir flight in Minsk.
Regardless of all versions and speculations, it is evident that the incident will lead to a greater rift between Russia, Belarus and the so-called collective West.

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Lincoln famously intercepted british ship and arrested diplomats from CSA heading for Europe (the Trent affair)


“proving they were not forced to land in Minsk and it was their own decision made in accordance with international rules”

Look, my dear Russian propagandists. If you’re going to lie, try harder. The transcript shows that the Minsk ATC asked the pilot specifically t come to Minsk instead of landing in Lithuania. Minsk was twice as far, so why land there?


“The dispatcher goes on to say that “several airports” received the email about the alleged bomb and advises the pilot to divert to Minsk for an emergency landing for “security reasons.”

The pilot then asks whether the recommendation to land in Minsk came from Ryanair, the “departure airport authorities” (Athens), or the “arrival airport authorities” (Vilnius). “This is our recommendation,” the dispatcher replies.”

There you go.

“Subsequently, a video showing that Protasevich was in good health and remained in a pre-trial facility was published online.”

Are you insane? You mean the forced confession he had to do? Tsikhanouskaya was forced to confess in a taped video too (ISIS-style). When she escaped Belarus, she said she was forced to confess to various trumped-up charges, as they had threatened her husband. In this case, the journalist’s wife has been arrested too. You know where I’m going with this.

Wow, you guys sure lie a lot. Why though?


CIA feminzed robot write fake news at SF after stating with Jens….CIA traitor not married idiot—girlfriend student at CIA/Soros funded university in Vilnius

jens holm

Im so honored You and Yours dont like me. Thats what its all about and the very good reasons for it.


Don’t be sad, I like you!

jens holm

Thanks again, Ypou forget I also tell why and hive links and maps about it. Yours too often seemes to be created by a dirty left hand below Your bed blanket. Now we kiss.


Eh, ok let’s do it!

Team Jens United

Why exactly do you oh-so very suddenly care about a snot nosed brat called Protasevich, who you, like the rest of the world, had never heard of until this week? Your vast reserves of humanitarian principles? Bullsh^t. Whether you know it, or not, you are just another racist anti-Slav mouthpiece for the Ukrainian Jew exiles that populate Washington DC and push the Russo-phobe foreign policy agenda. These people are still obsessed with events from centuries ago – all because Finnish-Russians forcibly disbanded their Khazar-Khaganate – and centuries later they still crave revenge to point of absolute fixation. There’s toxic grudges – and then there is this – let it go already.


Jens holm is right like always. Rushans always wrong and lying. Democracy, vaccines, masks and transgender technocracy will be brought to Belarus with FIRE AND FURY, wether you like it or not RUSSIAN SCUM. Freedom fighters like Navalny, mohamad bin slaman and Guaido will take charge of new poland uhh I mean belarus. I will bring my refugee friends who rape my arse day & night to this new woke utopia and we will celebrate !awfijeaipfjef!

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too much LSD in your covid—no vaccine for amerikan stupidity/racism

jens holm

Thats no comment

jens holm

Thats not me I think but not sure

jens holm

If You tell it takes a whole day to drive around some land owned here to a Russian, the answer will be: I have such a car too:)

A Russain immigrant went to Skotland. An evening they were talking he was surpiced they turned off the light, but it was because they were talking an no light was needed.

The others heard some silent noises and asked what the imigrant did. He was integrating by taking of the clothe to make it hardly unused for a longer time.

jens holm

Yes. Very this is most correct. Matt is be a always tripped up troll foolish.

Clear is I am who Jens. You cannot read barely the bad not good language.

jens holm

I dont write Rusasai is always are wrong, but they have to understand several things about the rest of the world and very muich about their own.

And I write it and its the same as for most of the ME.

As long as You dont makes tools for devellopment by education and rewarding people for what they do, there will be no economical and social improvements.

By that the country will have a higher income and better taxpayers, but to get the tax You also has to have a good taxsystem reaching all in a relative fair way.

That by the way a good reason for hating the rich parts f the jews in Eastern Europe as well as in Arabistan. The difference was the Jews educated themself and was the only middleclass BUT they were not taxed well, so no tax could bee seen as theft. And the rest was and is the same today. People doing nothing seeing others getting rich by qualification by education and hard work are the nasty ones compared to themself remaining as illiterat lazy bums.

Jews and others has never been a problem here in Denmark. The ones with extra initiatives mainly are taxed well. The ones working for them are paid well and by that also can be taxed well. A country is a malfunction, if there is very few making initiatives(good and bad ones).

The tax also equalies us because a lot of expensive things such as school, hospital and pension are given the same level for all. one here knows which three of 10 will get canser as well as the three of ten being hit by never has wished for that.

In this also is taking things by force is possible just as the Russian expansions or for that matter for other Empires. The difficlties are the KEEP becaise the new ones also after some time even support the made improvements.


I stopped reading at Rusasai (4th word). Damn you are so stupid .

jens holm

sorry wasting Your time.


Looks like Matt is very into Jens Homo – and wants to share that LGBT lifestyle.

john wooh

Fuk this show cards on the table, EU/Nato is pissed their best Agent for Belarussia got busted.

Russia/Belarussia should just say so what suck my dick and fuk off EU/Nato.

jens holm

Bellerus is worth nothing for the west. Why should any here pay for even more ancient fasrmers and kombinates.

We aklready has taken in more, the we should. I will remind You and others, that we didnt collpased those many states. USSR did.

So we try to help and be nice to the leftovers as well as it goes and for own purpose in investments. We cant sell Our stuff to them as long as they have no stuff for us or real money instead of Rubels or Liras.

But we do wish those people has to decide their own destiny by what we see as human rights. One could say, tha if Belarus was working well and by that had a higher standard of living, we should not care. But thats not as it is. They are in theold days in most things and has a bed dept version as well.


What the fuck is Bellerus you MORON?

jens holm

Thats my middle name : Jens Bellerus Magnus Anus Holm :)

john wooh

Belarussia, the cleanest country in the world i love their ancient farming respect for the animals http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7TKZILMtwo im thinking about moving to Belarussia.

Fog of War

This is a prime example of why ” international law ” is a farce. Basically, any nation with power or backed by a power can flaunt them at will. Although, I agree with Belorussian actions in principle, whats to now stop other nations from doing the same thing ?


They arrested a wanted criminal, their own citizen, in their own territory. Nothing against int. law here. Whether they tricked or not the plane to land is actually not important. You have the right to search ships in your waters for contraband for example. Every nation would do the same, if some criminal wanted by them is stupid enough to fly over their territory. Imagine FBI, DEA, CIA, NSA, whoever and their reaction if they learn that some wanted criminal is in a plane going from Canada to Mexico over USA. Of course, it’s not that difficult for them to arrest him in Canada or Mexico because both are vassals. But almost certainly they would order the plane to land in the US. No one would even considered this as some important news or breach of international law or whatever.

Last edited 1 year ago by Realno
jens holm

Thats no correct. The highjacked a international Ryanair passenger jet with people form many countries by 2 migs threatening to shoot it down.

None are stupid when the use international agreed corridors for traffic. So Turks could stop Russian s comming pout from the black sea as well as fx USA comming in – no way moron.

There are IATA agreements about airtraffic. Those right are only changed, if there is a war going on.

Your vision for how the western world works is not as we see it living in it. We are integrated in a network named western Economy, where all memebers in most things are treated as equal partners very dependent of each other.

Unfortunatly You relate to how Your own systems are. If Our were like that, we would have collpased many years ago.

jens holm

I cant find Bellerus and Rusasai on map, I cant even write names properly becasue my IQ is lower than an organic tomato but I know everythign beceause CNN and D.I.C. teach me what to think. Thats why I talk random crap and even the best glue and cemnet cant make most of it fit. Not sand and bottle from Al Tanif. But Im educated in toilet and tomatos.


What hijacking moron, no one threatened to shoot anything moron, but you should shoot yourself. Moron. Not just you are a moron, you are a liar and a moron.

Every state has complete and exclusive sovereignty over the airspace above its territory under 1944 Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation, nothing to do with air traffic corridors, that’s something entirely different, nothing to do with this situation, you absolutely have no idea what the hell you are babbling about you total MORON.

Last edited 1 year ago by WTF

Sorry, I’m not interested in a discussion with a dumb troll such as yourself.

jens holm

Only better agreements can. Many has to clean their own houses as number one.

jens holm

Many has to clean their own toilets so they call me instead. Im at diapers and toilet training for NATO. You aks the Nobels might make a price for it parallel to the one about toilet.

I heard they might add svimminglesson to it.I hope not.


It’s too funny when the West gets so angry and frustrated over things they do themselves!

Israel is an Apartheid State

You just noticed this now?

jens holm

Cleaning others dirty laundry is a job. Cleaning own is not:)


Yeah it’s your job: cleaning dirty laundry and cleaning toilets 😃

Cleaning your own toilet is your hobby, especially with your tongue…

jens holm

Yes. Im honored.

jens holm

.Of course we are even we here and there forget to clean own houses as number one. To me its very much a matter if its wrong to divide Europe all the way to west of Berlin into two as well as USSR being allied with the Nazis already before then dividing Europe.

You are right abourt many should clewan their own houses as number one.

Number two is about systems. Here I think all people inside a vountry should decide themself. It seemes forgotten that Belarus as wel as several other countries not only was devcimated to no influence but also moved west as well as the peple living there was forced to move.

Here thre patterns are the same for all in their domains. They put in a minority of more or less forced russians giveing them priviles and they can ask for help and get a PUT IN or a STAL IN …

Thats the quagmire, Yours ignore. But next You ignore it is a western vital people in each cpuntry decide themself. People in those mattetrs are not represented bvy their presidents. Its exact as in the old days som few deciding because they are mpore clever then the rest BY DEFINITION. No test is allowed.

I will remind You I and we also gets frustrated if it happens by Our western friends and anybody else.

It very strange You dont follow the opposition and the gamechangers we have about that, but only are able to insinuate we donrt as well as we all are united in that level.

You probatly is Yourself too. Apart from Turks most of the world has signed Human Right in United nations.





Looks like these Dick and Prick fighting comment are dragging this site to level of lowly sites like ZeroEdge which are falling off the cliff with membership. Guys want hate in your life? Go to ZeroEdge


It seems clear, that the bomb-threat was staged. Hamas simply not seek such means to force condamnation, that‘s ridiculous. It would only draw condamnation of the group. Also, why a flight to Vilnius?

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