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Russia’s Weaponized Giant Squids Revealed!


Russia's Weaponized Giant Squids Revealed!

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Sacha Angel Diener made a nice art to SF’s new video entitled “Russia Expands Ground Forces” that says:

The fact these are costly, long-term investments in Russia’s security along its Western borders suggests that, in spite of the political changes in the West illustrated by the election of Donald J. Trump, Brexit, the Italian referendum, the Russian leadership does not necessarily view them as indicators of an irreversible and permanent change in Western policies away from regime change, “color revolutions”, and confrontation with Russia. EU, especially, is experiencing the worst crisis of its short existence, and the prospect of its disintegration is driving its elites to frame Russia as a threat to the EU’s through such means as, if Western media are to be believed, “hacking”, “propaganda”, and even “weaponizing giant squids” in order to preserve some semblance of European unity.

Full video:



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  • Sacha Angel Diener

    thanks for this :D also, keep up the great work SF :)