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Russia’s United Shipbuilding Corporation To Likely Purchase India’s Largest Shipyard

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Russia's United Shipbuilding Corporation To Likely Purchase India's Largest Shipyard

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Russia’s state-owned United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) has expressed interest for the purchase of India’s Pipavav shipyard, Indian media reported.

The shipyard is currently owned by Reliance Naval and Engineering Ltd (RNAVAL), which went bankrupt extended the the date for submitting expressions of interest (EoI) to revive India’s biggest integrated shipbuilding facility by capacity, to July 27th.

The initial deadline was June 27th, but there were only five offers, and it was allegedly due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

RNAVAL has a permit to build warships from the Indian government and is being sold under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) to recover unpaid dues of 435 million rupees ($5.8 million).

The total debt of RNAVAL in 2019 sat at 126 billion rupees ($1.6 billion).

Russia’s state-owned United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) is the only serious contender from the list of five that submitted the initial bids for the yard.

The shipyard is the only one in India that has ever worked on US Navy warships, namely the repair, service and maintenance of its Seventh Fleet operating in the Indian Ocean region.

USC has a long-standing interest and connection with the RNEL shipyard, which has long been cooperating with Russian enterprises.

In the 2000s, this Indian shipyard, then called Pipavav Defense and Offshore Engineering (PDOE), collaborated with the Russian Northern PKB OJSC in developing a project for 21 patrol ships, a series of which was ordered by the Indian Navy. The Russian version of the project was later rejected.

In December 2010, PDOE entered into a cooperation agreement with the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rosoboronexport to jointly promote Russian warships to Indian and third-country markets. The collaboration also included the maintenance of a number of Indian Navy ships – Project 877EKM submarines and three Indian Project 17 frigates (of the Shivalik type), also developed with the participation of the Northern Design Bureau.

In July 2015, PDOE signed an agreement with the Russian shipyard repair center Zvyozdochka, n joint venture to implement the planned program for the regular repair and modernization of four diesel-electric submarines of Project 877ECM of the Indian Navy, aimed at the formation of a repair center for Russian-produced submarines operated by third countries.

Based on this joint venture of projects of the 877 and 636 series of fleets of third countries.In 2015-2016, USC also planned to choose RNAVAL/PDOE as the construction partner in India for two frigates of project 11356 for the Indian fleet – but the Indian side chose the state shipyard Goa Shipyard Limited in Goa.

Currently, RNAVAL is the largest shipbuilding company in India, having a huge dry construction dock with a length of 662 m and a width of 65 m, capable of accommodating ships of any size (in fact, 295 m of the length of the dock is reserved for ship repair).

The dock is equipped with two 600-ton large Goliath cranes with a lifting capacity of 1200 tons.

There is also a site for the construction of offshore oil and gas production platforms with dimensions of 750 by 265 m, an extension berth of 300 m and extension embankments with a length of 720 m. It is alleged that the shipyard’s capacity can handle up to 12 thousand tons of steel per day.


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Zionism = EVIL

Good strategic move by Russia. BTW, as I had predicted both China and India have completely disengaged in Aksai Chin, so the Americunts and Zionist cunts are very upset as they failed to stoke a war.

China begins pulling back troops near site of India border clash, Indian sources say and both are taking steps to normalize relations.


So what does this mean ? will Russia starts building their warships in India if they do acquire the shipyard ? i know Russian shipyards are full with orders but i don’t see them building anything outside of Russia unless it’s for export

AM Hants

They would no doubt only use it for export versions, owing to keeping their own projects in house. No doubt for security reasons.

Ivan Freely

Not necessarily true. The Russian Navy didn’t have any problems purchasing the Mistrals from the French.

AM Hants

Back in 2014. Russia got the better deal, in the end. Money back, bonus for cancelling contract, plus ship designs. Then Egypt purchased the Russian made helicopters to go with the ship. It allowed Russia to decide what would and would not work, when she started building her own version. The French begged Russia for the Mistral contract, when elections were coming. Russia did them a favour and how did they treat Russia in the process?

Laurent Parodi

Russia could use india to build ships for export and keep its own ship building capacity for the russian navy. Russia would get new ships faster.

Ashok Varma

India has a lot of trained labour force in steel and shipbuilding and this is a modern manufacturing facility with a record of quality products. This will boost both Russian and Indian technological capacity.

Wayne Nicholson

They’ll run it as a business. When you buy a company like this you are also getting soft assets like their design division and sales contacts. Russian engineering combines with Indian labour could make for a very competitive operation. USC is state owned however so you know heads are going to be exploding all over the USA / GB.

Jim Bim

The US is likely to threatening India with sanctions if the deal goes through.
It would be a scoop for Russia to get a food hold in the Indian ocean and a supply terminal for its ships, the US pressures al its allies/puppets not to let Russian ships resupply at their Harbour.

Laurent Parodi

75% of indian military is russian made. It s not easy for India to say no to russia. But yes the us will try everything to stop the project.

Zionism = EVIL

Not only that, there is a lot of R&D and technical exchanges with Russian military dating back to the 1950’s when India under Nehru and his daughter Mrs. Indira Gandhi aligned with the USSR. Until 1980’s almost 100% of Indian military hardware came from Russia/Soviets. Just last week India signed a $2.3 BILLION deal for upgraded Mig 29 and SU-30. The 4 Froggie Rafale that Indians bought so far at inflated prices have proved to be a total disappointment and there are reports the India may cancel the deal.

Ashok Varma

Russia is also a reliable spare parts provider. The French weapons are expensive and politically unreliable. They canceled the Mistral deal with Russia under US pressure. France is not an independent or reliable supplier and IAF pilots are not pleased with the initial batch of Rafale or its performance against Pakistani F-16 or JF-17 Thunder.

Ashok Varma

US has already threatened India with sanctions if we proceed to buy more Russian jets. However, India again perceives Russia as our main weapons supplier and closest ally. The Russian purchase of the former Reliance Naval and Engineering Limited (R-Naval), will be very beneficial for both nations as its location is also very strategic in Gujarat. India will ratify this deal for both economic and defence reasons.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Russian-Indian heavy nuclear powered destroyers? (Lider Class destroyer)


I thought the Lider project was suspended in April of 2020.

Ivan Freely

Vast improvements coming from the Russians.

Zionism = EVIL

All objective analysis, even by the Jew infested IMF and World bank forecast Russia to be in the TOP 5 economies. The Americunt dumbasses will have a smaller economy than either India or even Indonesia, and these reports were before the CIA Pimpeovirus, imagine the US shithole now with over 200 million with no jobs and all businesses on life support.

comment image


Russia only has state owned companies. Without oil and gas they would have GDP of a 3rd world country. No private sector.

Zionism = EVIL

So what’s your point cupcake? Americunts have even worse, third rate car companies propped by by taxpayers and other deadbeat failed companies and Jew banks fleecing dumbass violent cunts. BTW, this was record week for the dumbass morons killing each other as over 170 were shot from Georgia to Chicago. The stupid morons don’t need Russia, China and Iran to finish them the dumb cunts doing a good job themselves.

Federal Small business aid went beyond hard-hit companies, data shows as over 95% of US business now on emergency assistance.

comment image


Economic liberty and economic freedom allows people to invent and make new products.

Those morons running our cities are Dem Marxists like Russia and China. They are a cancer on America. We are trying to cure the cancer by defeating them at the polls. Dems love Russia and China.

Zionism = EVIL

Do tell! I understood that the lardass moron Trump was the Russian plant as grovels in front of Putin. Corrupt Biden and his son were milking the Ukis, you guys are totally confused, no wonder Trump is putting extra kilos and losing his hair. BTW, it is quite appalling that the Americunts can only find two geriatric senile corrupt fools for POTUS selection. Just shows the depth of the rot and Jew control over the morons.

comment image


You can attack Biden all day. I am good with that. It seems to me China is the evil empire and not the Jews. I don’t recall Jews sending out pandemic after pandemic for past 1000 years. China kills liberty but Jews create a democratic nation and not a dictatorship like every Arab country.

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