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Russia’s Troops To Receive The RKhM-9 Advance Radiation, Chemical And Biological Recon Vehicle Soon

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Russia's Troops To Receive The RKhM-9 Advance Radiation, Chemical And Biological Recon Vehicle Soon

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The RKhM-9 advanced radiation, chemical and biological reconnaissance vehicle will enter service with the Russian troops in coming years.

This was announced by Chief of Russia’s Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Troops Lieutenant-General Igor Kirillov

“In the coming years, we expect the delivery of such advanced special hardware as the RKhM-9 radiation, chemical and biological reconnaissance platform based on the Taifun-K vehicle. A completely new instrumentation system has been developed for the vehicle to boost its speed and reconnaissance range by 1.5-2 times,” the general said.

A drone that makes part of the RKhM-9 vehicle can also be employed for other purposes, if necessary, in the process of accomplishing radiation, chemical and biological protection measures.

The system will make it possible to conduct radiation reconnaissance of terrain at altitudes of up to 300 meters in the automatic, semi-automatic and manual modes, make photo and video images at any time of day or night, he said.

Russia is also developing the MRK-RKhBZ mobile multi-purpose robotic vehicle for the radiation, chemical and biological protection troops to comprise two ground robotic systems and two Orlan-10 drones with sets of detachable equipment.

The robotic vehicle is currently undergoing preliminary trials. Its integral robots are capable of accomplishing any tasks both automatically and under an operator’s control.

The vehicle’s ground systems can conduct radiation and chemical reconnaissance to a range of 6 km while the data transfer drone will have an operational range of 25 km, the general said.

Development of the RKhM-9 concluded back in January 2021.

The RChBZ troops will soon receive a new RKhM-9 radiation, chemical and biological (RCB) reconnaissance vehicle, Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Alexei Krivoruchko announced back then.

The development of new vehicles PXM-9 based on Typhoon and PXM-8 based on the Tiger armored car was reported in 2017. In 2018, both vehicles were demonstrated during a private display at the Army-2018 International Military-Technical Forum. In 2019, they were shown during the Victory Parade in Tula.

PJSC “Plant Tula” specializes in mobile means of radiation, chemical and biological reconnaissance. It was at this plant that the RKhM-2S was created on the basis of the GT-MU, RKhM-4 and RKhM-6 tracked transporters on the BTR-80 and RKhM-5 chassis based on the BMD-3 for the Airborne Forces.


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Lazar Jewganovich

Russian weapons are truly just incredible. Beautiful.

Lone Ranger

Most excellent Comrades 🤗👍🥇
CIA-t-rolls and ukropnaz-is will cry and rage 🤗

Lazy Gamer

This presupposes the use of weapons of mass destruction. lol 😂 So Russia foresees its opponents WILL use these weapons OR it foresees it will be forced to escalate to this degree. New Zealanders are lucky they are in the far corner of the world.


Indiscriminate weapons have been used since antiquity. They used to catapult plague corpses into besieged cities … you gotta be ready for anything the enemy throws at you. Every army in WW2 rolled with gas masks even though gas was seldom used against the military.

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