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Russia’s T-72B3 Main Battle Tank (Infographics)


Russia's T-72B3 Main Battle Tank (Infographics)

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The T-72B3 version is a Russian third-generation main battle tank introduced in 2010. It’s the most recent variant of the T-72 family of Soviet main battle tanks.




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  • verner

    looking good in comparison with what anyone else can come up with!

  • cechas vodobenikov

    better than US trash but inferior to the best Russian tank–almaty

    • BMWA1


      • cechas vodobenikov

        the best transliteration is “armata”

    • Morehungrythanever

      Lol, silly Russian bastard. You want to sit in this coffin?

      • ruca

        Piss off Pindos

      • cechas vodobenikov

        more murikan insecurity and childishness

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Actually, the T-90 in skilled Hezbollah hands with the new ERA plates and Shtora-1 (Russian: Штора, “curtain”) electro-optical active protection system or suite for tanks, designed to disrupt the laser designator and laser rangefinders of incoming anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) has proven better than any western junk and the Americunts and their terrorists have not been able to disable, let alone destroy a single despite propaganda. Here is a Hezbollah T-90 hit with a TOW at close range and did not make a dent.

      On October 22, 2016 during intense battle for the control of Aleppo, the US supported terrorists fired TOW 2A at a T-90 tanks that Russia provided to Hezbollah units for the first time. This became the first SAA/Hezbollah tank that was able to withstand a direct hit from TOW 2A warhead, which was demonstrated in at least three cases where it remained operational despite a direct TOW ATGM hit.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Even older SAA T-72 did quite well against ATGM if operated by skilled and experienced crews. Most Syrian T-72 have been upgraded by Russia and Iran with better armor and active anti-ATGM systems.


      • russ

        The age of the main battle tank is about over except in very controlled conditions. The fabulous job Egypt did on Israeli armor on the Sinai in 1973 with the new wire guided TOW was the first chapter of the end. The US A-10 is death to tanks but can’t be protected from ground fire in urban environments. The Kornet has put the stamp of cancelled on tanks. We, US, have very fantastic weapons that work very well on underarmed 3rd world nations. On nations that can shoot back the tank and the aircraft carriers are just very expensive targets.

        • PZIVJ

          The tide goes back and forth. ATGM gained defensive advantage with targeting tech and now shot down capability. Tanks add spaced and reactive armor, plus other systems to survive. But the cost of advancing an armored force is now higher, not over.

      • cechas vodobenikov

        u may be correct; the Almaty is superior due to speed, mobility and all terrain adaptability

  • russ

    Having the best battle tank is like having just another target for the Kornet… The Kornet is no respecter of “best tank”.

  • Nosferatu

    not the best but fairly good enough to protect mother Russia. In case of NATO invasion into Russia T-90, T-14 Armata and specialized anti tank units will deal with US army M1A2 and this T-72/T72-B3 which Russia has plenty is comfortably enough to deal with EU NATO members with almost no tank armies or very low numbers of obsolete crap. Another units of modernized T-80 can then outflank enemy and reach La manche or Lisabon. LOL

  • opet ja

    Serbia got recently 30 of these machines. Russians upgraded mass of their T-72 and T-80 to new standards. In east Europe only formidable tank force exists in Poland, some 1000 MBTs and they are obsolete and outnumbered to Russian tanks. Germany, UK and France can not together add more than 1000 tanks. Don’t know if US Army has more than 200 Abrams in west and east Europe all together.

  • cristi cristikosk
    • Zionism = EVIL

      Not only that Iran and Hezbollah have carted off dozens of the Abrams shitboxes for examination and to improve their ATGMS, why do you think the filthy Zionists left their lice and crap filled bedding at the Avivam barracks and ran off?

      • cristi cristikosk

        ..they ran like rats.

  • kraaiiii

    What people forget about Russian Tanks like the T-72 that their weight is quite low and the first versions where consider a medium tank, only around 40 tonnes, and not as a main battle tank who’s weight is around 65 tonnes.

    seeing it’s low weight I have to say the T-72 shows excellent performance

    • PZIVJ

      65 tonnes is at the high end for an MBT.
      Russian tanks have a smaller profile and weight.
      T-80U 46 tonnes, T90MS 48 tonnes, T-14 48 tonnes. :)