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Russia’s Syrian Express And Military Aid To Government Forces

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Russia's Syrian Express And Military Aid To Government Forces

UST PASSING THROUGH. The Russian warship ‘Caesar Kunikov’, a large landing ship of the Project 775 class (NATO name: Ropucha-I), passes the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul, Turkey, December 14, 2015. Sedat Suna/EPA

Since the launch of the Russian military campaign against terrorism in Syria on September 30, 2015, the Russian Army has increased numbers of military aid officially provided to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies. From the beginning, the Russian Army had to transport large bulks of equipment and ammunition to Syria to supply its bases inside the country and to supply the SAA. To accomplish this, Russia established an aerial and naval logistics supply network that came to be known by the name Syria Express.

Syria Express relies on a series of airbases, airports, and ports in Syria and Russia. Sevastopol Port in Crimea is considered the main port for cargo shipping to Syria while inside Syria, Russian mainly depended on two ports.

At the outset of the intervention, Russia was looking for the least possible media attention so it relied on Al-Mina Bayda naval base in the northern coast of Lattakia. Due to the base’s limited capabilities and with the official declaration of the Russian intervention in Syria, Russia began depending on its naval establishments in Tartus, which later became an official base for the Russian Navy in January 2017. The base was expanded to have 4 platforms instead of 2. On November14, 2016, the Russian Army reformed the railway connecting Tartus Port to Hmeimim Airbase aiming to ease the transport of supplies and humanitarian aid.

The Russian Navy depended on the following ships for the transportation of military aid:

Ropucha-class Cargo Ships. The displacement of each ship of this class is 2200 tons unloaded and 4080 loaded. Its range is 6100 nautical miles. This class of ship can carry between 10 and 12 battle tanks or BTR vehicles in addition to 340 soldiers or 500 tons of general loads like ammunition. It is believed that the Russian Navy uses 5 ships from this class (named: Azov, Yamal, Korolev, Novocherkassk, and Caesar Kunikov) that operate under the Russian Baltic Sea Fleet to supply Russian Army bases in Syria and the SAA. The Tartus Port receives at least two of these ships every month.

Alligator-class Cargo Ships. Their displacement measurements are 3400 tons unloaded and 4700 tons loaded. The ship of this class can carry between 300 and 425 troops in addition to 20 tanks or 40 AFVs. Equivalently, the ship could carry 1,000 tons of general cargo.

The Russian Navy uses 3 ships of this class operating under the Black Sea fleet: Saratov, Nikolay Vilko, and Nikolay Filchenkov. Tartus Port receives one of these ships at minimum every month.

As Russian military assistance to the SAA increased, which began launching larger operations and advancing faster, the Russian Army began relying on civilian vessels to support the shipping process. Turkish sources have revealed that the Russian Army bought the four civilian used vessels: Dvinitsa-50, the Kyzyl-60 and the Vologda-50 and Kazan-60 and these four vessels began to work quickly to transport logistical supplies to the Russian and Syrian armies within the supply network Syria Express. In 2016, with the start of the SAA reconstruction, Russia began relying on RO Civilian Cargo Ships to transport vehicles and tanks to Syria, including SPARTA III and SPARTA II. These ships can carry dozens of vehicles because of their wide structure.

In addition to maritime shipping, the Syria Express supply network relied on air transport to meet the needs of the SAA and the Russian Army in the operation theater quickly, as well as providing humanitarian assistance to some of the besieged areas. Russia relies mainly on Hmeimim air base in Lattakia and Damascus International Airport to receive cargo planes that are often loaded with important shipments such as humanitarian aid, spare parts for various weapons, or high value weapons/systems. Moreover, Russian military advisers and Russian Special Forces, which provide support to SAA in the battlefield, are also being flown in.

The most important cargo planes on which the Russian Army depends on the supply network Syria Express are the following:

An-124 is one of the largest cargo aircraft in the world, the An-124 can transport 108 tons of cargo with a range of 5550 km, and the Hmeimim Airbase receives aircrafts of this type exclusively, and a plane of this type lands at the Hmeimim Airbase almost daily.

Il-76 can carry 52 tons of cargo for more than 4000 km. These planes land in at several airports and air bases, especially at the Damascus International Airport. It was used to transport the air ammunition of the Syrian Air Force in 2016 to the Sha’erat airport for support during Operation “Dawn of Victory” in Aleppo. Il-76 is also used to deliver humanitarian aid to civilians and to supply the SAA in Deir Ezzour city, besieged by ISIS, and such planes arrive on a daily basis in Syria.

An-72 is a light cargo plane carrying more than 5 tons and has a range of more than 4300 km. The Russian Air Force has deployed a plane of this type at the Hmeimim Air Base to support cargo operations inside Syria, especially between Lattakia, Damascus and Aleppo.

The Russian Army also uses Tu-154 transport planes to transport Russian advisors, Russian Special Forces and VIPs to and from Syria. Important spare parts can also be shipped on this plane, which has a range between 2500 and 6600 km.

Since 2015, the Russian Army has provided large quantities of equipment to the SAA to rebuild and improve its capabilities, and Russia has supported mainly the Syrian Armored Force, which suffered major setbacks during the current war. Russia supplied several tanks to the SAA; the most important one is the T-90A, where dozens of this tank were sent to the SAA and its allies in Syria. The tank is characterized mainly by active protection system “Shtora” capable of disrupting ATGMs such as the US-made TOW missiles, which gave the SAA a great advantage, especially in the clashes of Aleppo and the Syrian Desert. The T-90 tanks are also equipped with modern Kontakt-5 reactive armor, along with high-tech night\day fire control systems.

At the end of 2016 Russia supplied the SAA with T-62m tanks equipped with BDD armor with the ability to launch ATGMs. The tank enabled the SAA to advance better in the Syrian Desert, and its armor proved its effectiveness against ATGMs, including the US-made TOW missiles. The SAA has received dozens of tanks of this type.

The SAA has received the T-72B1 tanks, which have kontakt-1 armor, and the T-72b1 obr1986 tanks equipped with the latest Kontack-5 armor. The SAA has also received dozens of Bmp-1 and Bmp-2 infantry combat vehicles.

Russia has worked to support the SAA firepower, where it has equipped the SAA with large number of howitzer D-30 of 122 mm caliber and a range of up to 21 km, as well as the M-30 howitzers of 122 mm caliber and a range of more than 11 km.

The SAA was also equipped with 2A65 “Msta-B2 towed howitzers of 152.4 mm caliber and with a range of up to 28 km. In 2017, the SAA was equipped with the S-2S19 “Msta-S” self-propelled 152.4 mm howitzers with a range of up to 62 km and the ability to launch guided rounds, which supported the SAA operations in the Syrian desert significantly.

Among the most important weapons supplied to the SAA by Russia is the heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A, which launches the heavy 220mm thermo-barrick rockets with a range of 6 km. These launchers have successfully destroyed terrorist fortifications in Aleppo and the Syrian Desert.

Moreover, the SAA has received several BM-21 Grad rocket launchers of 122-mm caliber to compensate for its losses. Russia has also supplied the SAA with rockets for its heavy multiple rocket launchers: BM-27 Uragan 220 mm and BM-30 Smerch 300 mm, owned by the SAA before the Syrian crisis.

The SAA also equipped a number of armored vehicles to move safely and support the Special Forces operations such as GAZ Tiger and Rys LMV, as well as a number of GAZ Vodnik and BTR-80 vehicles to support the SAA operations in the desert areas.

Russia has re-equipped the Syrian infantry, loaded with tons of helmets and body armor. The Syrian infantry also received modern rifles AK-101 and AK-103. Special forces obtained AK-104 or AK-74U rifles. Russia also equipped the Syrian infantry with thermal vision systems and night vision, and ground radars such as FARA-1 with a range of 5 km.

The Syrian infantry received dozens of AGS-17 30mm grenade launchers, as well as RPG-18 light rocket launchers with a range of 200 meters and a penetration capacity of 300 mm, and RPG-22 with a range of 250 meters, a penetration capacity of 400 mm, also RKO-A Shmel launcher with a range of 1 km and a thermo-barrick warhead.

The SAA was also supplied with dozens of Konkurs-M ATGMs with a penetration capability of 800 mm, a range of 4 km, Kornet-E with a penetration capacity of 1200 mm and a range of 5.5 km.

The Russian army played an important role in supporting the Syrian Air Force and the Syrian Air Defense Forces. The Russian army helps the Syrian Air Force maintain the fighters it owns. It also supplies the Syrian Air Force with all the spare parts needed by the Syrian fighter jets, which helped the Syrian Air Force maintain more than 100 active fighters even after 6 years of war. The Russian Army is supplying the Syrian Air Force via the Syria Express network with the ammunition almost daily.

The Syrian Air Force was also supplied with 4 Mi-24p attack helicopters, capable of launching Shturm ATGMs with a range of 5 km. Russia is expected to increase its support for the Syrian Air Force in 2017, especially after the Syrian Air Force has been targeted several times by the US-led coalition.

Russia has worked to reorganize and build Syrian Air Defense Forces. Several sources have talked about new deals between Russia and the SAA to supply advanced air defense systems such as BUK-M2E, TOR-M2E and Pantsir-S1 to improve Syrian Air Defense Forces capability. At the end of 2016, it was confirmed that SAA had obtained a number of modern Pantsir-S1 air defense systems equipped with AESA RADAR.

One of the most prominent aspects of the Russian support for the SAA is to provide it with important intelligence through the Russian satellite network, or planes like the AWCS A-50u aircraft, SIGINT \ ELINT aircrafts such as Tu-214R \ Il-20M and dozens of Russian drones such as Forpost \ Orlan-10.

The Russian intervention in Syria can be considered as one of the largest deployments carried out by the Russian Army outside the borders of the former Soviet Union, and one of the most demanding supply operations. The Russian Army is working through the Syria Express supply network to ship hundreds of tons a day and thousands of tons of equipment and ammunition a month from Russia to Syria in order to support the SAA in its war against terrorism and put an end to the Syrian war as soon as possible.

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Awesome, with fantastic results so far.

Tudor Miron

Hey Kell,
Do you know what angers the Pentagon the most? The fact that Russian military does a lot more for much less. What they realise now is that having 10 times larger budget doesn’t neccessarily deliver real results.
Sure Russians don’t spend funds on transgender toilets in armed forces and it shows.


Yes, the difference is in money (using it more effectively, which, compared to the US isn’t that hard) and intelligence. I don’t mean intel but the mental faculty! More of it delivers massively more favourable results.

Joe Doe

This is step in right direction, but Syria also needs and should obtain S-400, Air Plans, Attack and transport helicopter and may verba manpad air defence missile. Aerial superiority is the main advantage in war conflict


The strength of the Russian air defence system relies on having overlapping and interlocking air defence nodes. A single S-400 system with one radar can easily be overwhelmed by sheer numbers….an overlapping system of many radars is much harder to defeat.

The Russian air defences in Syria are capable of making it very expensive for the USA / Israelis to attack Russian forces in Latakia and Tartus and that’s about it. They could easily be overwhelmed but at great cost. This is why the Russians don’t even pretend to be defending the Syrians against the Israelis ….. defending Syria from air attack with the air defences the Russians have in Syria would put all the work done over the last 2 years at risk.

In order for the Syrians to mount a credible air defence system capable of deterring the USAF and Israelis they would need multiple S-300, S-400 and pantsir units plus air superiority fighters. The Syrians won’t be able to afford this for a long time.

Joe Doe

I would disagree with you. You are correct in regards S-400 Air Defence System that need have full package and this is what I was referring. SAA should get now 2 or 3 full set of S-400’s, for now, as Syria need to defend itself right now, as Russia can’t do anything at this time, because there no RUssia casualties and americans and Israelis choosing its target very carefully. Second, you have old way of thinking. This days you can obtain needed weapons by loans and you don’t have to have cash to buy military hardware. Therefore, Airplanes and helicopters I mention above can be and should be obtain by SYria ASAP. Getting loans is a lot cheaper than have you country constantly bomb and destroyed

Adam Kafei

The problem with the loan argument is that nobody is going to provide loans to Syria in the foreseeable future as there is no way they’ll see any of their money coming back for decades while Syria rebuilds.

The only way I can see Syria getting a loan is for them to sell their country to somebody but nobody wants cities full of ruined buildings and for the Syrian government to sell the country after six years of war would be a betrayal to everyone who fought alongside them.

Night Hunter

Russia is showcasing her gears in syria. Testing, upgrading and learning is one of the by product. Russia should pay asad for using this theatre. (Just kidding)
But seriously, that is hell of a helping hand for a friend in need (claps).
Iran is sitting on top of massive oil and even bigger gas field. Money is not a problem. while Russia has been supplying arms relentlessly, Iranians are just as Bussy with all the credit they can throw at asad military and civil infrastructure.

Thanks god that these due are able to provide for a friend in need.

Joe Doe

Yes, IRAN, China, Russia can provide such funds, as buy now and pay later

Night Hunter

Syria herself is rich in minerals and oil and gas. Never mind offshore and Golan heights unexplored resources.
Buy now pay later is the norms.
Total just signed a deal with Iran to explore southern gas field with 51% stake, china has 18% too. That’s 5 billion dollar deal. You see. All you need are good partners to nudge you along

Joe Doe

IRAN, China, Russia may provide such loans. In addition, Syria should follow Serbia steps, by suing Americans, Saudi, Qatar and NATO for somentation for destruction of Syria. This will be another way to get money, maybe not soon, but in the future

Brad Isherwood

Russia has primacy technology to defeat US/NATO deep strike or any attack format.
However. ..Syria has been a 6 year war of Soviet Era Russian Junk vs newer technology.
Russia has pummeled US/NATO in Syria with area jamming, ELINT targeting,Kalibr missile strike, TAC air…Special Forces /forward controllers.
Yet All above. ….ALL…has been limited response to US and NATO/Saudi/Israel intrigues
Occupy parts of Syria. … ..including the Lunatic Erdogan and his Gazprom pipeline.

Here’s the bottom line…
Become double amputee in Afghanistan for Opium poppy fields. ..
Or buy it in Syria for Gazprom and Russian Oligarchs with their hands in Jewish/Israel pockets?


Yes Syria has to defend itself but they need revenue to do that which means investing in their oil industry and they need to rebuild infrastructure and housing before seriously rearming. They also have to take care of their immediate security on the ground. There will be an insurgency in Syria long after the war is over and air defences don’t help with that at all.

Building an air defence system that can take on the likes of the USA and Israel takes a lot more than a few Russian S-400. The S-400 alone is not that difficult to defeat using stealthy standoff weapons. Russia doesn’t rely on a single S-400 system or even multiples of the S-400. They rely on an integrated air defence system consisting of S-400, S-300, S-200 and a myriad of other air defence radars, EW platforms, cyber warfare and aircraft all sharing sensor data. The more sensors you have sharing data the better able you are to fix on stealth aircraft. To defeat the system you have to take it apart piece by piece…..not an easy task.

This is why Russia can’t really defend Syrian airspace, they can hit the USAF and Israelis pretty hard but they will lose in a sustained attack…..they just don’t have enough radar sets and missiles in Syria to win.

Justin Ryan

if it got to that point they could just attack the US Missile destroyers with attack subs!
Yes it would be escalation but when u already pre-warned the US of any further strikes and they go ahead and saturate the air with too many missiles, then u have that option!

The only other option would be for the US to escalate into nuclear war!

Justin Ryan

why only S-300’s and s-400’s?
Why not BUK-m2 and m3?
Why not pantsir s-1, s2?
why not TOR?

Tudor Miron

Very very well written. People don’t realise that Russia also has to feed and take care of its own population and Obama declared ont long ago that its economy is in shatters :)
I don’t fully agree that Syrians would not be able to afford those for a long time…Hopefuly the country can rise from ashes when peace is restored.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Obama was right about the US economy is in tatters and the Russian farmers and industry are still humming along enjoying the back channels of trade and protectionism for its farmers . The US economy can’t afford to continue down this road and neither can their lack of a foreign policy ,except provided by think tanks with their own agendas . The country is rising from the ashes and becoming inflamed with new surge of Syrian love and loyalty for their country .

Justin Ryan

If Syria wins, they will be just fine! Will be very difficult to sanction Iraq, Syria and Iran as well as Russia!

Manuel Flores Escobar

The strength of the Russian air defense… is the capability to shot down US coalition and Israeli jets from long distance avoiding antiradar missile!…just two US coalition/ Israeli jets shot down is a big problem for these countries as pilots can be capture by ISIS or Al Qaeda….so it would be difficult for that forces a continuous airstrike operation on SAA over Syrian airspace!…

Justin Ryan

imagine the Russian’s had air defences all over Syria. Then they would be expected to shoot down Israeli war planes!
If they did that then we have escalation!
Best to just protect Russian bases but also have the ability AS AN OPTION to shoot down any other threat as a retaliatory strike with these long range S-300’s and S-400’s.

If the US wants to send cruise missiles then Russia can flood the Med with attack subs! Will be like a warning and a standoff!

Russia is playing counter threats! Its always the US and Israel who escalate but then that allows Russia to increase its defences as a warning and a precaution!

its the best and safest way!

Turkey shooting down an su-24 may have been exactly what Russia wanted!

Maybe deep in side they were saying “thank you turkey, now we can send in heavy air defences”.

Aung Naing

Russia need some more time for conventional war.not for nuclear war.

Justin Ryan

i totally agree with ur analysis!

Alex Black

The s400 is a long range system, it is by itself, in the absence of an integrated network of other systems, not an effective way to defend Syrian skies.


Alex Black
Once again you promote the non use of S400.

It can be used period.

Justin Ryan

no, its integrated into the Russian defence network! Southfront made a video on this the other day! Its actually hooked into all russian satellites and the Syrian defence systems (such as the panstir s-1’s) are also hooked into the Russian network!


Yes quite true. Have read that piece myself

Alex Black

Yes, I saw the video. What you say is correct based on your narrow definition of integrated. Of course, it is somehow networked with a limited number of AA systems in Syria. What I am referring to is a three-layer defense of short, medium and long range systems positioned all over Syria. This is clearly not the case, as there are gaping holes all over Syria. While it is true that Russia has several Systems protecting the base, the fact is that MOST of SYRIA is not protected in this fashion. Thus, while there are pantsir, buk, tor systems that create selective coverage for parts of Syria, they are not networked to cover all of the Syria, and partial coverage creates holes, easily discoverable by aircraft like the US RC-135. This will allow people to launch cruise missiles and destroy targets in Syria, despite the S400 and the deployment of a few short-range systems.


Joe Doe
The equipment you propose has to be purchased and paid for in hard US$s. Syria does not have that kind of money.

Also Putin Russia will not sell the S400 to Syria because of objections by Israel.

Justin Ryan

s-300’s are enough! s-400 is more for faster ballistic missiles!
s-300’s much cheaper!
But they also need other defence systems scattered all over the country including around the Golan Heights!

Nigel Maund

Russia has proven itself a real ally for the Syrian Government and its peoples, and, if peace finally returns to the country, Russia’s role in gaining a lasting peace will earn it a major vote of gratitude from the Syrian people long remembered. On the other hand, the USA, UK, France, Saudi Arabia and Israel who have funded all denominations of the Islamic terrorists, who have brought massive suffering and destruction to the country, will have to face the results of their illegal and neferious policies and actions. They will owe Syria a debt they can never repay. History will judge these countries harshly for their enormous crimes against a legitimate and democratically elected Government and its peoples.

Tom Tom

the U.S. will soon be destroyed in God’s judgement.

Nigel Maund

Sadly, I have to agree and only becuase the US has been taken over by greedy power mad, evil illuminati satanists who continue to plumb ever greater depths of depravity and evil. The US people have been seduced into making terrible decisions both at home and abroad, and, moreover, the bad karma they have sown for 70 years isince WW2 s now coming home to roost on the largely ignorant population. It’s all going to end very badly indeed!

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Dimosthenis Cochliaridis


Red Tick Alert

With a great deal of help of the US’s existent supposed allies believe it or not.

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”


there are some decent Americans even if the liberals are insane.

if you want to read something crazy:

Search up: The Incredible Life and Prophesies of St. Hildegard. Its on a site called

Red Tick Alert

Unfortunately my UK is in that list of yours; BUT I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU.

I still would like to think that the Europeans were pressured into it by the US, but I maybe incorrect on that one – time will tell.

PS That list is far too short.


Russia is a true friend of world peace and realises that the US NeoCon Libtard Elite has to be stopped NOW.
The american people will also gain when the US Deep State of criminal psychopaths are ousted from power.


As usual you are writing fantasy.
Who and how will do what you propose?

Dimosthenis Cochliaridis

Look how Nord-Koreans test intercontinental Missile ICBM.
Are Nord-Koreans making fantasy about ur MOM`s holes?
I ´m not interested to know how many holes ur MOM would like to recieve through korean ICBM


Dimosthenis Cochliaridis
You are writing about your “Mom”, look in the mirror and answer about your “Mom”, LoL:)))


Libtards such as you are already ‘Falling on your own petard ‘.
You are destroying yourselves and following the path of EVERY hegemonic empire throughout history.



Your opinions revel in fantasy. You can write as much abuse as you want.

There will be no support for Russia unless it offers 100% Air Defence” to the Syrian Military.

Furthermore, Russia – Putin operate on do nothing wait and see, “Slow Motion”, infact it Putin has started operating in “Reverse Motion”.

The Neoconservative operate in “Fast Motion”, they will block Nordstream 2 and Turkstream and starve Russia of export income.


@ More,

You should really consider learning to play chess .
Playing video games that give gratuitous victories have dulled your mind.


All living beings have to operate in the real world, not in a chess game or video game or VR, etc.

People are being killed and injured in Syria.

Putin operates very slowly or on a “Do Nothing” and “Wait and see what Happens” policy as a result the Khazar led Neoconservatives are many steps ahead of Putin.

At present Putin is desperately trying to prevent US led “Iran style” sanctions on Russia which will prevent the building of Nordstream 2 and Turkstream.

Iran will build its own pipeline to Turkey and take away Russia’s 2nd largest oil and gas customer. Total just announced a US$1 Billion towards development of the South Pars gas field.



Tis always better to think before confronting hysteric lunatics with guns , such as the USA. The USA does not actually have a very good record of winning wars . The US is very adept at murdering civilians though and President Putin is most cognitive of that fact.

The US has never fully confronted in battle a nation of equal killing power in her history. To do so with Russia WILL mean many US cities being flattened.

President Putin is doing his utmost to avoid this unnecessary calamity. All the US needs to do is STOP supporting terrorism for her geo political gain that includes looting other nations wealth, even vassal states with the Petro Dollar and direct theft as in Libya etc.

Russia wants peace in the world but NOT at the expense of being enslaved with American debt.


You keep going round in circles with the same narrative to scare the Gentiles that this, that or the other cannot be done by Russia in Syria.

The reality is the Israeli controlled US “Terror Axis” does not want to win any war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc

They want to implement the Oded Yinon Plan which Putin is doing on their behalf in Syria. The payoff is large scale Russian arms sales to Syria paid in hard US$s by Iran.

Nothing will get flattened in the US because it will destroy the US$, Euro, etc., Putin and Russia are desperate to earn US$s, 50% of which are siphoned off shore.

Putin is doing nothing like you suggest other than being setup for the destruction of the Russian Federation because Syria will fall and the Arab pipelines to Turkey and EU will be built.

Russia will never have peace unless it stands up for itself and Syria both of which it is not doing.

Due to Putin’s feebleness, the Khazars will take control of Russia and then loot and plunder it.


In the fullness of time we will see the reality.
Until then I will leave you to enjoy your fantasy.

I do however agree that the Khazars are the incubator of the problem.
A plague of locusts can legally be exterminated.
The Khazars strip the wealth of nations. What do you suggest the answer is More ?


“…The Khazars strip the wealth of nations. What do you suggest the answer is More…”

Nations have to stand up to the Khazars.

The answer is from past history:


Russia has been doing a great job re equipping and retraining the Syrian army, the results are self evident; For air defenses in my opinion Russia can provide Syria some (10-22) older re modernized MiG 29 with proper weaponry to be able to have some air to air deterrence for WVR encounters.
As far as surface to air defenses, again, Russia can provide some older S300 systems, maybe 3-4 battalions, along with BUK, Tor and Pantsair air defenses to build a layered air defense, S300 for long range, Buk for medium range, Tor for shorter ranges and Pantsair for point defenses.


Question has been asked above:

Why the Syrian Military is not using its Air Defence system?

Along with why Russia is also not using its Air Defence system?


You already know the answer.
S300 and S400 are defensive and way up north. Even if they wished to fire into Israeli airspace there is still the problem of lock on and decision time. Not to mention that time and distance to target makes the firing solution not possible (by that time the aircraft is flying away at high speed).


Totally wrong, you need better information and capabilities about S200 S300 and S400.


No, he does not know the answer, Russian radar can pick up the aircraft as soon as they take off from their air base, and fire the s400 40n6 missile flying at Mach 12-14, it will cover 280 kms to Golan heights in almost a minute. They can engage the IAD aircraft before their aircraft reach their target.

Justin Ryan

wouldnt it be better and cheaper for the SAA to have BUK-M2’s or 3’s?
or Pantsir’s.

If they were their maybe the israeli’s wouldnt even bother to attack

Aung Naing

you areright.not worthy to engage for now.


“…No, he does not know the answer…”

Stop being a fool, the answer has been posted many times, you are too blind and brainwashed to read it.


Whatever has been posted by others, you consider that reality? I don’t.
You have no clue what the Russians are thinking and how they decide to deal with these situations. I gave you a version of what the S400 can do when employed preemptively.


This is the bottomline:

There will be no support for Putin – Russia until and unless it offers 100% Air Defence” to the Syrian Military across every inch of Sovereign Syrian Territory.

Also Iran must send 250,000 IRGs to Syria to take back Raqqa. Deir Ez Zor, Derra, Idlib, Al Tanf, etc.


You are clueless what Putin and the Russian command are contemplating, Russia made a significant investment in Syria, and its investment is protected.
In a synonymous stock market scenario, prices go up or down marginally on a daily basis, it does not change your outlook for your investment on a long term basis.
Russia’s goal is to help Syria and allies to win the war in Syria, become a major player in the Middle East and displace US encroachments in the area.
They are trying to do that without attacking Israel and the US directly, however, if their interests are threatened they are not going to be shy, the iron fist that is dressed in velvet can crush all,provocations.
If you understand the capabilities of the Russian weapons against the US and Israeli counterparts, you would determine that the Russians do not need to threaten, be brag audacious or flex its muscles.


“…You are clueless what Putin and the Russian command are contemplating…”

Please understand you are brainwashed and refuse to understand Putin operates on a “Do Nothing” and “Wait and see what happens” policy.

At present Putin wants no distraction but focus on preventing US led “Iran style” sanctions on Russia which will prevent the building of Nordstream 2 and Turkstream.


Lol, I am not brainwashed, I follow events and make my own personal analysis based on facts and historical background. The Nordstream 2 is a contest between Brussels and Germany, Russia would increase its market share from 36 to 40%, it is not essential to their economic well being; As far as the Turkstream, US could not do anything to prevent it, Turkey will be the hub of gas flow to Southern Europe.
There will not be any Iran style sanctions, since Russia is not isolated, and is a major member of SCO. Europe will not buy US LNG, if they can buy it from Russia for much less; a lot of European countries are fed up with US meddling that hurt their economies through sanctions; the moronic US senate vote to sanction anyone participating in the development of any energy programs involving the Russians is a sign of utter frustration on the part of neocons, the bill has to go to the house, then eventually to the president.


You are beyond brainwashed, you are in fantasy.

Putin is too slow and also wait and see operator, the Neoconservatives are steps ahead of feeble Putin and Russia.

Iran will build its own pipeline to Turkey and take away Russia’s 2nd largest oil and gas customer. Total just announced a US$1 Billion towards development of the South Pars gas field.


If Russia manages to build Turkstream, the competition with Iran will cause a severe price drop and both countries will make minimum profits, result, the Neoconservatives win.

The sanctions bill on Russia is ready waiting for Trump to meet Putin and ask for return of Crimea, Donbas and exit from Syria.

If Trump fails with Putin, the US Senate / House of Representatives will force the sanctions through unilaterally, which will be new Iran style US plus US enforced 3rd country and 3rd company sanctions on Russia to prevent Nordstream 2.

The EU and or Germany can ignore the sanctions but the companies involved in the NS2 Project will be sanctioned with a prospect of US$100’s of Millions or the odd Billion in fines for breaking the sanctions.

The Russian Federation will face its destruction by the hands of Putin and be looted and plundered by the New Khazar Empire in Ukraine.


Listen troll, Russia and Iran work together militarily and economically towards a multipolar world, defeating the the neocons and the axis of evil.
Get that through your thick skull that is armor plated against the truth.
You got the axis of evil made of USA, Saudi Arabia and Israel against Russia, Syria, Iraq and Iran.


Putin – Russia do not do give equipment for free.

This is how Iran and Russia are tied together:
Russia is bleeding Iran dry of US$s for the Military equipment supplied to Syria.


More nonsense from you.
If you want to have an intelligent discussion, get access to some real information instead of anti Putin Russophobia and answer the questions presented to you, instead of changing the subject ad nauseum to make some retarded points.


“…There are and there will not be any “Iran like sanctions” against Russia, do you know what SCO stands for?….”

The only question you asked is above which is a statement rather than a question.


“…Europe will not buy US LNG, if they can buy it from Russia for much less;…”

Putin is shaped by events after it is too late and does not know how to handle anything because of his operating style which is:
Do nothing
Do it very slowly
Wait and see what happens

There are consequences regarding Putin’s do nothing or wait and see “Slow Motion” style the Neoconservatives have been investing in LNG Terminals in Poland and Lithuania. These terminals will supply Gas to the EU including Germany.


Both Ukraine and Poland will keep increasing their transit fees for Russian oil and gas to allow LNG and Oil from US, Arab and other countries to compete.

Meanwhile the new Iran style US sanctions will stop or delay Nordstream 2 and maybe Turkstream.

With Trump in charge, Syria will fall and allow a Turk Saudi takeover, the Saudi pipeline will be built to Turkey and on to the EU.


Poland is a prostitute, no need to elaborate….Putin is doing great contrary to your mindless propaganda, Poland wants to be the gateway for LNG, they can pay the price.
Ukraine is irrelevant….so is Poland, Trump is a big time liar, Russia and Iran and Syria will win the war in Syria.
There are and there will not be any “Iran like sanctions” against Russia, do you know what SCO stands for? Look it up and acquire some intelligence.


“Jesus” is a fool, the answer has been posted many times, he is too blind and brainwashed to read it.

The advanced S400 and older S300 in Syria are controlled by the Russian Military and used exclusively for their own protection.

Russia refuses to give air Defence or protect the Syrian Military from US, Israeli, etc attack.

S300 and S400 controlled by Russian forces in Syria will not target any Israeli war planes.

Putin is a self declared best friend of Netanyahu and Israel.


They will fire the missiles when they decide to fire them, no need to show your hand and the technical improvements on S200, and respond against Mickey Mouse provocations. If the situation was so grave, Russia could move an EW unit in the area and jam Israeli standoff weapons that rely on GPS and have a good laugh at Israeli incompetence.

Justin Ryan

yeah id love to see the Russians use the EW tech!
But i agree there is also no need to show ur hand unless its absolutely crucial!

Aung Naing

Ryan,China is along with Russia.Yankees will never dare to open two front attacks against two nuclear powers.They will just keep provoking.pathetic.


“…Mickey Mouse provocations….”

Where’s your brain?

The US led Terror Axis fly’s over Syria free and easy.
Missile strikes Syrian Airbase
Bombs Syrian Military in Deir Ez Zorr
Bombs Damascus airport, Palmyra, Al Tanf, etc.
Shoots down Syrian Jet

Justin Ryan

keep in mind that only 36% of the recent cruise missiles made it to their destination in the last US attack on Syria! They may have been shot down!

Im sure more is coming but it would be highly secretive!

also once u use these systems, u then release the intel on them which enables ur enemies to learn and make counter tech to try and defeat the system!

Sometimes its better to just hold of until u absolutely need them!

s-400 are more for ballistic missiles but can be used on almost anything!

for airbase defence, the TOR, BUK and Pantsir s-1 will do fine!

it is also important to note that in the last US cruise missile attack, the missiles which did hit DID NOT hit the runway! Perhaps the important missiles were shot down!

The SAA started using this runway in only 1 or 2 days!


Justin Ryan
Do your Maths again, 29 out 59 made it.
Russia has confirmed it did not shoot any Tomahawk down.

Justin Ryan

I beg to differ!


is 38.98%

so I was a little wrong and u were VERY WRONG!

Also, the Russians said they did not shoot down any but that does not mean the Syrians didn’t!
Yes a lot may not have made due to technical issues these missiles have but Russia will never say they shot down for certain reasons!
1. maybe they don’t want to admit they didn’t get them all and that “Saturation works”
2. Maybe they don’t want to admit that Syria has a certain amount of anti air capabilities capable of stemming an attack ()that would be an intel leak)
3. maybe this was a probing attack to see what capabilities either Syria or the Russians have
4. Maybe its better to deny so the US seem more incompetent!

There are many reasons why or why not these missiles failed and neither you or I will ever know! But never “ASSUME” u know why! Official reports are just the unclassified details released to news agencies! the Real details are ALWAYS CLASSIFIED!

and you know this!

So to recap!

I said 36% when it was actually 39%
YOU said 29 from 59 made it which is 49.15%

You are very wrong….


Justin Ryan
You have declared victory.

The reality still remains:

The Syrian Military (includes all its allies) has done well but it is fighting the same battles over and over:

Homs v1 2014, Homs v2 2017, Palmyra v1 2015, Palmyra v2 2017, Al Tanf v1, Al Tanf v2, etc etc.

Al Tanf
Deir Ez Zor

Over 40% of Syria remain to be retaken whilst Israel and the US led “Terror Axis” flies across Syria bombing the Syrian Military and shooting down Syria’s Jet.

Aung Naing

Once you shoot down Americana plane,that will lead to unthinkable catostrope.Mr Putin is not naïve.


Aung Naing
That means Russia has no ability to control Syrian air space.
Both Israel and the US led “Terror Axis” can do what it wants in Syrian air space.


Who gives a fuck. Maybe you think the lives of Syrian people and those murdered by the US in the past 70 years are not valuable as everyone else. It’s like saying if you don’t let the US rape your mom, wife and daughter, it’ll be ww3. And everyone absolutely knows that that the US wants much more than that. They will stop at nothing to achieve total domination of the entire planet which includes everyone and all the resources​. To those lunatics, it’s either they control the whole world or blow it all up. The big question is: which will you choose – live as an enslaved miserable dog or die fighting for your right to live the way you want?

Aung Naing

Russia do not want full out nuclear war.That ties their hands.


Aung Naing
As usual you promote can’t do this or that and try to scare Gentiles about Nuclear War.

The US, NATO, “West”, Neoconservatives operate on “Verbal Brinkmanship”, the way a Neanderthal, Gorilla or Chimp does in their cage or loose in the jungle.

The Neoconservatives would not be able to take a Nuclear conflagration with Russia, as just a single Nuclear strike on London or NYC or major EU city, even if it was accidental would cause many deaths and casualties.

Apart from the death and destruction there would be a collapse of the Global Financial Markets causing a World Financial Depression for many decades, etc.

The collapse of the Global Financial Markets, Banks, etc would cause mass starvation in towns and cities around the world along with rioting, looting, etc.

One of the items that gives the Neoconservatives control is Money and this would be wiped out.


Go fuck yourself you coward. People like you had rotten the very mean of law and order. If you can’t​ uphold them, there’ll be chaos and corruption. And your life will be much worse than death.

Don’t worry, coward. If Putin has the gut to use his power to protect international laws and innocent people, there won’t be ww3 because the evils have so much to lose when this planet vanished.

Night Hunter

Russia already have half a dozen s400 in Syria. They are not taking them back anytime soon. These units are the backbone of Syrian air defences system. Syria already have s100 and s200 variants, Add a few s300 and few dozen panisters, you’ll have a workable defence shield.
You would ask why they are not using it than.


Night Hunter
“…You would ask why they are not using it than….”

Very good question why the Syrian Military is not using its Air Defence system?

Along with why Russia is also not using its Air Defence system?

Aung Naing

Russian bases are not ready to stand multiple cruise missiles attacks,give more time.Soon Syria will have full air defence network.


Aung Naing
You must think Gentiles are stupid.

Russia promised to defend Syria starting on 2010.

Air Defence is still not ready after 2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016.

Now its 2017.


To respond to provocations is to become the provoked, and in the process end up escalating attacks. This would conceivably harm thousands of civilians, maybe tens of thousands. The insurgents wage their war for the imperial masters but SAA wage theirs for the civilians. The population can never become an after thought. Defending them is everything.

Justin Ryan

Iraq has welcomed Russian bases to be built!
This now means Russian bases in Syria, Russian bases in Egypt and now Russian bases in Iraq!

The USA has spent 27 years and almost 7 trillion dollars! They are seen as invaders and occupiers!

On the other hand, Russia will be seen as liberators and be welcomed with smiles and handshakes!

These countries WILL NOT TRADE IN US DOLLARS = no more reserve currency status and no more ability to print wealth!



Justin Ryan
Face reality.
Those countries are desperate and starving for the US$ not the Russian Rouble.


There is no longer a lot of posters that live in reality on this site. Which is to bad, mostly fans boys with big dreams not tied to facts on the ground. The story is interesting to say the least. The SAA has done well to regroup and retake territory. But with that being said the US lands its cargo jets in Syria on a daily basis. I have no idea what the tonnage is for a US c17 but this story was about Russian air lifts. I would imagine Turkey also has some pretty capaable supply routes into Syria as well.


Its true the Syrian Military (includes all its allies) has done well but it is fighting the same battles over and over:

Homs v1 2014, Homs v2 2017, Palmyra v1 2015, Palmyra v2 2017, Al Tanf v1, Al Tanf v2, etc etc.

Deraa, Al Tanf, Deir Ez Zor, Raqqa, etc all remain to be retaken whilst Israel and the US led “Terror Axis” flies across Syria bombing the Syrian Military and shooting down Syria’s Jet.

And as you correctly point out the US, Turk, etc air drop or air supply the “Terror Axis” Terrorists.

Eventually the Syrian state will collapse from continuously fighting the same battles over and over along with financial starvation.

Justin Ryan

you my friend are so uninformed about Geopolitics!

Im sure u understand why BRICS and the AIIB was formed!
You do understand the importance and status of the Petro dollar and thus the Reserve currency status
Do u understand the importance not of just oil and gas resources but also of trade routes and energy markets?

If u don’t understand then its pointless to talk to u on this subject!
U seem very keen to debate people but I question ur knowledge!
Maybe u have a bone to pick!

Whatever ur reason, please tell me u understand the real reason for this war and its relation to all parties involved and also its relation to Ukraine!

If u don’t understand the reasons or u prefer to JUST GUESS WHY then I’m afraid it will be no good talking to u!

U have already shown me in 2 replies that u have no idea what u are talking about!

I already have u labelled as a “newbie” and a newbie is someone with perhaps 12 months of research!

u should fish somewhere else, there are only sharks in these waters!


Justin Ryan
You should be doing a late night comedy show, LoL:)))
Especially when everyone is asleep !


Justin Ryan
“…Im sure u understand why BRICS and the AIIB was formed!…”

The BRICS Project was created by Jim O’Neill for and on behalf of Goldman Sachs with Rothschild Group & Associates in the background.


Goldman Sachs, the Rothschild Group and Associates, foster, guide and control the economies of BRICS+A (Argentina) countries.

The BRICS+A are economically tied and dependent on the US, UK, EU, Canada, Australia, NZ for trade which is conducted in US$s.

If one economy declines or rolls back, so do the others just like Siamese Quintuplets forever bound together to live and stay alive or die together.


Justin Ryan
“…AIIB was formed!…”

Its an alternative to the World Bank and so far full of Bruhaha, LoL:))) and India just made a loan to itself.

So far one or two loans have been made, 1st Loan is US$170 Million to India which opposes China’s OBOR Project, New Silk Road.

AIIB Makes Its First Loan to India, the Bank’s Second-Largest Shareholder:

Earlier this month, the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) approved its first-ever loan for a project in India. The AIIB will lend $160 million to back a power project in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

India is a founding member of the AIIB, where it is the second-largest shareholder, behind China.

Justin Ryan

1. I said to you “Whatever ur reason, please tell me u understand the real reason for this war and its relation to all parties involved and also its relation to Ukraine!
If u don’t understand the reasons or u prefer to JUST GUESS WHY then I’m afraid it will be no good talking to u!”

u never answered!

2. ure replies on Brics and the AiiB are completely fruitless!
Firstly India is well known to be neutral! It has joint military ventures with Russia, buys Russian Hardware yet also USA hardware! India plays both sides in order to benefit! So don’t quote me shit on India. India is in BRICS, of course India invests in the Aiib, every country on the planet did except for the US!

3. Rothschilds and Goldman Sachs! Jesus fucking Christ dude! Why did u go there?
OK let me explain how stupid it is that u did this!
If u wanna send a link from telegram dot uk then u also have to know that they also wrote an article saying that Goldman Sachs AND the Fed Reserve are actually a British banking system brought to bring the USA back to its knees! struggling to do so in retaliation for American independence! So the Brits “keeps their friends close but their enemies even closer”! They infiltrate the US economy by having a privately owned central bank, (Rothschild being agents of the British monarchy) and Goldman Sachs a financial investment bank used to infiltrate the US government and its treasury in order to bank rust the nation under debt by ushering in new laws and corrupting politicians to do so through lobbying!

Now…. u see what just happened?
U quoted me BULLSHIT from telegraph dot uk about Goldman Sachs and the rothschilds hahahaha
and I just counter quoted u that the same fucking website says that both the Rothschilds and Goldman Sachs are agents of the British monarchy! They also say that Marx, Lenin and Trotsky were British agents and that Communism was invented by Britain to counter American capitalism!

So, dude….. yeah u can suck on this conspiracy shit all u like! its entertaining! some of it can even be believed! BUT FOR FUCK SAKES DUDE……. if u wanna talk about rothschilds and Goldman Sachs in relation to BRICS then why don’t u keep going? Finish the fucking story! Go to Fed Reserve and the bailouts going to Europe! Go to all the other shit!

Don’t fucking go there at all!

I asked u “do u know why BRICS was made” and u come back with Rothschilds and Goldman Sachs!

jesus fucking christ!

mate, we are talking geopolitics here NOT FUCKING CONSPIRACY THEORIES PUBLISHED BY TELEGRAPH DOT UK! u stupid, fuckin, dumb, cunt!

back to earth dude!

Brics and the AiiB were made in direct competition to the US reserve currency and the IMF world bank! The IMF is an entity that loans only to those of special interest (namely the US interest) and at different rates depending on the nation! they also bankrupt nations in return for ownership of resources! This aides the US dollar as these resources are valuable commodities traded with US dollars!

Therefore any international bank that is willing to loan to any nation at low rates means relief for nations such as the Congo who have vast resources yet are poor! Their resources are not forfeited and thus not traded in US dollars!

Russia and China have tried to set up trade system where nations trade in their own currencies (not in US dollars)

trading in US dollars is why the USA is so powerful as it gives the US dollar value! Without this the money is worthless especially when so much debt!

The ration to this war with Ukraine is to do with pipelines and energy markets!

I won’t talk more on this because u seem to think u know it all!
Dude, I know u don’t know jack shit! I KNOW!
u sent me a link to telegraph hahahaha and the subject was about the rothschilds and Goldman Sachs owning BRICS hahahaha!

Whats next? Rothschilds are really reptilians?




Aung Naing

free Syria,no Yankees,no turks/trust in mr putin


Aung Naing
“…free Syria,no Yankees,no turks/trust in mr putin..”

free Syria – Yes
no Yankees – Yes
no turks – Yes
trust in mr putin – No

There will be no support for Putin – Russia until and unless it offers 100% Air Defence” to the Syrian Military across every inch of Sovereign Syrian Territory.


The problem isn’t really supply or equipment.

The real problem is manpower…


This is the bottomline, people can write all the abuse and fantasy insults they want.

There will be no support for Putin – Russia until and unless it offers 100% Air Defence” to the Syrian Military across every inch of Sovereign Syrian Territory.


Air Defense ! That is what Syria needs more than anything else. Not to trivialize what Russia his contributed,l (Do they get paid for any of this ? Article is unclear) Syria must be broke, Russian Loans are unlikely to be repaid anytime soon. Pantsir’s and Tunguska’s would be nice. The beauty of these systems is the duel use. Air Defense and ground attacks.


Have to eliminate ISIS and other moderate headchoppers.

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