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Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces To Increase Intensity And Number Of Drills In 2019

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Russia's Strategic Missile Forces To Increase Intensity And Number Of Drills In 2019


The Russian Strategic Missile Forces will conduct approximately 50% more military drills in 2019, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced. Throughout the year, the Strategic Missile Forces will carry out more than 200 command and personnel as well as tactical and special exercises.

In total, more than 200 exercises were held in 2018 and their intensity and number will increase in 2019.

The Strategic Missile Forces plan to enhance the combat readiness of the personnel in the missile regiments, protection units and subunits and to increase the duration of the tactical and special tactical exercises.

Each training period throughout 2019 will involve improving the combat duty to the utmost level of more than 40 missile regiments and support and protection units.

Throughout the year, work will continue towards improving the exercises. Requirements for the level of the drills for all categories of military personnel, bringing combat readiness to the level of modern combat, promptly mastering new types of weapons are some of the points that will be focused on.

Furthermore, more than 30 competitions covering various aspects of combat training will be held for the Strategic Missile Forces in 2019. In 2018 there were about 20 such competitions.  These competitions are aimed at stimulating the interest of officers in deepening their military-theoretical level and in improving their practical skills in managing subunits, and skillful handling of weapons and equipment.

Most of the competitions held in the troops and military schools of the Strategic Missile Forces are of a multi-purpose nature and are intended for combat coordination of troops, improving the combat skills of officers and units of the Strategic Missile Forces.

This increased focus on combat readiness of the Strategic Missile Forces is most likely related to the US wish to withdraw from the INF Treaty and Russia’s concerns that the next logical step if the INF falls through is the termination of the New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty). These concerns appeared to be pushing Russia to dig in and reinforces its defenses, all the while further enhancing its offensive capability, mostly for deterrence purposes.

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If the new START is terminated Russia will not be constrained to launcher and warhead limitations, the Sarmat can be deployed in larger numbers since existing SS 18 empty silos are available.
The same applies with the Borei SLBN platform and its Bulava missiles.


The number of drills in Russian army keeps growing and China according to Chinese president Xi is “preparing for war”.
While in White House we get ever more neoconservatives and hawks itching for war.
Chances of avoiding the conflict are every day slimmer.
MSM presstitutes are banging the drums for starting new wars including World War.
While peace movements around the world are non existent.
How the hell we got in such bad situation is it all the planet going MAD ?!


Russia was away for too long.


True in way
But it is also true that whole world have changed since than.
I think that changes are becoming ever more faster and people do not have time to adapt or to react on changes therefore the whole planet is going ever more mad
Western world is desperate to preserve their non existing dominance while new world powers are not ready to wait for their place and privileges


1991-2008 ‘absent’ from world affairs. Although RU cannot field 50 divisions, it is stronger against economic warfare.


Russia is equally strong in economic or armed warfare, economically strong because it can be self sufficient due to abundant resources and strong engineering/technological skills, that produces cutting edge weapons for the military to exert a strong technological advantage and project significant power.

Carne João Pasta

And can grow some mean crops! ?


Good point !

jade villaceran

USA, Russia, China, Japan and India are buying weapons and war machine, do you think they already know that the war is coming and inevitable?


yeah have them at a ready in the Caspian Sea aimed straight at tel aviv/haifa and finish off israel at the tiniest squeak from those quarters – israel does not deserve the independent/sovereign status it enjoys today, that right is long ago forfeited and there is thus no longer a legal justification for the continued existence of israel and the worlds’ nations should start to de-recognize israel and close its embassies and isolate israel till the point that they abandon the land and return it to the rightful owners . the palestinians!

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