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Russia’s State Of The Art Battle Tank T-14 Armata Was Tested In Syria

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Russia has tested its state of the art battle tanks, T-14 Armata, in Syria, the country’s Minister of Trade and Industry, Denis Manturov, revealed on April 19.

The minister told the Russia-1 TV that the T-14 Armata was deployed in Syria “to assess all details in combat conditions.” The minister noted that the tests will shape the “final image” of the battle tank, which will be supplied to the Russian military in 2021.

“Starting next year, after the Defense Ministry starts supplying these machines, when we get an export passport, we will start working with foreign customers,” Unwire quoted Manturov as saying.

First presented in 2015, the T-14 is Russia’s next-generation main battle tank built on the bases of the Armata Universal Combat Platform.

Russia’s State Of The Art Battle Tank T-14 Armata Was Tested In Syria

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The advanced battle tank features a unmanned turret armed with the new 2A82-1M 125 mm smoothbore cannon. The 1,500 ChTZ 12N360 (A-85-3A) diesel engine powers the tank, that has a top speed of 80-90 km per hour and a range of 500 km.

The T-14 is heavily armored. The battle tank’s crew is protected by an internal armored capsule. Furthermore, the tank is equipped with the advanced Afghanit active protection system (APS).

Manturov didn’t provide any details regarding the T-14 tests in Syria. Russia has tested more than 200 weapon systems in the country, so far. These tests allowed the Russian military to fine-tone and upgrade many of these systems.


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Lone Ranger

Most excellent Comrades. The best main battle tank on the planet. Congrats. May she serve Mother Russia for a long time. CIA trolls and hasbarats will cry and rage ;)

AM Hants

Would love to have seen the expressions on the CIA terrorist and US Forces faces, when faced with the Armata. No doubt, handy to see it on patrol in Idlib.

Toni Liu

Seems it might be late to show to syria because many part of idlib will be liberated if saa conduct large operation before armata coming to syria next year

AM Hants

Hope they carry on testing the Armata, fosing on Idlib.

Dušan Mirić

Well, if it is so, everything they have on stocks would be used by terrorist and their backers in effort to destroy the tank and to mock it.


The terrorist ranks appear to be violently dumb. I doubt they would realise what sort of ‘different’ tank it was.


They were dancing around the wreckage of a Turkish drone that got shot down. They probably shot it down themselves….

AM Hants

They have tried that script. As usual, without success.


I did wonder if the Armata would be tested in Syria, AM. Real combat conditions are always superior to training at home. The stress of real combat conditions are impossible to replicate. In any training scenario there is the knowledge that being killed or maimed is NOT on the agenda. Real conditions test everything from using the fire control systems under stress, to the best locations for the mundane equipment that ‘saves seconds’, when a second can be life or death.

I hope you are still busy under house arrest. I bloody am. Today I did an awkward job that was on the ‘to do’ list 5 years ago. :) Tomorrow I will be in NBC kit spraying poison on weeds.


Glad to hear someone call it house arrest! But then, “lockdown” is what they do to recalcitrant prisoners innit?


We are all prisoners now. Some in Closed Prisons and the majority in Open Prisons, with the threat that if we break a rule, Closed incarceration will follow :)

AM Hants

I remember them mocking the Armata, when an inexperienced tank driver was getting her ready for the 2014 Victory Parade. I was seriously impressed and also, owing to media hysteria. She had to be good, to get them livid.

Nice to see she will soon be entering active service. Together with so many other new toys, tested in Syria. Shame there are no videos to keep us entertained.

Glad you are keeping yourself busy. No doubt thrilled to have got to grips with something that was easy to avoid.

Must admit, sick of it. Not for being in isolation, but, pure hysteria, contradictions and lack of leadership. Whilst agreeing with the work of Robert F Kennedy Junior, where Bill Sykes aka Gates is concerned.

The front line staff have no basic PPE. The local hospital is begging for patients, owing to GP surgeries being locked down and reliant on telephone appointments. I wonder why GP surgery receptionists, believe they should be first in the delivery queues? Being banned from purchasing a tin of paint and brush, but, encouraged to go and stay with friends, in cases of domestic violence. Surely allowing him or her to do the painting, whilst in lockdown is more therapeutic for mental health than staying with a friend?

Then you have them flying in around 175 fruit pickers from Romania??? FFS, how does that work? Surprised Greta did not hitch a lift and come and dictate to us, from a stall in Hyde Park Corner.

I am a vitamin D and self immunisation type of person. So cannot understand the need for long term self isolation, economy destruction, lack of vitamin D and bodies own immunity from the virus, rather than a Bill Sykes vaccination. What would I know.

However, we are being led by your typical Common Purpose Politician Raab, WWII refugee and orphan to boot. How many Common Purpose Members were raised in the Kinder Fuhrer Orphanages, before finding themselves in positions of power? Did laugh as they tried to portray Raab as an UK version of the world’s greatest statesman, President Putin. Martial arts and boxing credentials, minus the analytical brain.

Stay safe, keep well and give Hans a carrot from me. Rant over haha.


There is now an open discussion beginning on the merits of saving people at great financial cost who are either old and frail and the younger people with serious health issues , whose life expectancy’s are short.

Even if the Western nations consider their citizens to be ‘priceless’ , the impact of financial collapse on 3rd world nations will be murderous and numerous. The townships of South Africa under brutal police control are just one of many such situations , where people literally have no money and no food.

What the virus has done, is to expose the myth of a ‘community of nations’ in the West. The Western elite today are no different to the thugs with a crown who ruled in the past. In adversity the current elite will still send their subjects to kill the blood relations of the elite in foreign lands if their hegemony is threatened.

On Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp on RT earlier , there was a report that the US unemployment offices are still working to process the tens of millions of recently unemployed and to issue the $600 per month to these destitute people. The money is slow to process and will take at least a few months for a payment to arrive in most cases.

The reason the payment process is slow, is because the ‘COBAL’ system in use across the majority the unemployment offices is SIXTY years old tech. The call has now gone out to past COBAL specialists to assist with the backlog :)

“COBOL stands for COmmon Business Oriented Language. It was developed in 1959 by a group of computer professionals known as Conference on Data System Language (CODASYL). This language is used for writing an application program. COBOL Tutorial ” http://www.tutorialride.com/cobol/cobol-tutorial.htm

What does a COBOL programmer do?

“COBOL, or Common Business Oriented Language, is the first high-level programming language that was developed for business applications and used widely. A COBOL programmer may find work that relates to payroll or accounting, since those specialties work with applications written in COBOL, although newer programming languages exist. ” Some US banks and local authorities still use the COBAL system.

In the so called No 1 nation in the world, the USA, the military budgets have swallowed trillions of dollars, whilst US civilian infrastructure has been allowed to decay.

AM Hants

Reminds me of Planned Parenthood and why it was set up. Genocide of the black community and those the eugenists did not like. WASN’T Bill Gates parents, together with Margaret Sangster involved with setting up Planned Parenthood?

What did Africa ever do to Gates?

Must admit, did wonder how the corrupt politicians would benefit, when opening up the tax payers cheque books.

Nancy Pelosi, in front of her heavily stocked $24,000 fridge, explaining the virtues of her luxury ice cream collection, whilst announcing no bail out money, to the Americans losing their jobs.

UK, we import 175 Romanian fruit pickers, fly them in, no testing necessary.

15,000 fly in daily, no testing necessary.

No PPE for front line staff.

No routine tests for the population.

Arrests if you sit on a park bench or smile.

Police threatening arrests, caught on camera, no valid reason, just stating they will make something up.

Do believe Westminster will do nought, till Gates brings out his micro-chip vaccine, then demand we accept it. The only thing that actually makes sense.


I agree,AM. Making sense of all of this hysteria and the flood of crocodile tears from politicians and ‘experts’, is as difficult as accepting that what our leaders do is for the general benefit of the public.

When we are able to Follow the tax payer Money trail, all will be clear.

AM Hants

The learning curve I am experiencing, is discovering my youngest son is more patient than me. Patience has never been his strongest point, but, he is more than happy to accept the media and Government BS. Swear he must have been micro-chipped, haha, only explanation.


Government Propaganda is a powerful tool unless one has become immune to it or been inoculated.

We both have immunity, AM, after decades of exposure to complete government BullShit.

AM Hants

The £billions they spend on the BS.

Must admit, do feel Westminster is full of ‘Max Headroom’ dolls, which appear to have short circuited, all at the same time.

AM Hants

Just read about a young 21 year old, father of one, with mental health problems. He was struggling, his family tried to get help, but, told to walk 30 miles to the walk in clinic. They could not get him there and sadly he took his own life. Saying he could not go on, not being near family or friends.

Wonder how many have died, owing to no access to health facilities, in comparison to those who have died of Corona Virus?


We will never know for certain about the various causes of death due to lack of care during the virus crisis, I suspect AM.

The very fact of ‘not knowing’ is generally indicative of a coverup’.

AM Hants

None of it makes sense, but, also believe in mega false flag and lots of lies being told.

The rush for hoover companies to make ventilators. Ignoring the fact they need health and safety legislation. Then one to one nursing, for intubated patient and intensive care unit, bedspace.

A pregnant nurse, who was meant to be 8 months pregnant, but, gave birth at 28 weeks, before dying of Corona Virus???

The 4,000 one/two ward hospital, with only 40 occupied beds and no staff to man it.

The plane, stuck in Turkey, waiting to pick up face masks. Since when do you send a plane on a 7 day jolly, with no plan to return it to base?

Why not send a flight to Turkey from Akrotiria?

Why no testing and why no PPE? None of it makes sense.


At best, they is NO joined up thinking to coordinate what are all simple tasks really.

At worst its a deliberate melange of chaos. The ‘management’ classes have a lot to answer for.

Perhaps the hi flying ‘bubbles of power’ lack oxygen ?

AM Hants

Deliberate melange of chaos. Perfect way of describing it all.

Common Purpose Methology of Shadow Government.

AM Hants

Hi, there is an interesting story on Fort Russ. May or May not interest you. Hackers breaking into Bill Gates, Wuhan Lab and WHO. More to follow.


I look forward to developments, AM. The US push to unilaterally seize Chinese assets after rigged US trials that have no authority in international law will end in military conflict I think.

AM Hants

I seriously cannot get my head around how they get away with it all and no complaint.

Guess it pays to control the media and spend $billions on disinformation trolls.

There was one interesting article I read, that the US needs major support from Japan, UK, ‘5 eye’ members and EU, in order the other nations will force it through the ICC. Allowing the US to cancel their debt to China.

Wonder how it all fits in, when you look at the 400 bio-weapon labs the US has, scattered over the planet? Together with who controls the Wuhan lab? Will it make a difference, when the media and disinformation trolls appear to run/control everything?


One universal consequence for governments that are pauperising their nations on the Alters of ‘ Our peoples lives are priceless ‘, irrespective of their life expectancies and poor health, is that circa 0.05% (five hundred mostly old and sick people, per one million people) are being used as a tool of neo-liberal ‘woke’ hysteria.

There has to be a reason for this, and in my opinion, being part of the collapsing US Empire is NOT part of the plan.

The question is though, ‘ What could be the plan’ ?

One thing is certain though I think, and this will be the regeneration of industry of all sorts in Western countries, that have the capability to serve as a fall back when the global supply chains fail for whatever reason.

AM Hants

With regards the plan, the only thing for me is a battle within the Rothschild/Rockerfeller Mobsters.

One, based on evil and satanist ambitions, no doubt with another similar family and the third based on moving on, with no eugenics or genocide plans.

They always back opposite teams, whatever the century. Just drinking the wine, munching on the popcorn and wondering WTO is happening.

Do find it interesting that a couple of people I was once close to, have been waiting for a visit to the undertakers, for the past decade. Yet, they are seriously being well looked after, by so many Government/charity based organisations. Postcode health are, so comes to mind.


Yes, Post Code benefits of all sorts are a fact of life I suppose and depend on many things, that include the ideological dogma’s of the various local political parties in power.

As for the Rothschild/Rockerfeller Mobsters, they are no different to the rival Idlib terror gangs or Isis, Al Nusra et al.

They all covet each others power and dislike each other, but all will make pacts when the situation demands.

AM Hants

Haha, perfect way to describe the Rockerfeller/Rothschild Mobsters.

When seeing images of $oro$, Gates, Trump, Johnson, Maccron, Merkel, Al Qaeda, Daesh, ISIS, White Helmets, I will picture the Mobsters hussling with each other, like a Godfather script. Do not believe there is any difference, between any of their ambitions. Still hope one ream is not keen on the eugenics and genocide scenario though. Team Don Corleone, hopefully will win.


They’ll probably never know what hit them! In any case the testing of Armata in battlefield doesn’t necessarily involve close combat, but it’d be cool if it did. They are probably most interested in spotting any mechanical flaws, getting real data on wear and tear issues, and testing its real envelope in terms of communications, detection and targeting systems. I reckon it’s pretty impressive.

AM Hants

Cannot wait for it to reach active service.


How exactly is this tank going to save people from Bill Gates’ ID2020 Mark of the Beast vaccine-tattoo?


Judging by people’s complete compliance with the COVID lockdown, I’m not holding my breath for any great uprising. Offer people FREE STUFF and they’ll do anything


This tank is going to protect people from all the global oligarchy actions. For now it will protect people inside Russia, later we shall see who else is it going to protect.

Jens Holm

According to many test and tryes for tests the LEOPARD 2A7 + is better one, but You are learned in Your minds by birth its not allowed to compare and like sheep and goats to eat, whats served.


Keep no learning. USA, Israel and probatly several others prefare You keep Yourself as insisting no learners.

Armata is the best Russia has. Everybody can build a very expensive tank and make good results. Russia cant even efford to have it themselves.


Tested by whom


Jens Holm

Well the Russian Armata “tested by whome too”. Russians actually write one of the 8 they have has to be used for testing in Syria.

But true testing is a “for all we know”.

But of course You – as dummy tank expert – are not even allowed to read that Leopard is an upgrade because of the Armata is very good and what the rest of the tanks in the world can of cannot.


Nice try Jens, entered service in 2010. I think some people have a handle on it by now.


Jens Holm

I know. Tempting to compare with the Russian ones, where the newest is named T72. Isnt it 50 years old???

Hrrm I just checked it up. Assads might have some T85, which only is 35 years old.


C’mon man, Syria has T90s. :P

Jens Holm

Ha ha. I still has my fingers and toes. Its 10 years old compared with 30.


The new versions are only a few years old. Further, the changes being made until the end of the current upgrade, make it a very different tank. Read up on T-90 development. Interesting stuff. Leopard IIs are getting blown in half in Syria. I have not seen a single T-90 with the turret blown off yet.


Even T90MS is superior to leopard in any variation. Havent you seen Leopards getting blown to pieces all over ME????

Jens Holm

Leopards are not Leopards but a serial just like the many Russian T versions all the way down to the T34, where You can add them in groups.

So far I have not seen a single Armata under fire in Syria or anywhere else. So You compare with being better then compared to not being there.


Nope. Leopard is a line of tanks. Leopard 2 is a specific tank – second generation of the Leopard line. And Leopard 2 A1 – 7 is a version of it. Just like T72, T72A, T72B, T72B3M …..

Jens Holm

Sorry. I have to learn every day.

My comment was about an upgraded Leopard 2010 ranks agaist an Armata related to the strength of the many older Russian tanks in Syria.

I do know the best Leoprd is an upgrade only.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Read between the lines is a good saying Jens, read this link I provide and see if you can read the real story between the lines.

“The T-14 Armata (Russian: Т-14 «Армата»; industrial designation “Ob’yekt 148”, Russian: Объект 148) is a next-generation Russian main battle tank based on the Armata Universal Combat Platform—the first series-produced next-generation tank. The Russian Army initially planned to acquire 2,300 T-14s between 2015 and 2020.[15][16][17][18] Production and fiscal shortfalls delayed this to 2025,[19] and then to the cancellation of the main production run.[20] The test batch of 100 is to be delivered and deployed to the 2nd Guards Tamanskaya Motor Rifle Division, with delivery expected in 2020 or later; tanks will be transferred only after the completion of all state tests. In July 2018, Deputy Prime Minister for Defence and Space Industry Yury Borisov said there is currently no need to mass-produce the Armata when its older predecessors, namely the latest variants of the T-72, remain “effective against American, German and French counterparts”, saying, “Why flood our military with Armatas, the T-72s are in great demand on the market.”


Now I’ll bet you may be thinking the article I linked helps to prove your point, and it could, but only if you didn’t know the Russian economy has been doing quite well since 2016, [at least it was up until a month ago], so the announcement in 2018 had far less to do with what was happening to the Russian economy prior to 2016 than it has to do to something else. How effective are tanks in modern warfare, I called them practically obsolete a while ago and got a telling off, but it seems as time goes by they don’t have the same role they once used to. There are no more tank battles in modern warfare, aircraft can wipe them out too easily, so why would anyone want to invest in a model of equipment that was proving to be less and less effective as time progressed, a smart investor would start investing in the new model of vehicle that would surpass the roles the older tanks did [or possibly could]. I suspect the Russians are staying on top of things even if they don’t build a heap of new tanks for themselves, but they won’t mind selling them to anybody else that still thinks they really need them, but I don’t think the Russians do anymore, I think they have their eyes on a bigger prize now, I think they have their scientists and engineers working on something else other than new battle tank designs now, something much better than a tank.

Jens Holm

Thanks. I have writen about the Armata but also the many other semilar and therefore also see people try to compare.

I almost only commented the statement the Armata is “The Best” because I know several comments and test says several are the best and even in tests seemes better.

I agree abut tanks. They now often is replaced by better weapons and in many matters too often can be seen as dinosaurs.


Drone tanks would be very useful in urban combat…The intention of the T -14


The vast majority of wars will be what we’ve seen in Yemen, Syria, Iraq. Versatile hardware is key

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Aircraft are very versatile but usually lack loitering ability, so unlike tanks and other ground vehicles that can defend a position by digging in, aircraft haven’t really had that ability up until recently, but now some drones can stay active in one area for hours on end, so even that advantage the tanks have is being diminished. In the past highly mobile heavily armoured vehicles with big killing power had a big advantage in open area warfare, especially in desert battlegrounds, nowadays aircraft can easily pick them off one after another, as many Youtube videos reveal.


Ground needs to be held, period. Loitering aircraft have a weakness, they loiter. Defense mechanism and technology have and will continue to make them less relevant. Thus concluding that tanks, and with advanced technology remote controlled hardware, will be very relevant.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

That’s true but nowadays soldiers armed with anti tank and anti air capabilities as well as small aerial surveillance and combat drones can do the job just as well and possibly even better than any tank can, and they can at least hide from the enemy visually and electronically if they want to. The only area I can see drone tanks being something that might be considered for continuing development would be the one you suggested in your first comment, urban warfare or population control, I can see that being an area they’d be ideally suited for. In the past weapons designers had the same problem too, they must’ve asked themselves, do we just keep designing better bows and arrows or do we start trying to make muskets instead, I’m on the musket side of the argument, and I think that’s what the Russian Deputy Prime Minister for Defence and Space Industry Yury Borisov was saying too, that’s why I told Jens to read between the lines. I know they’re not totally obsolete just quite yet, but in another 10 years I don’t think I’ll be saying that. Cheers.


I see the need for both. Tank will also become launch vehicles for other remote operated hardware. Mainly, and will continue to be be, asset for ground troops and their movement, especially within urban areas.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I think your right, it’s definitely a likely possibility and would save lots of lives if they were used very carefully.

AG Korvin

Syria = joint Russian-American proving grounds, no more, no less.

cechas vodobenikov

always amused by the functionally illiterate CIA bots here–Jenny, for example….comparative analysis requires performance evaluation in actual battle conditions…this informs why increasingly Russian and Chinese weapons r preferred….the US sells the most, only because they give the money to the buyer to purchase their inferior trash—or lend the money, recognizing it will never be paid by the receiving nation… however in the context of covid, this matters little. 75% of all infections r found in NATO nations—incompetence and obesity apparently associates w disease….the USA the worst w 40,000 associated deaths, compared to China at 4000, Russia at 300

jade villaceran

just like the terminator, no video in action :(

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