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JULY 2022

Russia’s S-400 Triumph Air Defense Missile System (Infographics)

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Russia's S-400 Triumph Air Defense Missile System (Infographics)

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The first batch of Russian S-400 missile defense systems was fully delivered to Turkey on July 25th, the Turkish National Defense Ministry announced. According to reprots in Russian media, a third delivery, carrying over “120 anti-aircraft missiles of various types” will be delivered “tentatively at the end of the summer, by sea.”

The $US 2.5 billion deal between Russia and Turkey was reached in late 2017. Since then, the US has contributed variuos efforts to undermine the deal and prevent the dlivery threatening Turkey with a wide range of sanctions. Nonetheless, Washington has not achieved its goal.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the S-400 system will be fully delivered and become operational by April 2020. He added that Turkey will turn elsewhere for fighter jets if the US does not sell it the F-35 aircraft.

“Are you not giving us the F-35s? OK, then excuse us but we will once again have to take measures on that matter as well and we will turn elsewhere,” Erdogan told a gathering of his Justice and Development Party in the capital, Ankara.


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I love S400 they’re the best! and I would have more love to new S500 and its newest iteration… ☕

Toronto Tonto

Bend over dufus .

chris chuba

How fast can the S300 / S400 reload their missile tubes after they fire?

Back of the envelope calculation, it takes about 30 sec to hit a target 200 miles away https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S-400_missile_system I don’t know why maximum velocity is typically lower than target velocity, perhaps target velocity kicks in when the missile is close enough to achieve active homing.

In any case, I would think the ideal design would be to be able to reload a tube sometime before the previous missile was able to hit its target.


I can’t imagine reloading those tubes while under attack is an easy task to accomplish. However these missiles are designed to be part of a layered air defence system that include a variety of missile and artillery systems as well as interceptor and air superiority fighters. The idea is to have such a density of launchers and radars that taking one out or having one launcher run out of missiles is covered by other radars and launchers in the system.

That’s the frustrating thing about head to head evaluations of say the S-300 vs F-35. It’s meaningless. We really don’t know the strategy Russia has planned for dealing with such a target. There is probability that they can take out one of these aircraft with missiles but you can be sure it’s not 100%. The entire equation includes the likelihood of the F-35’s mission being a one way trip with the aircrafts refuelling tankers or attacks on their airfield part of that equation.

The Russian military treat defence as a numbers game. Read detailed accounts of Russian WW2 battles from the Russian perspective and they talk about the density of gun tubes / KM and such. I think you’ll find the same calculations used in Russian air defence today. They’ve figured how many missile tubes / given area are needed to defend X and the reload rate is included in the equation.


The Thaad can shoot down Su-57 and the S-200 can shoot down the F-35 if these planes are within range. Israel attacked Syria from lebanon which is further than the S-200 range (200km) and it explains why Syria never managed to hit Israeli F-35. Stealth aircrafts are effective in sneaking but will be detected soon enough, even by older systems.


30 – 1 hour depending on how familiar they are with the system. However, as Russia stated before, the S-400 and or the S-300 should not stand alone and should be supported by several short range missile defense systems which would make reloading a much easier task. Hence why Russia upgraded the Pantsir S-1 to S-2.


Why Russia sell this S400 to Turkey ??? Turkey will use the S400 to shot down Russian and Syrian planes over Syria….


No worries …. they get the dumbed down version with technology transfer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bx91Qf5C8Nc

Toronto Tonto

They wont even get set up and bamm game over or they may unplug it and bamm game over , waste of money .

Tudor Miron

Slowly but surely Russia is pulling Turkey ourt of NATO. And that’s for the benefit of Turkey and all of Humanity.


Youare either a dreamer, or big vodka drunker. :) Perhaps both.

Tudor Miron

I see that you’re worried :) That’s right, you should be.


No, i am not worried. I was laughing. :))

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