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Russia’s Rosatom Begins Work On Second Reactor At Turkey’s Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant

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Russia's Rosatom Begins Work On Second Reactor At Turkey's Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant

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On June 29th, Rosatom engineers have completed the manufacture of a set of steam generators for the first Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant unit in Turkey, which is being built with the participation of the Russian Federation, the Atomenergomash holding press service said.

Steam generators are the main equipment of the reactor compartment of a nuclear power unit.

They are necessary to obtain water vapor, which drives the turbine generator. Steam generators are part of the reactor installation.

The length of one steam generator is about 15 meters, the diameter is more than 4 meters, the weight of the equipment is 340 tons. The equipment of one power unit includes four steam generators.

The entire set of steam generators for unit No. 1 of the Akkuyu NPP was manufactured at the Atommash plant in the city of Volgodonsk, Rostov Region.

The entire manufacturing cycle of steam generators lasted about two years. An important stage in the production of a steam generator, which lasts more than three weeks, is the installation of 11 thousand stainless heat-exchange pipes with a total length of about 125 kilometers.

The steam generators will be shipped to Akkuyu NPP by water.

On June 26th, the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom has begun construction of power unit No. 2 of Akkuyu NPP in Turkey, RIA Novosti was told by the Akkuyu Nuclear project company, which is responsible for the implementation of this project.

As the head of the company Anastasia Zoteeva noted that construction and installation work is now being carried out simultaneously at the sites of the first and second power units.

“We are about to finish pouring concrete slabs under the reactor containment building and the engine room,” Anastasia Zoteeva said.

As for the first power unit, the construction of which began in 2018, they “recently completed concreting the foundation slab of the turbine hall, installed a melt trap, and now we are preparing to install the second tier of the inner containment – work is being carried in the containment zone,” said Zoteeva.

Akkuyu NPP is the first nuclear power plant to be built in Turkey. The Akkuyu NPP project includes four power units with Russian-designed reactors of VVER-1200 generation 3+. The capacity of each nuclear power unit will be 1,200 MW.

To date, the project is fully funded by the Russian side. The construction of Akkuyu NPP is the first project in the globalnuclear industry, implemented according to the “build-own-operate” model. The project cost is about $20 billion.


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Good, big businesses should’t bother of the little misunderstandings.

Lone Ranger

Russia is building 80 reactors world wide.
They are also a gen ahead of anybody else, because they never stopped working on new designs, unlike the west.


Blame our lefty greenies for that. They’ve been hysterically promoting nuclearphobia for decades.

Modern nuclear plants are extremely safe and FAR more powerful than shitty wind turbines and solar panels.

AM Hants

What I find weird is how many of those greenies, protesting nuclear power, now have positions in NATO and the nuclear industry.

Simplekindof Man

A.yea keep making nuclear power stations until there are is no water left than can sustain life….
B. give turkey access to nuclear technology and let’s see how that works out for the rest of the world.

The Objective

Turkey does not need Russia or any western country if it decides to build nukes. Pakistan and Iran are just a stone’s throw away. Besides, the technology to build nukes is well within reach of Turkey. Turkey just hasn’t made the political decision yet. And when it does, no country can stop it.


As if turkey’s allowed to have them in the first place, yes Turkey can get them from many other sources like Pakistan, but you know first hand what US/EU/israel would do if turkey decides to get one

The Objective

What will they do apart from sanctions? Invade Turkey? That’s a big laugh. They still have Iran to contend with. Do you think the US/Israel/EU will still have the same level of strength to invade Turkey after a war with Iran? Then you probably don’t know why the US/Israel/Europe has been avoiding the war with Iran till now. This future US Vs Iran war I believe will start the Malhama/Armageddon due to the sheer number and types of weapons on both sides. And when US/NATO bases and war facilities lay in ruin due to “missle rain” by Iran, you think they’ll still be able to muster any credible invading force?
The only backlash Turkey wants to avoid right now is sanctions and political isolation. But if Turkey feels sufficiently threatened by Europe, it’ll sure as hell go nuclear, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.
As we speak, they have probably got the know how already. All it takes is the political decision. And if Erdogan decides it, you and I both know he’s a man of his words.
He did hint about nukes in the past. The EU had better not threaten Turkey or they’ll have a nuclear armed adversary to contend with pretty soon


You know they don’t have to invade right? they can just bomb the reactors just like Israel did to Syria and Iraq, US still trusts turkey enough to house nukes in Incirlik, Turkey’s economy is in bad shape that they had to get loans from China, not to mention Almost almost everybody in the middle east views turkey as an enemy, turkey is surrounded with hostile nations and can be isolated/sanctioned easily unlike Russia, Israel is not a friend to turkey even if Israel gave them drone technology and trade, Qatar is far away, if it doesn’t stop supporting terrorist in Syria they’ll jeopardize their relationship with Iran/Syria/Iraq.

I hope Erdogan is on the right side, i used to think so in the past, but the Syria situation and him doing that little play in Ukraine, all the talk he does is when it comes to Israel really doesn’t make him look that good.


Nukes are not the killer tech now. AI drone swarms are much more genocidal, even without a glitch in the programming.

Swift Laggard II


M.A. Lamett

Good. Russia and Turkey shall remain friends and respect each other. Turks and Russians have lots of mutual interests, from south stream pipeline to black sea, from Syria to Libya. Russia should also respect and recognize Turkey and Iran as a regional power and should not antagonize them. If Russia, Turkey and Iran truly stand together, imperialism and zionism would not have any chance in this region.


and then you woke up..

Simplekindof Man

Very funny.
Turkey Is THE face of imperialism
Rest of Africa etc
can’t keep their
hands off other people’s territory can they?


Business is business even if it’s with the devil

johnny rotten

Forward-looking political strategy, in the long run will bear fruit.

Fog of War

What about Iran’s nuclear reactor did Russia finish building that one yet ?

cechas vodobenikov

also Russia building reactors in Hungary, Indonesia, India, China, etc–advanced tech produces little nuclear waste and creates no air water/polution—sweden relies upon nuclear energy—electricy 1/3 the cost compared to Germany that relies on “green” energy, Russian gas

Jabbar Abbo

comment image

cechas vodobenikov

this helps turks produce inexpensive electricity—most of their gas and oil is purchased from Russia, Iran, some from Azerbaijan—Urals Russian oil now costs 2$ more per barrel than Brent crude—good for Russia, bad for USA, SA

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