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Russia’s Rezonans-NE Radar, Capable Of Tracking Hypersonic Flight

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Russia's Rezonans-NE Radar, Capable Of Tracking Hypersonic Flight

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Another significant piece of military equipment showcased at the Army-2020 forum in Moscow is the Rezonans-NE radar.

The radar system is capable of detecting and tracking the most complex types of air targets.

It is also able to classify aircraft created using stealth technology, mini-UAVs and hypersonic devices.

he station’s capabilities are greatly enhanced by the phased array antenna, in addition, the locator can automatically exchange information with other radars in automatic mode.

The range of Rezonans-NE is also impressive – 1100 km, and it is able to provide target designation of air defense systems, located at a distance of 600 km.

The radar can operate in difficult climatic conditions of the environment from -50 to +60 degrees Celsius.

Currently, the radar system is deployed in the Arctic, and it contains elements of artificial intelligence. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the station entered service with the Northern Fleet at the end of 2018.

A Russian military expert, Yuri Knutov said that the Rezonans-NE is a highly efficient radar system equipped with artificial intelligence elements, which allows the station to simulate an electronic image of a target and accurately identify its type with flight parameters.

Currently, the system has already been acquired by Egypt and Iran.

Russia's Rezonans-NE Radar, Capable Of Tracking Hypersonic Flight

Click to see the full-size image

There is also an interesting rumor:

Some media reported that after the United States killed Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani, the commander of the Al-Quds Special Forces in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the US planned to use a F-35 fighter jet to strike another blow against Tehran, but it was ultimately canceled, since the F-35 was spotted by an Iranian radar station, presumably the Russian-made Rezonans-NE.

Knutov noted that the Rezonans-NE radar is of great importance for ensuring Russia’s defense capability.

In practice, Rezonans-NE is capable of detecting a wide class of air targets – strategic and operational-tactical aircraft, helicopters, cruise and ballistic missiles, and balloons. However, the main “specialization” of the domestic station is stealth aircraft, cruise missiles and hypersonic flying objects.

The radar implements the principle of resonant reflection of radio waves, which leads to a sharp increase in the effective reflecting surface (EOC) of air objects.

Thus, the system unmistakably captures aircraft made using stealth technology and transmits data on them to fire weapons.

According to the calculations of Moscow engineers, the image intensifier of a typical cruise missile for radars using the Rayleigh effect is about 0.05 sq. m, and for Rezonans-NE – 15 sq. m.

“This phenomenon makes the stealth technology ineffective and practically removes the issue of stealth of such air objects as aircraft F-117, B-2, F-35 and similar ones,” said in the materials of CJSC NRC Rezonans.

The situation with the detection and tracking of hypersonic objects is more complicated, said the CEO of the enterprise Ivan Nazarenko.

However, the capabilities of Rezonans-NE allow the user to solve this problem by reducing to one second the rate of access to the target (rate of information renewal).

On other radars, this timeframe is approximately ten seconds.

Naturally, the hypersonic flying object flies quickly, and other radars simply do not keep up with it. Our paced appeal allows you to track such targets in a timely manner. The hypersonic vehicle enters the energy field that the locator emits. The station operator can see such an object on the screen, it is highlighted in red, Nazarenko said.

According to Nazarenko, today the domestic station is the most reliable means of transmitting information on hypersonic products to complexes for combating them.

The deputy head of CJSC NRC Rezonans, Doctor of Technical Sciences Alexander Shcherbinko, drew attention to the cognitive function of the radar. It consists in the fact that the computer equipment of the station analyzes the results of work on the detection of air targets, detects errors and corrects them.

As mentioned earlier, Rezonans-NE can be operated in almost any natural and climatic conditions. The radar system can withstand temperatures from -50°C to +60°C, wind gusts up to 50 m/s, rainfall density up to 300 mm/h, humidity up to 95% at +25°C.

As a rule, on the ground, Rezonans-NE is deployed in the form of a square of four modules. However, at the request of the customer, the radar can be assembled in one-module, two-module, or three-module versions with viewing sectors of 90°, 180° and 270°, respectively.

According expert Yuri Knutov, Russia is able to get ahead of the United States and other states in the development of radar detection systems for hypersonic products. According to him, at present, the RF Armed Forces have the ability to hit targets that develop speeds over Mach 5.


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  1. occupybacon says:

    If I’d be sent to sere near this radar I’d spend all my money on hookers before and saying farewell to my dick. And hello cancer.

    1. Robert Ferrin says:

      Without a doubt you use all the latest electronic gadgets and you ain’t dead yet, so why worry about it..!!!!

      1. occupybacon says:

        Yeah, I have best radar in my kitchen, I use it to microwave popcorn in my neighbours house at 4 am. They sell the house in a week and I have fun with the next ones.

        1. Lone Ranger says:

          Call me when your microwave can detect a B-2 from a 1000km ;)

          1. occupybacon says:

            Aegis interceptors travwl 4.5 Km/s and have a range of 2500 km. This radar can track the target with precision of 1 second and 1000km? I mean Russia should use satelites for that instead of giving cancer to poor soldiers on the ground.

          2. Lone Ranger says:

            According to the Pentagon most of the Aegis equipped cruisers are offline in regard of their ABM capebilities due to maintenance issues.
            Arleigh Burke has a radar range of 600+km so I would take that 2500km range with a grain of salt.
            Similar to the F-15s claimed top speed of Mach 2.5, they only forgot to add that it was reached in a dive, clean configuration, with even the paint stripped down to be more sleek.
            Meanwhile the Mig-25 and Mig-31 can reach Mach 3.2 in level flight with missiles…
            The SM3 also only works outside of the atmosphere and it has a hit to kill approach, it bleeds from every angle…
            You must be mixing up Russian radars with that of the U.S.
            F-104 had a radar nicknamed cancer generator..

          3. occupybacon says:

            All radars are cancer generators. Or only impotence if you are lucky. The more powerfull the faster it kills you. Aegis are guided by satelites too, that’t the while point. And yes I took that mach 14 with a grain of salt but still it shows the US capability to make Hypersonic glides that can track other hypersonic missiles. Btw what is the omologues of Russia for that?

          4. Lone Ranger says:

            U.S. currently doesnt have a Global strike system, they want to develop one but its not yet online.
            So most Aegis capeble ships at least that do work all have their own air defense sectors which are limited by the range of their onboard radars.
            Also why would it need a range of 2500km?
            If it can only attack exo atmospheric targets…but sats and ICBMs are only a few hundred kb above Earth…so it doesnt make much sense only if you want to target communication sats or UFOs…
            Early warning systems are not precise enough to make a target lock.
            SM3 can only shoot down ICBMs and sats.
            A highly maneuverable MIRVed warhead or a hypersonic glider will evade it.
            The S-400, S-500 and the A-235 have similiar capebilities.

          5. occupybacon says:

            S-400 is nothing near Aegis. S-500 are not yet known but you know since you have info about multiple Russian bases in Cuba.

          6. Lone Ranger says:

            S-400 is better.
            Since it works both in the atmosphere and in space, higher G-load, faster…

          7. Антон С says:

            Don’t waste your time on fools.

          8. occupybacon says:

            S500 is for space not 400

          9. Lone Ranger says:

            S-400 as well.
            S-500 has a higher top speed and ceiling.

          10. occupybacon says:

            Will see. Maybe they figure out some useful system to help Syria not getting bombed weekly by Israel.

          11. Lone Ranger says:

            Limited bombings with hardley any effect.
            Mostly Hezbollah.

          12. occupybacon says:

            Since you can’t fight someone all you can say us his beating didn’t hurt so hard.

          13. Lone Ranger says:

            Sums up the U.S. in Syria and Iraq.

          14. occupybacon says:

            The S-300 works wonders in Syria. And Pantzir. What a joke :)

          15. Lone Ranger says:

            Indeed the U.S. Chair Force is.

          16. occupybacon says:

            If Israel can bomb Alepo any time, we can finally say that we saw S-300 at work in real combat conditions.

          17. Lone Ranger says:

            They bomb Hezbollah.
            Neither Russia nor SAA will start an allout war with a nuclear power for that.
            The newest Pac 3 Patriot has about the same capebilities as early S-300s in the early 80s.
            Newer S-300 and S-300V are more comparable to the THAAD in capebilities but are better because they dont use the archaic kinetic hit to kill design.
            If Russian SAM werent the best countries wouldnt stay in line to buy one and Uncle Sam would cry his eyes out crying and raging trying to sanction everybody…

          18. occupybacon says:

            No, actually most Syrian casualties are from SAA not Hezbolah. Hez would repond cause they don’t ask the midget first.
            Btw which are the countries that stay in line to buy the Russian junk?

          19. Lone Ranger says:

            Wrong, its Hezbollah around 90% the time.
            You mean U.S. junk…
            Not many nowdays.

          20. occupybacon says:


          21. Lone Ranger says:


          22. occupybacon says:

            How is this relevant?

          23. Lone Ranger says:

            Aside from proving you wrongy?

          24. occupybacon says:

            Any relevance?

          25. Lone Ranger says:

            Aside from proving you wrong?

          26. occupybacon says:

            I eas asking you a question. Is asking questions wrong?

          27. Lone Ranger says:

            It seems so…

          28. occupybacon says:

            In that case I’m happy to be wrong :)

          29. Lone Ranger says:

            Oistrich policy…

          30. occupybacon says:

            Your choice

          31. Lone Ranger says:


          32. occupybacon says:

            Yours choice? :)

          33. occupybacon says:

            Anyway it was a rethorical question, since you didn’t like it, I will repeat it. Who waits in line to buy the Russian junk?

          34. Lone Ranger says:

            U.S. junk?
            Not many.
            They by quality Russian systems instead.

          35. occupybacon says:

            Russian junk-300 Syria? Hello :)

          36. Lone Ranger says:

            U.S. junk Yemen…*
            Saudisis Arabia…

          37. occupybacon says:

            True that, bothe equally junk.

          38. Lone Ranger says:

            S-300 works.
            Otherwise Syria wouldnt exist.

          39. occupybacon says:

            The human civilization wouldn’t exist without Russian inventions.

          40. Lone Ranger says:

            Thats true.
            For example the radiator…

          41. occupybacon says:

            The borscht is my guilty pleasure

          42. Lone Ranger says:


          43. Tommy Jensen says:

            On the paper. Anyone can say anything with ink and paper.

          44. Tommy Jensen says:

            Agree. The S-300 have shown its uselessness.

          45. Lone Ranger says:

            Keep laughing…
            All the better for Russia.

    2. Garga says:

      Can I come with you? I mean just the hooker part, your treat?
      Then you can say goodbyes and hellos and go to the radar.

      1. occupybacon says:

        I promise if Putin gives me the sacred mission you’ll be top of the list at my Vodka-Viagra parry.

        1. Garga says:

          Promises, promises…

  2. Servet Köseoğlu says:

    perfect..thanks for article..can you publish a little detailed article about new russian air defense system 98R6E ABAKAN

    1. Антон С says:

      It’s new, no detailed information. Close to S-500, looks like new generation of S-300V serie – field system against ballistic missiles.



      1. Servet Köseoğlu says:

        its add-on system to upgrade the anti-ballistic qualifications of s-400 and s-350e but there is no radar equipment presented with it thats why too hard to comment.as far as ı understand combining current s-350- e with 9M96E2 and s-400 with 48N6E3, 40N6’s weak anti ballistic abilities with new upgraded S-300V4/M 9M82MDE therefore new range will be 4000km. ı may be wrong of course..

  3. Lone Ranger says:

    Most excellent Comrades.
    Russian ground based radars are the best.

    1. occupybacon says:

      Still many years behind Aegis

      1. Lone Ranger says:


  4. Lone Ranger says:

    Almost forgot…
    CIA trolls and hasbarats will cry and rage :)
    ukropnazis too…

  5. Sauron says:

    Russia is still on stationary radars?

      1. Sauron says:

        Russia still not in top10 in GDP nominal?:)))

        1. HB_Norica says:

          Yet they still manage to create these excellent weapons systems based on the huge investment in scientific research done in the Soviet era and continued today.

          GDP is a quantitative statistic …. it tells you nothing about the quality of their economy. Russians have a vertically integrated economy …. they produce everything they need at home. The USA turns out a disproportionate number of lawyers, MBa’s and baristas while Russia turns out engineers, scientists and tradesmen. Therein lies the difference.

          1. Sauron says:

            Russia still not in top10 in GDP nominal?:)))

          2. Neo Onh says:

            You still on medication??:-))

          3. Sauron says:

            yeap, im on sputnik v

  6. cechas vodobenikov says:

    and the amerikans have spent 1.5 $ trillion on their ineffective f35

    1. occupybacon says:

      Ideed, less stealthy than the source behind the story of this article “some media reported that…”

  7. occupybacon says:

    “Some media reported that…”

    Which media? Why so secret? :)

    1. PZIVJ says:

      It’s on a need to know basis only. :)
      A phased array radar steers the signal by changing the phase (time) difference between the emitters, and then you get the concentrated return signal all at the same time. Shh !

  8. Lone Ranger says:

    CIA trolls and hasbarats will cry and rage.
    Ukropnazis too ;)

  9. Антон С says:

    -NE is export version with downgraded parameters. E – export. Original version is “Resonance-N”.

  10. Tommy Jensen says:

    Nobody can track Mr. Flash which is the level of US. Thats why I say some of our airplanes are invisible. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b55586b3825ca1235744eaa04ad885bc873203d92c06cb44f05cdd893eb15196.png

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