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Russia’s Project 20183 Akademik Aleksandrov Research Vessel Comissioned In “Solemn Ceremony”


Russia's Project 20183 Akademik Aleksandrov Research Vessel Comissioned In "Solemn Ceremony"

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In a ceremony in March 2020, Russia’s first project 20183 oceanographic research vessel the Akademik Aleksandrov was commissioned for duty.

CJSC SMM, the leading Russian company for crane building for ports, transport terminals, shipyards and industrial enterprises, took part in the construction as it was the one which installed much of the equipment on the ship.

The ship itself was built by the Zvezdochka shipyard.

CJSC SMM said that the crane equipment it installed on the Akademik Aleksandrov will make the ship useable in scientific research operations in the Arctic seas, participation in rescue operations, as well as the uninterrupted functioning of marine Arctic equipment.

Company specialists took a direct part in the mooring, running and state tests of the vessel, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of cranes and the transfer of operational experience to the crew of the vessel.

As part of the import substitution program of SMM CJSC, high-tech ship cranes were designed, manufactured and installed on the Akademik Aleksandrov oceanographic research vessel:

  • The C2500 ship crane is the most powerful ship crane in its class among those produced in Russia, its carrying capacity is 100 tons per 25 meters. The crane is equipped with a special system of auxiliary traction winches to stabilize the spatial position of the cargo, which allows you to effectively deal with the swinging of the cargo during loading and unloading operations;
  • The special C120 marine crane with a telescopic boom has a lifting capacity of up to 16 tons, depending on the boom reach, with a maximum reach of 20 m;
  • The maximum carrying capacity of the C15 electro-hydraulic shipboard crane is 2 tons, and the reach of the boom reaches 15 m;
  • The C1 ship’s provisioning crane has a lifting capacity of 0.99 tons, maximum reach – 4.5 m.

The initial plans for the Project 20183 Akademik Aleksandrov ship were laid out back in December 2012, and it was planned for it to be either a supply vessel or a rescue tugboat.

Russia's Project 20183 Akademik Aleksandrov Research Vessel Comissioned In "Solemn Ceremony"

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The state contract for the manufacture and delivery of the vessel for the needs of the Russian Ministry of Defense was concluded several months earlier, in August 2012.

When it was laid, it was announced that the vessel was actually designed for search and rescue operations, the sea transportation of heavy and large-sized units and containers of marine equipment, research and testing equipment, military and special equipment.

It is possible to use the vessel in the interests of shelf research, transportation of pipeline sections, etc. At the same time, the contract deadline for the ship Akademik Aleksandrov was for the end of 2016.

In the end, after a 4-year delay, the ship is an oceanographic research vessel, built for the Main Directorate for Deep-Water Research, under the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The ship was launched on water on May 16th, 2017. Factory trials began in December 2018, and the state test program was completed by late August 2019.

Then, news of the vessel disappeared.

Finally, in early 2020 reports came that the vessel was successfully passing its sea trials and that it would likely be delivered soon.

Russia's Project 20183 Akademik Aleksandrov Research Vessel Comissioned In "Solemn Ceremony"

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