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Russia’s Poseidon Nuclear Submarine Robots To Have A Coastal Base By 2022

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Russia's Poseidon Nuclear Submarine Robots To Have A Coastal Base By 2022

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The coastal base for Russia’s nuclear submarine robot – the Poseidon will be ready in the summer of 2022.

By then, the construction of the infrastructure for the maintenance and storage of this new strategic deterrent will be completed.

A storage and maintenance base, warehouses and workshops are being built for the Poseidons, where they will be trained for combat duty and launches.

The tests of its first carrier are already nearing completion. The construction of the base will extend the service life of this equipment, experts say.

The defense department has not yet announced where the submarines, armed with the Poseidon nuclear powered marine robotic complex, will be based.

At the end of 2020, the Ministry of Defense announced the successful progress of work on the complex. The crew of the first carrier submarine has already begun the practical development of the new weapon.

Hero of Russia Rear Admiral Vsevolod Khmyrov said that in Soviet times it was a common occurrence when a new ship came to the place of registration, and there was nothing there except a hastily erected floating pier.

The expert added that such a technique was then practiced, when the system was first created, and then they were thinking about how to provide it.

“But at the current stage of development of science and technology, it is no longer possible to do this,” the expert added, noting that the products for which the infrastructure is now being built are high-tech robots, which are difficult to maintain in working order.

According to the characteristics available in open sources, thanks to the nuclear power plant, the unmanned underwater vehicle will have an unlimited cruising range.

A sophisticated autopilot will allow it to hit a coastal target in any ocean.

According to analysts’ assumptions, the dimensions of the device make it possible to place a warhead in it, significantly superior in power to conventional intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Prior to the commissioning of carrier submarines, tests were carried out on the experimental submarine B-90 “Sarov”.

The first regular carrier of the Poseidons will be the special-purpose submarine K-329 Belgorod. It was built according to a modified design of the Soviet nuclear submarine cruisers 949A Antey. Nuclear drones will be located in six silo launchers.

Construction is underway for one more submarine, armed with strategic nuclear drones. According to media reports, the launch of the Khabarovsk nuclear submarine is scheduled for this fall.

Back in March 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin unveiled the Poseidon alongside the development in Russia of five more weapons designed for strategic deterrence. It was stated that they must guarantee Russia’s ability to carry out a powerful retaliatory strike against a surprise nuclear attack and make senseless the global missile defense system being created in the United States.


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When do they test it?

Fog of War

They are attacking the Saudis and Israhell as we speak.

catalin zt

God to hear you bro!

Fog of War

I think God already hears me all the time.


With that big ass torpedo?

Fog of War

The biggest, shiniest, fastest, most deadly torpedo ever built. Its only fault will be its inability of ever attacking Israhelli or ZioAmerican assets.


Maybe Sahara? Bring some water there


Cities in California cities have so much human excrement on the streets that a tsunami, caused by these subs would eradicate a health risk. :)


Would be doing the US a favour by removing most of it’s west coast cities.

Freemon Sandlewould

You forgot about NYC / Boston of course most importantly the District of Criminals.


That would be a consequence I suppose, but in the Land of the Free, there are already Fema camps ready to accommodate those who can swim :)


The carrier of the Poseidon drones of the Belgorod nuclear submarine will be handed over to the fleet in 2021
MOSCOW, December 24. / TASS /. The transfer to the Russian Navy of the carrier of Poseidon nuclear submarines of the Belgorod submarine and two Yasen-M submarines Kazan and Novosibirsk has been postponed to 2021. This was reported to TASS by a source in the military-industrial complex.
“It was assumed that by the end of 2020 the Navy will receive a special-purpose nuclear submarine Belgorod of project 09852 – a carrier of nuclear underwater drones Poseidon and multipurpose nuclear submarines of project 885M Yasen-M – Kazan and Novosibirsk. next year, “- said the interlocutor of the agency.
Another source in the shipbuilding industry confirmed this information. According to him, the postponement of the transfer of these three nuclear submarines to the fleet, as well as the Project 955A (Borey-A) strategic nuclear submarine missile cruiser Knyaz Oleg, to the next year is mainly due to the fact that for a number of reasons beyond the control of Sevmash “building submarines, the planned test programs have not been completed in time.
Submarine transfer
Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that the Borei-A – Prince Oleg nuclear submarine will join the Russian Navy in 2021 at the final board meeting of the military department. It was previously planned that the submarine will be commissioned in 2020.
TASS does not yet have an official commentary on Sevmash (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, USC).
The special purpose nuclear submarine Belgorod was withdrawn from the boathouse on April 23, 2019. It was expected to be handed over to the Navy at the end of 2020, despite the fact that it will receive the Poseidon unmanned underwater vehicle in 2021.
The lead nuclear submarine of project 885M “Yasen-M” “Kazan” was launched on March 31, 2017. The timing of its transfer to the fleet was repeatedly postponed. Earlier, the head of the USC, Alexei Rakhmanov, announced that he plans to transfer the submarine to the fleet in 2020. On December 9, in an interview with the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper, the commander of the Northern Fleet, Vice-Admiral Alexander Moiseyev, said that the boat would complete all state tests by the end of the year.
The first serial submarine of project 885M “Novosibirsk” was launched on December 25, 2019. She was also expected to join the Russian Navy at the end of 2020.
https://tass.ru/armiya-i-opk/10340115comment imagecomment imagecomment image


Very sly and creepy,more than joe biden.


this is crazy russia puts nuclear material in autonomous vessels this is crazy and russia should stop this madness


get a diesel engine for it or shut up russia how mad are you to try to continue to destroy the planet you russians either behave different from america or you see the same end as them being utterly ruinous how mad are you anyway didnt anyone of you think of how crazy this is for god sakes nuclear submarines autonomous this is madness for sure

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