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Russia’s Pacific Fleet To Receive A Plethora Of Nuclear- And Diesel-Powered Submarines

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Russia's Pacific Fleet To Receive A Plethora Of Nuclear- And Diesel-Powered Submarines

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In the coming years, new submarines will be delivered to the Russian Pacific Fleet, said the chief of staff of the Pacific Fleet’s submarine command, Rear Admiral Arkady Navarsky.

“We expect the arrival of four submarines: two Borey-class and two Yasen-class. Their construction is almost complete. Some of them are already taking part in sea trials,” he told reporters.

This will significantly strengthen the naval component of Russia’s Strategic Nuclear Forces, Navarsky added.

The updated cruisers of Project 955 “Borey-A” are nuclear submarines of the fourth generation, carriers of solid-propellant intercontinental ballistic missiles R-30 “Bulava”.

These submarines are given the names of Russian commanders, traditional for Russian warships. Now the tests of “Knyaz Oleg” and the construction of “Generalissimo Suvorov” are being completed.

Project 885M Yasen-M multipurpose nuclear submarines are equipped with Onyx, Zirkon or Kalibr cruise missiles. Now the submarines “Novosibirsk” and “Krasnoyarsk” are being prepared for testing.

Additionally, a series of six Project 636.3 diesel-electric submarines will join the Pacific Fleet by 2024, the Defense Ministry’s press office said.

“By 2024, a series of six Project 636.3 diesel-electric submarines will be fully built and made operational with the Pacific Fleet. The series is currently being built by the Admiralty Shipyard integrated into the United Shipbuilding Corporation. The construction of each of the submarines is ahead of schedule,” Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov said.

The first submarine Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky was delivered to the Navy in November 2019. The second sub Volkhov joined the Pacific Fleet on October 24, 2020. The third submarine Magadan was made operational with the Navy on October 12. Work is currently in progress on board the fourth submarine Ufa to create its light hull, lay pipelines and electric cables, install acoustic coating.

On August 23, 2021, the Admiralty Shipyard laid the Mozhaisk and the Yakutsk diesel-electric submarines. Painting, insulation, and electric work is underway on the Mozhaisk submarine. Hydraulic tests of the bow unit are scheduled for the end of the year. The hull of the Yakutsk sub is being built.

Meanwhile, Russian and Chinese warships conducted the first ever joint patrol in the western part of the Pacific Ocean on October 17-23, Russia’s Defense Ministry said.

“The joint patrolling demonstrated the state flags of Russia and China, maintained peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region, and protected facilities of both countries’ maritime economic activity. During the patrol, the group of warships sailed Tsugaru Strait for the first time.”

The Russian Navy was represented in the joint naval taskforce of ten warships by the Pacific Fleet forces that included the Marshal Krylov measuring ship, Admiral Tributs and the Admiral Panteleyev large antisubmarine warfare ships, and the Aldar Tsydenzhapov and the Gromky corvettes of project 20380.

The Chinese Navy was represented by the Kunming and the Nanchang destroyers, the Qinzhou and the Luzhou corvettes, and the Dongpinghu supply ship.

The Russian and Chinese sailors practiced joint tactical maneuvering and held a series of drills. The warships had covered a total distance of over 1,700 nautical miles in their joint patrol.


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Lone Ranger

In total around 10 new Yasen SSN subs.
10 new Borei class SSBN subs.
14 new Kilo 2 diesel electric subs.
6 new Lada class diesel electric AIP subs.
3 Belgorod class( heavily modded Oscar II) detterrence cruise missile and Status 6 carrier.
Plus the ongoing refit and upgrade of other classes.
Instead of wasting money on Obsolete carriers Russia is building a navy for the 21st century.

Last edited 1 month ago by Lone Ranger

And that is the Pacific. Good luck finding them warmongers!

Good to see you!!
Now who will cry and rage?

Last edited 1 month ago by Garga
Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

CIAtrolls and Ukropnazis will cry and rage 🤗


This is not related to this article, but I thought maybe it’s better if you read what really happened first-hand and before some clueless fella (ala J.M.D) turns it into utter nonsense. I hereby apologize for hijacking an unrelated article.

Cyber attack disrupted Iran’s fuel network, huge demonstrations started!

Now we can all let it out of our system.
No, what really happened is vastly different.
Yesterday around noon, Iran’s end-user sales network for gasoline (just subsided fuel) came under cyber attack and as a result, the central servers shut down as a defensive mean.
Now I don’t know what genius designed this totally isolated network that its defence is no different than a DoS attack but for the first time in a long time I saw the administration admitted a cyber attack so quickly. This is a good change.

You may remember 2 years ago today how Rouhani admin badly managed decrease in subsidiary for gasoline. Since then every car, bus, truck, semi, etc. has a fuel card and based on the type, each month it is charged to buy some fuel for the price of 15k IRR (for example private cars get 60 liters). They can fill up as much as they want for the price of 30k IRR (today equivalent of about $0.05 and $0.1 respectively).
What came under attack was the network which reads and keeps track of the remaining fuel in each card online. The NIOPDC quickly disabled the software lock and the network came back but only for free or 30k fuel. There was no limit and you could fill up, the only catch being unable temporary to use the remaining 15k reserve.
The network is isolated from the internet and there’s no doubt this was an inside job, and a coordinated one because at the same time the Persian-speaking network news of UK, US, KSA, France, Germany, the Netherlands and their other partners started a psy-op campaign to sew panic with quotes like the gasoline price is going to be 2.600.000 IRR per liter (~$10)!!
Some people panicked and created long lines for fuel, but after a few hours the lines disappeared in most cities. Government sent SMS messages informing people of the attack and ensured them there won’t be a price change and repeated in every news section. A few minutes ago most pumps in Tehran resumed using the cards and it seems it will be solved until midnight.

I think it was a miscalculation by the instigators, thinking they can create a large unrest. It’s good that they burnt their agents for such pathetic attempt. It will backfire because they unwillingly made people to trust Raisi admin more when they see nothing of the sort happened and prices remain as they were and the issue is resolved, specially remembering the ransomware in the US which affected them for a long time.

Last edited 1 month ago by Garga
Putin the poodle

we saved russia and china from the axis, then they talk bs and say “we are so strong”…then spit in our face…time to nuke russia and china, remove this stain from the world

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

we saved U.S. and UK from the axis, then they talk bs and say “we are so strong”…then spit in our face…time to nuke D.C. and London remove this stain from the world.
Fixed Trollstoy 🤗

Flush Yourself

Shit stain, remove yourself – go jump in the toiIet where you belong 🚽


Russia has strategic advantage, they should use next few years to significantly upgrade its arsenal quickly. Don’t replace old missiles with new, even the older generation is still better than ancient US Minutemen. The US will eventually make their own hypersonic missiles and their new generation of ICBMs plus a few more projects. Forget everything else, Armata, PAK, just built missiles and strike FIRST. Make no mistake, the war is coming… and it’s better to strike them first when they least expecting.


Excellent progress by the Russians. They continue to exceed american garbage in all areas of military technology.

Simply compare the Su-57 to the POS f-35.

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