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Russia’s Overly-Cautious COVID-19 Measures

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Russia's Overly-Cautious COVID-19 Measures

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In Russia, as of March 30th, there’s 1,836 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and out of them there’s been 10 fatalities, while 66 have recovered.

In Moscow alone, there are 1,226 cases, and 7 cases of death reportedly due to the coronavirus.

In Moscow and the Moscow Region, authorities introduced a regime of widespread self-isolation.

People are not allowed to leave the house, unless absolutely necessary. It will be possible to go outside only to buy groceries and medicine, to take out the garbage or walk the dog (no further than 100 m from the house).

In this case, it is necessary to maintain a distance of at least 1.5 m from other people. For those who are forced to continue to work, special passes will be introduced. The Ministry of Internal Affairs refutes plans to impose curfews in the capital region. The rights of citizens to come to Moscow or leave the city are not limited.

Moscow authorities have reported that coronavirus is dangerous for people of almost all ages.

According to the operational headquarters, almost half of the patients in serious condition are people under the age of 60, and almost 40% of patients under 40 need ventilators to recover. The reports regarding the usage of ventilators as well as a high number of patients raise some questions because they go contrary to numbers and % from all other countries around the world. According to some Russian sources, these reports are based on the data from only one hospital (in Moscow’s Kommunarka area), where critical COVID-19 cases are concentrated, and do not represent the situation across the country.

The senator, head of the Federation Council committee on constitutional law and state building, Andrei Klishas, said that the regional authorities did not have the right to impose such restrictions in accordance with the Constitution.

At the same time, the Kremlin agreed with the introduction of a mass regime of self-isolation. The restrictive measures introduced in Moscow and Moscow region due to the spread of coronavirus disease correspond to the tasks of combating infection and ensuring the safety of the population, said Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin spokesperson.

“The measures taken by the authorities of Moscow, and the authorities of the Moscow Region, and the measures actually recommended to all other regions of the Russian Federation, <…> they are implemented in the interests of people. I will not give a legal assessment,” said the spokesman for the Russian President.

Separately, the crew of the Project 949AM (Antey modernized) nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine – the Orel – are in quarantine, after a civilian specialist had gone on board, who had met with a man infected with COVID-19 was on board on a business trip.

In addition to the crew of the Orel, the crew of a neighboring submarine and a floating workshop were quarantined.

Currently, the submarine is located in Murmansk, and the entire region has 4 confirmed COVID-19 infections.

In one of Moscow’s hospitals, an 84-year-old woman with confirmed COVID-19 died, the press service of the Moscow operations headquarters reports.

“The patient was on mechanical ventilation. The woman also suffered from diabetes mellitus, bronchial asthma and cardiovascular diseases,” the statement said.

In addition, according to Rospotrebnadzor, COVID-19 was confirmed in a 48-year-old resident of the Vladimir region who died of pneumonia.

The third death on March 30th was in St. Petersburg, Governor Alexander Beglov said.

“Unfortunately, information has just arrived that an autopsy showed that another person who died was also ill with a coronavirus infection. So far there are two people in St. Petersburg,” he said during a meeting in Smolny.

Thus, people are dying due to the underlying conditions, most of the time, and it is subsequently discovered that they had COVID-19, and it is registered as a death by the virus.

Finally, In Ryazan and Vologda regions a full quarantine was introduced. Ryazan region has 5 cases, while Vologda region has 2.

It is quite clear that the COVID-19 situation is severe, especially in the US, Italy and Spain, while China has almost entirely recovered and normality is returning. Whether such a severe response by Russian is warranted remains in question.


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Wayne Nicholson

So far only the Chinese and South Koreans have taken this virus seriously and managed to ‘flatten the curve” slowing the spread of the virus to a manageable level.

Russians are doing the right thing here. Complete shutdown, testing and investigating and tracking the vectors of contagion will slow the spread of the virus making it manageable.

The difference between counties that took extreme measures right from the start and those that ‘let it burn’ is like the difference between a building with fire sprinklers and those that aren’t. The sprinklers won’t necessarily put out the fire but they do give the firefighters time and access to fight the fire whereas by the time the fire department responds to an unsprinklered building they are mainly tasked with keeping the fire from spreading to other buildings rather than saving the building itself.

Assad must stay

This virus seems to affect asians and iranians the most, it was probably engineered that way

Wayne Nicholson

What are you basing that on?

There are only 700,000 confirmed cases worldwide out of a population of 7 billion and no data that takes into account the different healthcare systems treating the virus or the progress of the virus through individual countries.

Even in the USA the virus hasn’t hit the healthcare system yet in a big way let alone in Africa, India or South America so anecdotal evidence is is just noise until real data is available to be studied.

Assad must stay

Just look at the death tolls dude, Iran and china have been hit the hardest by this fucking thing, and I think the reason Italy and spain have too is because their genetic makeup is not all that dissimilar from iranians, I really hope whoever made this thing dies the most horrible death imaginable

Wayne Nicholson

Fine but how did you come to the conclusion that this is an engineered virus when factors like health care systems, population density and travel patterns haven’t been taken into account.

The number of confirmed cases only reflect the amount of testing a country has done. When did the country begin testing? Who did they test? Only people who turn up at a hospital with pnuemonia? By that time the virus has already been running wild and spreading for weeks at a minimum.

All you really have are the number of dead but without knowing the the number of those infected …. not the number tested ….. there is no way of determining whether or not Asians are affected any differently than anyone else.

Do you have data on the number of ICU beds and ventilators per capita in Iran? How about viral containment beds with air handling systems that limit the spread of airborne viruses to other patients. If they ran out of ventilators more people will have dies skewing the numbers. Same goes for the virus spreading to sick patients in the hospitals. If it hits these populations or nursing homes your numbers skyrocket.

Save the conspiracies until after this is over and we get real evidence. Until then we are all fighting this together. As was shown by the US response viruses don’t respect borders …. in hindsight it wasn’t a ‘chinese problem’ like Trump contended until just a couple of weeks ago. It’s a human problem that we all have to fight together.

Assad must stay

Forget about testing, look at the deaths, china and iran and italy are at the top, what are u talking about?

Wayne Nicholson

Again you don’t know when the virus first hit these countries, you only know when they reported there was a problem.

You don’t know how many were infected only how many tested positive …. which is a function of how many were tested period.

You don’t know who was tested in each country. Everyone in a hotspot? Everyone who could afford a test like the USA? Everyone who turned up at a hospital gasping for breath?

You don’t know how the patients were treated in hospital, were they put on ventilators and treated by ICU nurses and specialist respirologists or put in a ward to die.

If it affects Asians worse than Caucasians what about South Korea, Singapore, India, Pakistan, kazakstan …. shouldn’t they be hit harder the France or Spain?

You could very well be right when all is said and done but right now there is not enough evidence to determine anything other than it seems to affect the elderly and those with underlying conditions and total viral load seems to result in more serious infections with poorer outcomes.


The totals can sometimes be misleading. Looking at deaths per million of population shows a different picture. China low on the list at 2, US all ready at 7, Iran at 31, Spain not quite as bad as Italy at 140 !!

Assad must stay

poor italy all they wanted to do was join silk road, iran too, i hope whoever unleashed this virus gets the worst death ever


these are really silly conclusions.

corona has not totally “evolved” in europe, russia or the u.s. and canada and you’re coming to all this conclusions already. you’ve got a crystal ball, right?

Wayne Nicholson

“you’ve got a crystal ball, right?”

Do you? I’m the sceptic here …. you claim to know the answer not me. You’ve already concluded this is a weapon that targets Asians so you must have a pretty dam good crystal ball to see things that clearly based on fuck all.

Mats Öhlén

Wayne; I don’t understand what you are doing in this comentary field. You are dealing with lunitics and “West haters” full of mad conspiracy theories. I recommend you to go to a more serious blogg with your valuable input.


i think your response goes to the guy that claimed he knows all about asians.

Wayne Nicholson

Sorry bud ;-)

Assad must stay

When did I say it evolved? Are u another idiot?


Given that same data, it will be Arabs then dying the most horrible death imaginable. But given how Sunni and Shi’a Arabs have been treating each other and themselves of late, that wouldn’t be too unusual.


The mystery about Iran is really quite simple. In Islam, the bodies of the dead have to be washed manually. Religious leaders have given a dispensation to allow Muslims suspected of being infected to be buried without this procedure. As a result, Iranian doctors are putting “choronavirus” on the death certificates of all patients who had difficulty breathing at their end.


Assad must stay

Makes no sense


Actually it is, brand all dead as infected to burn/bury it immediately by workers with protection suits just in case


Then it must have been created by an Arab since Arabs are not much effected by it given the data. Still, given the data on Arab science today, that would be quite a trick.


Except we see in China that after the complete shutdown the virus will just come back. And then you’re still left with a population that is still vulnerable to it. Only a totalitarian government can order and enforce its population to stay indoors for months on end and then order its surviving drones to rebuild what is left of the economy. This is how North Korea manages to survive while basically having no economy to speak of. Or how the USSR survived the Axis invasion. In a Western ‘democracy’ people will rebel sooner and once the economy collapses beyond a certain level the damage becomes irreparable. No Western capitalist economy has managed to survive a massive shock to its society or economy that socialist command style economies have. And not because they are better, but because in socialist countries people know that no matter how bad or dire things are, their government can still make it worse for them if they protest. Hunger or disease might kill you tomorrow, but the security services can kill you today.


your post makes very little sense.

For example:

“Only a totalitarian government can order and enforce its population to stay indoors for months on end and then order its surviving drones to rebuild what is left of the economy.” Rubbish!

“Or how the USSR survived the Axis invasion.” What does this mean?”

“No Western capitalist economy has managed to survive a massive shock to its society or economy that socialist command style economies have.” Give me some examples. This is Rubbish.


Just stating my points are rubbish doesn’t make them rubbish. They can be rubbish, but its up to you come up with a dismissive argument as to why they are rubbish.

Wayne Nicholson

“Except we see in China that after the complete shutdown the virus will just come back.”

If you listen to any of real experts on infectious disease they predicted this virus would sweep around the world in waves until we are either come up with a vaccine or it runs out of ‘fuel’.

“And then you’re still left with a population that is still vulnerable to it.”

Yes, just like any other virus. how many times have you had a cold or the flu? Does catching either of these viruses keep you from catching them again? Why do you suppose this virus is any different.

“Only a totalitarian government can order and enforce its population to stay indoors for months on end and then order its surviving drones to rebuild what is left of the economy.”

I agree. The west has been preaching the gospel that socialist collective societies breed corruption and stagnation however we are seeing that in some cases collective societies can achieve things that western style “democracies” cannot.

The fact that we are where we are today as a civilization is because we acted collectively as a civilization. It’s only a very recent development in western thought that individual freedoms are considered more important than the collective. We’ve had a few good centuries …. warm climate, easily accesed energy, lots of food …. easy to think that it’s rugged individuals that drive our civilizations but this may be the turning point.

Gary Sellars

Excellent analogy.


Almost all those who died in Italy had pre-existing medical conditions. Here is a chart showing they data up to 20/03/20. There is no reason to quarantine people under the age of 50. It is ridiculous.



Cannot base the response only on fatalities, about 18% will need ICU to recover or could easily be added to the fatality list. Basically is Russian Roulette with a six shot revolver, 1 in 6 chance of being severely symptomatic needing medical intervention to recover, of those 1 in 6 will die from the illness anyway.



2nd and if had?? is ok let to die x % of population?


If you missed, almost everyone who dies dies of pre-existing medical conditions, even a lot of those who die in accidents. And from your picture, looks like you are volunteering to die for the greater good of the young.


Washington state virus deaths for the “pandemic”. 10,000 people have died here over the past 2 months. Less than 200 from the virus. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c2948e4cce3a46d14a035cc3c9966b5469e9bd3bb56c9a888ccee05c67c58768.png

– 2019 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19) –

https://www.doh.wa.gov/emergencies/coronavirus 6


Calcified redundancy, Adolf.


You’re a truth hater.


“Russia’s Overly-Cautious COVID-19 Measures”

“It is quite clear that the COVID-19 situation is severe, especially in the US, Italy and Spain, while China has almost entirely recovered and normality is returning. Whether such a severe response by Russian is warranted remains in question.”

Just love writers that can’t make up their own minds.


It isn’t just the Italians who are running the virus death count scam. Probably a lot of countries and US states are doing similar things:

“On March 20, 2020, the President of the German Robert Koch Institute confirmed that test-positive deceased are counted as “corona deaths” regardless of the real cause of death: “We consider someone with a coronavirus infection to be a corona death”

– RKI relativizes “corona deaths” –


“The Robert Koch Institute (abbreviated RKI) is a German federal government agency and research institute responsible for disease control and prevention. It is located in Berlin and Wernigerode. As an upper federal agency, it is subordinate to the Federal Ministry of Health. It was founded in 1891 and is named for its founding director, the founder of modern bacteriology and Nobel laureate Robert Koch.”

– Robert Koch Institute –



Hey, dodo, go tell the Russians that. Damn, you are almost as smart as Moron Trump about this from a few weeks ago when he said there were only 15 cases and they would all go away in a week. Or when he said it would all go away like magic. Well, today, even the Moron seems smarter than you but you think otherwise I’m sure. You are sickly funny, AH.


I’m quoting credible sources of information. Your rejection of prima facia evidence shows your Zionist hatred of truth.


Sure and 88, Adolf.


Why the nonsense dodge anti Semite? You didn’t address any of the legitimate issues that I raised, provide credible evidence of anything, or disprove anything that I’ve written.


Of course I did. Every last thing you posted. Most often with the very link you gave. You’re just too dumb to understand that. Typical of you high school dropout neo-Nazis.


If that was the case you could prove it. You never have. And when you don’t reply to this post with proof you’ll just further deepen your already substantial credibility deficit.


LOL…so you really think I care about that? You sure are dumb. No wonder you couldn’t even get a GED after dropping out 45 years ago. Now click your heals and 88, Adolf.


If you cared you wouldn’t lie so much and spam the threads with Zionist stupidity.


Coming from a self avowed anti Semitic Zionazi who openly supports the Gaza concentration camp and shooting, injuring, crippling and killing thousands of unarmed people there with live ammunition it’s obvious that you’re a malevolent criminally insane miscreant.


“Sweden has taken a slightly different approach to coronavirus than the rest of the world, allowing life to go on as ‘normal’ with a few exceptions.

Unlike neighboring Denmark – which has restricted meetings to 10 people or less, Swedes are still going out to nightclubs, hanging out with friends, and even ‘enjoying ice creams beneath a giant Thor statue in Mariatorget square …

Sweden has had 4,435 confirmed cases and 180 deaths from the coronavirus.”

– Sweden Decides to Let Coronavirus to Run Its Course in Country Without Destroying Its Economy or Future –

https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/03/sweden-decides-to-let-coronavirus-play-out-in-country-without-destroying-its-economy-or-future/ 5


And Sweden has by far the must deaths in Scandinavia. It has the highest deaths per million population. It’s deaths are growing at about 20% per DAY. It has the highest growth rate. About three weeks ago, it was listed as a very low risk country. About two weeks ago it had its first community spread deaths. It is now a high risk country and is on track to go the way of the other high death countries while Denmark and Norway already starting to see a slowing rate of increase in deaths. Given how hard Sweden is starting to get hit, bet they change their lax tune in about a week. Then you’ll have to use Belorussian as your model of paradise. Until they start dropping like flies.


If they were dropping like flies the mortality rate would rise. That hasn’t happened anywhere that I’m aware of. Because 99% of virus deaths are comorbidity deaths. And most of these people would be dead soon anyways.


You can add Japan to that list. They’ve had it there since at least January 6th with no lockdown.


You’ve made this false claim repeatedly. But never proven it. Because you’re an obnoxious Zionist liar.


If everything that I’ve posted is so wrong. Then you shouldn’t have any trouble disproving it with credible evidence. You haven’t even tried. Because you’re a liar, fool, loser and prisoner under house arrest and martial law that you called for.


Hey retard, are you still having trouble with elementary school mathematics?


LOL…so says the high school dropout who has made nothing of his life in the 45 years since he dropped out because he thought he knew more than all his stupid teachers. And continues till this as a proven failure claiming he knows more than anyone. At least Moron Trump was smart enough to pick a daddy who left him $200 million and has an Idiot Savant’s ability to guess well.


The house arrest prisoner here under martial law is having trouble with the elementary school mathematics that 50,000 Italians die every month, and that only 12% of the 10,000 dead who tested positive for the virus, actually died from the virus as a cause of death on the death certificate. Which results in only 3% of the Italians who died this month, having died from the virus.

Would somebody please show this retard how to use a calculator?

And that this is a rounding error that has zero effect on the over mortality that he keeps hysterically claiming in his chicken little routine is the deadly pandemic that we should be cowering in fear from locked up under house arrest like he is. While I’m out and about getting fresh air and living a normal life that he is clearly insanely jealous of.


“NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has already warned that the reported “corona crisis” will be used for a massive expansion of global surveillance and control measures that will not be reduced afterwards. The Argentine virologist Pablo Goldschmidt , who lives in France, speaks of “global media terror” and “totalitarian measures”.

– RKI relativizes “corona deaths” –



Snowden said as he was being put on a ventilator. Is that the same RKI that said chocolate milk comes from brown cows? };o)

Anyway, the cherry picked reports and researchers you have cited all indicate that it is not yet clear whether the persons died from the virus or from their pre-existing chronic diseases or from a combination of both. And in no case did they say there was conclusive evidence these folk would have died now if they didn’t have the Virus. You really do show your high school dropout eruditeness, AH.


They’re government officials stating facts. 12% of Italian deaths are from the virus according to the death certificates. Only 3% of deaths in Washington state this month are from the virus during the height of the so called pandemic.


That’s NOT what they said, liar. Or are you too stupid to read what you link to? Oh, right. You are. You’ve done this before. Linking to things that don’t say what you claim or even disprove your claim. The report you cite does NOT say those deaths are from another cause. It only says it was not definitive that it was the Virus. It might have been from a different cause other than the Virus. It never claims the deaths of those with comorbidity were NOT from the Virus. You are a liar or just stupid or all the above.


Hey retard, what is it about:

“Only 12% of death certificates have shown a direct causality from coronavirus”

That you don’t understand?


And 88% are not definitive. They NEVER said as you claim they were NOT caused by the Virus. You sure are dumb.


Engaging in nonsensical semantics doesn’t prove your point like the quality evidence that I’ve provided proves mine. If it is as you claim you shouldn’t have any trouble providing source material proving your point. You can’t so you won’t. What you will do is dodge the issue by not replying or posting further evasive nonsense.


And still too little too late. Ignoring it for several weeks. Lying about it for a few weeks. Add in the he-man Russian belief that Vodka binging cures all ills on top of Putz Putin’s stupid oil and gas policies and Russia will face it’s Karma big time by later next month. Many thousands will needlessly die and the RF will be headed for economic and political collapse. Pass the popcorn.


Hey chicken little. There have been 169 coronavirus deaths in Washington state since the first of the year. 2 deaths yesterday. 15,000 have died in Washington state of all causes during that time. That’s .1% of all deaths during the so called pandemic. Or .3% of deaths in March.

Gary Sellars

Oh just fuck off, stupid Murican ghoul.


ouch! the western liberal hyteria about covid reached gates of moscow? :))))))


The thing is, there isn’t a universally agreed method of counting the Covid cases, deaths etc. So there might be a lot of adjusting of numbers later on. Everything with a pinch of salt.

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