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Russia’s Nuclear-Powered Missile Carrier Submarine Knyaz Vladimir Entered Combat Duty

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Russia's Nuclear-Powered Missile Carrier Submarine Knyaz Vladimir Entered Combat Duty

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The latest Russian nuclear-powered ballistic missile carrier submarine, Knyaz Vladimir, entered into combat duty in the Russian Navy on June 12th, Russia Day.

Earlier, on May 28th, the acceptance certificate was signed at the Sevmash enterprise. On June 1st, on the Day of the Northern Fleet, the document was approved by the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, Admiral Nikolai Evmenov.

“On the Day of Russia, June 12, at Sevmash in Severodvinsk, a solemn ceremony will be held for admission to the Navy the latest strategic missile submarine cruiser of the Borey-A project 955A Knyaz Vladimir and the rise of the naval Andreev flag,” the release said.

The Navy emphasized that the nuclear submarine cruiser has no rival around the world.

“This event underlines the status of the Russian Federation as a great sea power with an ocean fleet. The strategic missile submarine cruiser Prince Vladimir embodied the advanced scientific thought of our scientists, shipbuilders,” the words of Evmenov were quoted.

According to the Naval Doctrine of the Russian Federation, in the future, the submarines of this project, which are being built in a large series, will form the basis of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces.

The ceremony was led by the head of the Navy, Admiral Nikolai Evmenov.

It was also attended by the Commander of the Northern Fleet Alexander Moiseev, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Oleg Ryazantsev, Acting Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region Alexander Tsybulsky, Mayor of Severodvinsk Igor Skubenko, President of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) Alexei Rakhmanov and CEO of Sevmash Mikhail Budnichenko.

Earlier, Knyaz Vladimir completed controlled entry into the sea and arrived in Severodvinsk, at the Sevmash plant.

The boat has been in the White Sea since May 12th, control tests were carried out first in the surface and then in the underwater position. The main part of the tests, including rocket and underwater torpedo fire were held at the end of 2019.

The Knyaz Vladimir is the improved Project 955A strategic missile-carrying underwater cruiser, which represents the fourth generation of nuclear-powered subs built for the Russian Navy. It was floated out in November 2017. According to the data of Russia’s Defense Ministry, the sub Knyaz Vladimir is less noisy and features improved maneuvering, depth and armament control systems.

All Borei-class submarines can carry 16 Bulava ballistic missiles. They are also armeed with 533mm torpedo tubes. The shipbuilders earlier planned to deliver the nuclear-powered sub Knyaz Vladimir to the Russian Navy by the end of 2019.

The Bulava SLBM–a sea-launched variant of the Topol-M—can reportedly be fitted with six to 10 nuclear multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle (MIRV) warheads yielding 100 to 150 kilotons apiece, as well as 10 to 40 decoys. The three-stage solid propellant (with a liquid head stage) Bulava has an estimated range of over 8,300 kilometers (5,157 miles).

The Knyaz Vladimir was laid down in 2012 and floated out in 2017 with a two-year delay. The Borei-(A)-II-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile carrier submarine feature upgraded stealth capabilities, better underwater maneuverability, and can carry extra SLBMs


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Tommy Jensen

Our Nuclear Triad have also entered into immediate readiness for US Nuclear combat defense duty on both the strategic and tactical level, with all tools and the toughest santions the world has ever seen on the table!
One worng move from a Russian sub, and you guys will regret it forever!

Lone Ranger

Same goes vice versa adolf.

AM Hants

Seriously? Thought most of the US nuclear subs were awaiting health care? New ballistics, to replace 90s old girls, due in 2030, meaning 2040. The only other class of subs you have, basic attack, are slowly being replaced.

First strike Missile Defence Systems, took so long to reach active service, they are now obsolete.

Not upto speed with the the nukes that need planes, to carry them, so will assume they are in full working order. Which will be a first, if true.


Pretty sure that goes both ways but ok.


It’s time for the Americans to start worry about the Russian taxpayer money spent on useless arms and endangering world peace! Ohh and the Skynet and 5G

Lone Ranger

Swap Russian with Americant and its legit, trollstoy.


Of course Russians are worried about the American’s money since they don’t have any.

Lone Ranger

Russian Forex reserves are $600billion.
U.S. Forex reserves are a $120billion.
Debt per capita U.S. $64,000
Debt per capita Russia $6000.
Debt to GDP ratio Russia 11%
Debt to GDP ratio U.S. 130%
Russia runs a trade surplus of $200billion per year.
U.S. runs a trade deficit of $800billion per year.
Better luck next time…


That’s why Americans want to migrate in Russia so they can be rich on paper.

Lone Ranger

Number of U.S. expats is over 10million now, up from 6million in 2005.
IRS is blocking many Americans to leave the country…


Most of them are retired and they afgord to live abroads with their pensions, Russian retires can barely buy food. Check google street view in rural Russia, they have 20 yr old cars, the buildings look like after apocalipse. I observed a positive aspect also:they are still happy. At least on camera :) Maybe there is hope for them.

Lone Ranger

I think you are mixing up Russia with the U.S. Trollstoy…


Yeah, retired Russians can afford to travel and everybody can recognize the ruble.

Lone Ranger

Russian tourists are everywhere…
Time to update your script…
You are off about 20 years…


That’s what you are told in Russia? That Americans want to come to live with you but their IRS tyrany doesn’t let the slaves out?

Lone Ranger

Better luck next time Trollstoy…


It will sink somewhere poisoning some seas , as usual.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Yes, I’m sure Turkey will one day be a power to rival perhaps Pakistan too. (if Russia helps build Erdogan a nuclear reactor)

What exactly do you people give to the world other than a gateway to jihad for the mentally disturbed CIA/MI6/Mossad Islamist recruit?


You mean steal nuclear technology just like Russia did via Rosenbergs , and turn it into a low security nightmare for all the world just like it did in Chernobly and Kursk diseasters.

Dick Von Dast'Ard


I’d get back to your mosque and start thinking about how your people have been abused for seventy years in the name of Western and Zionist imperialism.


Here comes the usual BS which goes as ” Western and Zionist imperialism.”
When you morons will understand that Russia is another imperialist and expansionist country ?

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Amazing isn’t it, your Turkish terrorists and Muslim Brothers have carved out a good piece of Syria after almost succeeding in the stealing of the state and you are indignant about Russia (a far greater power) being Imperial and expansionist.

If Russia was really truly expansionist then Kiev today would not be just another U.S. whore-hole shop!

Lone Ranger

You spelled GE built Fukushima and USS Scorpion wrong tho.
Also the U.S. is the only country to have used nukes in war, twice…., on civs…

Black Waters

It’s funny what you said, because the best security measures and developments in modern nuclear technology it’s being carry by Russia, they are quite ahead nowadays.


that is not true! russian securtity levels are much, much lower then western.

AM Hants

Wasn’t Chernobyl in Ukraine and happened during the Soviet Union period?

Wasn’t Kursk a false flag, from usual Mobsters and happened just after President Putin took over and just before the elections? No doubt hoping to lose him votes?

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Apologies, I claimed the only thing Turkey had provided the world with recently was for extremist nutters to have a gateway to a CIA/MI6/Mossad/House of Saud endorsed-backed jihad, (damaging the image of Islam) I also forgot it’s (Turkey’s) other major contribution to the world… Kebabs!


Seems that you are too triggered to write a few comments for a single simple one and edit yr previous comments multiple times , but let me give you a secret here ; the world has changed. The days when your sick hegemonial states could do whatever you want , supress anyone you like is over.

You can refuse this , ignore as much as you can but you will get used to the new facts sooner or later , in fact sooner is better.

With your limited world view you cant even understand yet that CIA , MI6 and House of Suud are not Turkish allies since a while , but go ahead keep on barking hoping that a few gullible will buy whatever you are trying to sell here.

And keep in mind ,at least we did not contribute this world a nuclear fallout like Chernobyl , which will last for at elast 2 more centuries.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

I’m not the one triggered or the one being the pathetic whore for Washington, London and Tel Aviv constantly.

Anthony Papagallo

God bless Russia. The last bastion of homogeneous white conservative christians. A bit like how America used to be before the n/ggers, queers and transgenders took over and turned it into a sh/tbox.

Black Waters

Russia is also a Multi-ethnic nation, the difference resides in social and economic factors, as also ethnic ones. The U.S is bankrupt, morally, economically and socially.


”A bit like how America used to be before the n/ggers, ragheads, queers and transgenders took over and turned it into a sh/tbox.” Thats what he says , and you revert with apologist sentences like ”Russia is also a Multi-ethnic nation,”

F*cking moron.


russia is. almost 150 naiions. several autonomic republics, autonomic regions. your turjey is a fascist state. give rights to kurds, give back territories to armenians, greeks. ;)


We have seen who was what during Holodomor , bombing of Grozni, invasion of Crimea and many many others.

And that was rich coming from a Hindu who tries to supress its own muslim citizens while gets slapped at the border by the Chinese and can not do a shit about it :)


90% of information about holodomor is lye. i checked american sourcves from 1920-1950. died 2,5-3 millions people in WHOLE soviet russia.
BTW, look at map of ukraine in that time. only ruskies lived there. so not an ukrainian national tragedy. ;)

grozny was good. but not perfect§ still live too much islamist in chechnya.

i do not understand your hindus.

AM Hants

Just reminded me, how tiny Ukraine was till 1654.

Tsars gifted them Kiev and more.

Lenin took Novorussia and handed it to Ukraine, now known as Eastern Ukraine.

Stalin gave them Lyev. Taken from Galician.

Krushnev gave them Russia’s Crimea.

Then Russia paid all the bills and even compensation, from Soviet Union days, including when the Bolsheviks overthrew the Russian Empire.

Didn:t Ukraine do well?

AM Hants

Grozni – who invaded the Russian dependent territory of Dagestan?

Holdomor – remind me, was that during the period the Bolsheviks led the Soviet Union?

How many Bolsheviks leaders from Ukraine and Georgia led the Soviet Union?

How many Russians lost their lives, when the Bolsheviks overthrew the Russian Empire?

Remind me, but, didn’t the Ukrainian Krushchev, following a ten minute lunch meeting, with 13 out of 27 Senators, remove Crimea from Russia and hand it to Ukraine. To tank Ukraine for their votes?

Remind me, what does the United Nations Charter say about self detetmination/will of the people?

Remind me, but, how many times did the people of Crimea vote to return home to Russia?

Remind me, but, what did Ukraine ever do for the people of Crimea, to gain their loyalty?

Remind me, but, didn’t over 83% of the Crimea electorate, back in 2014 turn out to vote? With over 93% voting to return home to Russia?

Remind me, but, who else has used the self determination argument?

Germany never asked the people, when they re-united, now did they?

US, 4 July 1776, when gaining independence from Great Britain

UK- Falkland Islands Referendum
UK – Scottish Referendum

NATO – invasion of Kosovo.

Etc, etc, etc.

So why can US, UK, NATO and so many others can use the self determination argument, explained in the UN 2625 Papers, back in 1970. Yet, Crimea, where the foundations of the UN were first discussed, between Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt. Are denied that courtesy?


Anthony , sweetie , do you have any relation with those bastard Wagner mercs who wrote ‘ white power’ and painted swastikas on Tarhune walls ?

May be small SOBs like you hiding behind that queer prophet should know that without ‘churkas’ , Russia would be another 3rd world shithole by now , dont you think ?

Black Waters

A turkroach calling Russia third world country? Lol, a roach making fun of the bear, hahaha. What a clown.

It’s funny that you bring again the propaganda about the wagner group writing that crap, because the U.S recently started a weird propaganda stunt about “racism” huahuahua, why would a mercenary company write that shit? even more weird, knowing that they don’t have the same little men complex as the west, what you said looks like something that an Americunt will write in a wall, or even the Turks to gain some propaganda points taking advantage of the insanity happening in the U.S


I am calling Russia what it actually is; a shithole led small time mafia .LOL.

Wagner Group is nothing but a bunch of ciminal gopniks collected from impoverished Russian hinterland , and given an AK 47 before being sent abroad for the dirty wars of russia ,just like you are doing your part here defending ‘mother russia’ with desperate canned laughters.

I dont know and I dont care why they are writing that ‘shit’ to the walls, but definitely they must have something common with clowns like you who are posting to me with saliva leaking from the side of its mouth , while you can not write a single reply to the the poster above talking about ‘’white conservative christians.’’ , n/ggers, ragheads, queers’’ etc etc.

AM Hants

Remind me, but, why does that ‘shithole’ only need to spend $47 billion on defence, to have the world’s most powerful military. Leaving all NATO has, from all members, obsolete!?. Remember Russia has most nuclear warheads, active service hypersonic, missile defence systems. The envy of the world. Not forgetting, newbie submarines, in a variety of classes. Multi-ice breakers, in full working orders and a floating, nuclear platform, that can easily provide power to a Russian Town, in the Arctic or Siberia.

How much does the US and NATO members, spend on defence, to make them obsolete?

US $26 trillion of national debt.

Russia, creditor nation, with over $550 billion, one fifth in gold, currency and gold reserves.

Russia, with a simple 13% flat rate taxes, that has minimal debt, it can easily pay off. Feed her people, with non-GM products, with plenty to export. Whilst providing free healthcare and education, including University level, to her people.

Russia, who have no problems providing the US with rocket engines and a taxi service, when US astronauts wish to pop into space.

With regards ‘shitholes’, I do believe it is the NATO Forces, who demand those NATO strength Pampers. Plus, the City of San Francisco, which has a problem with human faeces and street cleaning services. Not Russia.


Lets be real here, Russia’s spending is Way higher than 47$ Billion, i mean how can you have a military as Complex and big as Russia’s with new generation weapons and many in RnD with that amount ? the Saudi’s spend more than Russia and their military is garbage that can’t even handle a small Houthi brigade in Yemen.

Edit: many say GDP is a bad indicator and PPP is closer to real figures idk if that’s true but that does make sense and is more realistic with the military and social realities in Russia

Harry Smith

What social reality? Russia has lowest death rate from COVID-19 and free medical care for everyone, for 2nd child every Russian family gets 10 000 usd from Russian govt., the 28 working days paid (employer pays you middle monthly income from last 3 months) vacation is obligatory for every worker in Russia (BTW I am in vacation now), pregnant woman goes to the paid vacation on the 7th month of pregnancy and can stay home up to 2 years while the employer is obligated to hire her back on the same work after pregnancy vacation and so on.
You are funny guy repeating BS your MSM feeds you.


Hmm yeah i know all that which is funny when someone in the US mocks Russia when they don’t even have free healthcare, also when i said Social realities i meant it in a good way my bad for not phrasing it correctly

AM Hants

Darling, that is annually and you leave the middle men out. Remember, no middle men on the take, feeding politicians and Greedy procurement officials, plus production costs are in Rubles?

Reminds me, that Russia can produce a barrel of oil For a couple of Rubles, how much does it cost the US to produce a barrel of oil?

Then you have the fact Russia recycles a lot of her best performers, courtesy effective upgrades.

US all singing, all dancing newbies, that arrive in active service, with over 100 primary problems to resolve or when they turn out, they are obsolete, owing to taking so long to get there.


Saudi Barbaria spends a lot on weapons BECAUSE it buys the junk from the most expensive vendor, jewSA at inflated prices!


A turkroach calling Russia third world country? Lol, a roach making fun of the bear, hahaha. What a clown.

But it is.
The indian industry is on higher niveau than the rusisan one. And india is 3rd world country.

AM Hants

Are you confusing them for Ukraine Nazis, who happily display the swastika anyway they can? Body, emblems, flags, banners, etc, etc, etc.


Jeez, South Front, is this what we are now?

Lone Ranger

Good job Comrades.
What a beauty.
May she have a very long service life.


South Front, this site is quickly turning into a racist, Islamophobic and anti-Arab platform that I didn’t think it was. Recent events perhaps have brought to light the true intentions of some people on here. This calls for some serious moderation, ain’t no fun hanging around some really hateful fellas man.

AM Hants

Must admit I do have a soft spot for Russian submarines of all classes.

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