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MARCH 2021

Russia’s Northern Fleet Received Its New Replenishment Oiler – the Akademik Pashin tanker


Russia's Northern Fleet Received Its New Replenishment Oiler - the Akademik Pashin tanker

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On January 21st, the project 23130 sea tanker Akademik Pashin was delivered to the Russian Northern Fleet, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced.

The ceremony was held at Severomorsk, for the first flag-raising of the auxiliary fleet of the Russian Navy on the medium-sized sea tanker Akademik Pashin.

The Commander of the Northern Fleet, Vice Admiral Alexander Moiseev, took part in the ceremony.

He congratulated the crew of the tanker and the management of the service of the auxiliary fleet of the Northern Fleet on an important event and noted that the Northern Fleet received a universal logistics support vessel, which significantly expands the possibilities of using its surface forces far from their home ports.

“Successful tests of the tanker confirmed its improved tactical and technical characteristics and the increased ability to transfer dry and liquid cargoes to warships at sea,” said Vice Admiral Alexander Moiseev.

In 2019, the sea tanker Akademik Pashin successfully completed a full test program in the Barents Sea. At certain stages, fleet warships took part in the tanker test, including the Peter the Great heavy nuclear missile cruiser and the Admiral Gorshkov frigate.

The project is developed by Spetssudoproect, JSC. The construction of the tanker “Akademik Pashin” was carried out in accordance with the State Contract for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

Russia's Northern Fleet Received Its New Replenishment Oiler - the Akademik Pashin tanker

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The ship represents medium-sized sea tanker, steel, single-deck, with bulb fore end and transom aft end with forecastle and poop superstructures, double-hull near cargo tanks, with cargo hold in the middle part, with living superstructure and engine room in the aft end, with diesel single-shaft propulsion system, with bow thruster, with reinforced ice class Arc 4.

The ship is intended for receiving, storage, transportation and transfer of liquid cargoes – diesel fuel, bunker fuel, aviation kerosene, engine oil, water; dry cargoes – provisions, naval and technical stores.

Sailing area – unlimited.

Operation area:

  • unlimited independent navigation in non-Arctic seas;
  • independent navigation in the Barents Sea in summer-autumn shipping season;
  • winter-spring navigation in the Barents Sea with icebreaker assistance.

Operation conditions – all-year in accordance with the mark of ice category reinforcements in ship’s class symbol.

Temperature condition of ship operation:

  • outside temperature is from +45 ºС at humidity 60-85% in summer to –30 ºС at humidity 65-85% in winter;
  • sea water temperature is from +34 ºС to -3 ºС.

The tanker is equipped with the systems for underway transfer of liquid and dry cargoes to ships and vessels.

Type: Replenishment oiler

Displacement: 9,000 tons

Length: 130 meters

Beam: 21.5 meters

Draught: 7 meters

Propulsion: 2 × 6310 hp diesels, 1 × bow thruster

Speed: 16 knots

Range:  8,000 nautical miles

Endurance: 60 days

Capacity: 7,350 tons

Complement: 24

The construction of Academic Pashin was carried out under a state contract for the Russian Defence Ministry, signed in November 2013. The ship was laid down on May 26th, 2014, during a keel lying ceremony at the Nevsky Shipyard in Shlisselburg. It was first scheduled for delivery by late 2016.

On 18 March 2016, the ship’s hull was rolled out of the construction hall, to start pre-finishing works before its launching on the water. It was launched on May 26th, 2016.

It started first stage of sea trials in May 2018, and finally completed all of its trials in June 2019.

The service life of the ship’s hull and pipelines is estimated at 40 years.




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