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Russia’s New Military Exoskeleton Is Alredy Tested In Syria

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Russia's New Military Exoskeleton Is Alredy Tested In Syria

Source: RIA Novosti/Ilya Pitalev

The Russian military has field tested a miitary exoskeleton in Syria, according to Sergei Smaglyuk, president “GB Inzhiniring,” which developed the suit along with TsNIITochMash, RIA Novosti reported on January 23.

The carbon fiber and metal suit allows a service member to carry up to 70kg of equipment, like an automatic grenade launcher or a 82mm mortar, at long distances without fatigue. The same capabilities allow soldiers using the suit to evacuate wounded people in disasters and to march much further without getting tired.

Russia's New Military Exoskeleton Is Alredy Tested In Syria

Source: RIA Novosti/Ilya Pitalev

Smaglyuk revealed that the exoskeleton had been developed at request from the Russian Engineer Troops for operators of robotic complexes as well as service members of assault engineer-sapper battalions. Russian forces already used the exoskeleton in Syria. According to Smaglyuk, an operator of the Uran-6 mine-clearing robot was carrying its 35-kg control station for 9 hours and was not tired.

The developed exoskeleton also includes modifications for special operations forces service members: a mechanizm allowing an emergency release of cargo and a backpack with 700 bullets and ammunition feed.

GB Inzhiniring is currently developing variants to improve the exoskeleton. In the future, it will be included into future battle suit of the Russian military.

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Smith Ricky

Give it to the SAA!

Daniel Miller

fuck no those IQ83 inbreed morons do not deserve gear like this they will waste it like their other arabs inbreed cousins the Saudis.


I just watched a youtube video of Americans being showed a map of the world and they dont know where any other country in this world is! Some didnt even know where the USA was! So as for IQ, ive never seen dumber than Americans! And i am not bullshitting u! they are the most dumb!


SO…… if Americans get “all the good shit”, yet they are as dumb as dog shit…… doesnt that blow your comment out of the water??

I think it does!

Prove me wrong! I got soo many “dumb american” videos it will make your head spin!


if it is american’s IQ that’s so low , then by all means it is not their fault for not not Capable of knowing such things..

but the issue is worse , they got good IQ , good Education , and yet they are so ignorant and blind to reality..

a foolish and poor person is one thing , another thing if educated people in america choose the path of ignorance ..

there’s no saving them


Hmm, I suggest heavy de-emphasis in American universities of social justice and the scrapping of ideological nonsense studies like gender and womens studies, which have no scientific basis to begin with. When you only create ideological drones, you only create ignorance and blindness.


ignorance and blindness exists in the 50s and 60s too , before the influx of SJW concepts..


There’s ignorance and blindness that comes from not knowing any better and there’s ignorance and blindness that comes from willfully turning off your mind and following a cult ideology. You’d think that after having twice seen the devastation of doing such a thing, in fascism and communism, we would get the hint. But apparently not.


facism devastation ? are you refering to today’s facism in america ? the hyperpatriotism , the military worship , the blaming of foreigners , the racist propaganda against latinos and chinese and arabs ?

do you even know you are living in facist govt ?

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I think you would not recognize fascism, even if it marched through the streets in brown shirts singing the Horst Wesel song. If everybody who disagrees with you is a fascist, then real fascism is beyond your recognition.

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viktor ziv

Good education for good money. It is easier to control people without proper education. Proper education is not about facts but about causality. Its like Newtons laws and Maxwell equations. You can memorize those but causality about those reveals the mystery of the nature. Hence having causality in you hearth makes You uncontrollable for government.


There used to be a program on Dutch TV about holiday makers, and they would go to people on vacation abroad. And one popular segment was for those people to point on a map of Europe where they were. Let’s just say most could not point the country they were in. We like to make fun of Americans, but overall we’re doing only marginally better. But I’m not surprised, Topography does get some attention in primary school but was completely dropped from the curriculum in high school.

viktor ziv

“America is number ONE country in USA” :)

Smith Ricky

We invented Macintosh remember ;)


All that very nice but not exciting….

Tell us rather when is scheduled next testing of non nuke hyper-sonic Avangard..
With speed of Mach 27 and power of impact it can have….
It would be such nice news that we can see huge 20 meters deep crater instead of HTS command bunker on top of the hill before strike.

Jim Prendergast

70 kg! That’s a lot of pelmeni, borscht, beef Stroganoff, caviar, salmon and pickles!

Harry Smith

In Russia you would be answered: “envy silently!”
And +1 for pelmeni!

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