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Russia’s Deck-Based Warplanes to Hit Terrorists in Syria with Extreme Precision

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The Su-33 deck-based fighter will be equipped with ultra-precise weapon-aiming systems.

Russia's Deck-Based Warplanes to Hit Terrorists in Syria with Extreme Precision

Photo: TASS / Lev Fedoseyev

Deck-based warplanes of the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, which will start its combat duty at the coast of Syria in November this year, will get a unique ability to hit ground targets.

According to the Izvestiya newspaper, citing a source in the Russian Defense Ministry, the Su-33 deck-based fighters are currently equipping with the SVP-24 specialized computing subsystem that allows to use conventional unguided high-explosive blanks with precision of guided weapons. And the newest MiG-29KR, which have recently joined the Russian Naval Air Power, will strike at the enemy with glide aerial bombs and missiles.

“The Su-33, equipped with the SVP-24, will strike at enemy, using ballistic bombs,” the representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, familiar with the situation, told Izvestiya. “And a list of aircraft weapons, which should be used by the MiG-29 is not fully defined. But it is planned that this will be smart bombs of the KAB-500 family, as well as the X-35 rockets.”

According to the plan of the main command of the Russian Navy, a ships’ group, including the Admiral Kuznetsov heavy aircraft carrier, will go on combat service in November of this year.

As Izvestiya reported, during the forthcoming military campaign, the air group of the Russian aircraft carrier will include about ten Su-33 and four MiG-29KR. However, the composition of the group still has not been definitively established and may be changed.

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Tom Johnson

Especially good at targeting hospitals.

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