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Russia’s Military Whales Appear To Be Harassing NATO-allied Fishermen From Norway

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Russia's Military Whales Appear To Be Harassing NATO-allied Fishermen From Norway

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It’s serious now. The Russian agression can not be denied anymore. Russia’s military whales appear to be harassing Norway’s fishermen in the Arctic.

The mainstream media is now full of such reprots (link):

Norwegian fishermen and scientists say a white whale wearing a strange harness that harassed boats in the Arctic recently may have been trained by Russia’s military. Russia has previously acknowledged training sea mammals for special operations in the frigid Arctic, where the country has a major military base not far from the territory of key NATO member Norway.

Russia's Military Whales Appear To Be Harassing NATO-allied Fishermen From Norway

Click to see the full-size image

“We were going to put out nets when we saw a whale swimming between the boats,” Norwegia’s state broadcaster NRK quoted fisherman Joar Hesten as saying. “It came over to us, and as it approached, we saw that it had some sort of harness on it.”

The authorities sent a crew to the location and encountered this “military” whale. After some attempts to remove the harness, they sent in a swimmer in a warm suit to relieve the mammal of the attire.

The harness reportedly appeared to have an attachment point for a GoPro camera and carried a note: “Equipment of St. Petersburg” in English.

The main verion in the mainstream media is is that the whale may have escaped from captivity from the Russian Armed Forces’ facility.

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You can call me Al

DO I cry or laugh ?.


The Beluga recon whale. Probably works well in the colder waters. And can kick ass on the US trained dolphins. Gotta love it. :)


Blatant biased bullshit comment! if it was a US whale your comment would be, “this shows how cruel the US are and how backward their tactics are.” Be honest, you would say SOMETHING like that! Does anybody talk neutrally here or is it all cave man talk! USA bad China good Russia good Iran Good UK bad There are grey areas! Good and bad in both! Reality is that its globalists vs nationalists and Black hats vs white hats! Cave man comments are backward! Start looking at other information and you will learn a lot!


Tracking devices are often attached to whales. So why not attach a camera to see if a Norwegian navy frigate is about to collide with a tanker, and send out a warning. :)


Yeah I had an NEC 286, but when I got my 486 with 8 meg of RAM and a 60 meg harddrive and a colour screen, I thought I had won the lottery.


what i am saying is this: Imagine it was a US whale and the device said “made in Alaska”! What would your honest comment be? Forget the location, because US navy is in the Baltics so in this scenario it wouldnt be surprising if a US whale was too! So tell me, what would your honest comment be? i bet u wont be honest! it would be some bullshit!

The point i am making is that this is not a fucking football game where u barrack for one team! This is about humanity! The little guys (us, we the people) vs the big guys (the elites of this world! The puppet masters)

My point is, if u think it all boils down to nations vs nations then u got it all wrong! Which is why i attack your comment! All you did was show me blatant “football cheering”! Thats all! If your team does it its good, if the other team does it its bad!

If i told u that russia and the USA (Putin and Trump) were on the same team and lets say i could prove it, you would probably have a short circuit! you wouldnt know what to do! how can u undo years of programming!

Its not about nations anymore! Its about Corporations, Agencies and white hats vs black hats (which is another way of saying “good agents vs bad agents”! These agents i am referring to are the CIA, the NSA, Cyber command, the FSB, MI6, MI5, etc etc

These agencies stopped working for their nations a long time a go! they work for globalists! Within each agency is White hats and black hats! Black hats get to the top because they are placed there by the puppet PM’s and Presidents! Those Presidents and PM’s are placed there by Elites who fund, cheat and own everyone in politics in various ways (financially own them, have dirt on them or are one of them etc etc)

Since Trump took office there has been a war between black hats and white hats within the US agencies! A White Hat president has taken office with the help of White hat Generals in the US military! The main one was Admiral Mike Rogers who was the head of the NSA!

An example of this war is Edward Snowden who all dummies on this site would claim to be a white hat good guy! WRONG he is a black hat bad guy! Everyone on this site got played by their emotions and hatred of the US! This shows how dumb most people are on this site!

Snowden was from the CIA and moved to the NSA where he exposed tools that crippled the NSA! Where did he first escape to for protection? CHINA! A CIA black hat took down the NSA white hats tools that were being USED AGAINST the CIA!

People need to learn more on this site! they need to leanr which agencies in the USA have domestic, foreign or both areas of authority to survey and what are their main assets!

Then people need to learn who the players are!

This is not unbelievable, the exact same thing happened in russia and thats what brought Putin to power! The FSB brought in their guy! Tricked the Oligarchs into choosing Putin! Same shit with JFK!

its happening now!

So while everyone on this site is beating their chest like a cave man, they are missing the forrest for the trees! Its an intelligence war! A war being conducted in Russia, China, USA and UK (and others) The main factor is that the USA . now has a white hat as president which is why every MSM agency is trying to destroy Trump!

Why are they trying so hard to keep Trump and Putin apart!

People on this website have no idea about this! This website has become a fucking cheer squad for morons with no clue! Just dumb asses who THINK they know whats going on!


Well that is a lot to say. I thought the story of lost Beluga was cute, obviously does not carry a weapon but maybe on recon mission. If Trump can turn the deep state around and start talking diplomacy with other counties? Does not appear to be happening. Exe: Venezuela


That’s because I’m reality America n the UK are the bad guys these days!! Prove me wrong?!


1. UK GCHQ Director suddenly resigns! 2. Assange taken from Embassy just when he can come at the perfect time (after the muellar report) to confirm as the MAIN SOURCE for who hacked the DNC server (Russia? or Seth Rich?) if you dont understand why this is relevant then you are not on a level of understanding to talk about this subject 3. former FBI Director james Comey will be tried for treason (its in the news now) 4. Former CIA Director John Brennan will be tried for treason (its in the news now) 5. Former Director of National Intel James Clapper will be tried for treason (its in the news now) 6. Google has been outed as a spy agency working for China (its in the news now) 7. Loretta Lynch the former AG will be tried for treason (its in the news now) 8. Who will these people testify against to save their own lives? James Clapper has already said in his own words that it was Obama’s idea!

What is happening is the bad guys and the black hats are finally going down in the USA! Also, the same effect is happening in the UK! As these CIA and MI6 are connected and worked with the same goals!

The proof is right in front of your face and you dont even know it! The MSM is attacking Trump and lying! They spied on him for 5 years (2.5 years before he was president) He only announced he was Running 1 year before! So they spied on Trump for 1.5 years before he even announced he was running!

There is an intel war happening! you dont have to believe me because i have a feeling u wont! Believe your own ears and your own eyes! Listen to what is being said right now about who spied on who, for how long, who colluded with who and who committed HIGH TREASON (the death penalty)


they have been caught red handed! Obama, Hillary, Lynch, Strozk, Page, Priestap, Simpson, Yates, Comey, Mcabe, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Steele, Brennan, Clapper, Schiff, McCain AND A SHIT TONN MORE ARE ALL GOING DOWN FOR HIGH TREASON!

Does that sound fucking crazy nuts? Dont take my word for it! Take house intelligence Congressmans Devin Nunes words for it! Take President trumps words for it!

look it up! You got your head in a bucket of sand? WTF?

i dont want to look like the smart guy on this site, but you guys are making me look like the only one with a fucking brain!

i dont know how many fucking videos i have to send, how many links, how much info i have to give before someone on this site has a light bulb turn on above their heads!



TREASON! https://youtu.be/3pH6Kfygjp8?t=344





He hired Muellar! He signed the FISA application to spy on Trump!



Rosenstein, Comey, Yates, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, Lynch ALL singed a FISA to get permission to spy on the Trump campaign with information that was MADE UP and PAID for by the DNC and the Clintons!

Also, they got this fake information from a UK source named Christopher Steele who worked for MI6 who got his fake info FROM UKRAINE!

So the Ukrainians made up fake Russian info, gave it to Steele, who gave it to Brennan, who gave it to the FBI who gave it to the FISC! Not verified by the FBI! Straight to the FISC! Made up rubbish at the very top of these intel agencies!

ask yourself WHY would the CIA, GCHQ, ASIO, the MSM, attack Trump if he is PRO USA and doing the “same stuff” the USA did around the world? Things have changed! These agencies mentioned above work for the globalists NOT AMERICA! America has finally got the reigns back and are back in control trying to kill the deep state with the help of the US military!

Ifyou want or need more info! Ask me specific questions because this is a huge topic! After i make my reply, i challenge to to go and search what i told u! Because i am sick and tired of people laughing on this site!

Im right and everyone else is wrong!

I see myself as a wolf on this site and everyone else is a sheep! Cocky thing to say but i know im right and im tired of the dumb asses who think China is good! China is the NEW Globalist Zionist HQ! thats why all the commercial, industrial and military secrets are being transferred to them via these same agencies!


The Former Director of National intelligence James Clapper ADMITS Obama started the spy campaign against Trump’s campaign in order to destroy his election chances!

You should listen to this entire video but i have started it for you at 2.35 seconds! After u watch it, watch it from the beginning! This Channel is from “The Duran” which is an RT (Russia today) sub channel! therefore u cant say its bullshit if u support Russia!


i a telling you….. There are grand jury indictments happening RIGHT NOW and i can prove it! Indictments for High treason against TOP intelligence directors, Comey, Brennan, Clapper (which means death sentence) also against Former AG Lynch, Clinton and Obama! So ask yourself this, if Trump is bad, why were these people including the MSM attacking him? Why are they are now all being tried for TREASON?

ask yourself that question and try to find a real answer!

Listen carefully to the next 2 videos! Ask yourself why is this happening? Ask yourself why the CIA attacked the NSA! Why assange was taken from the Embassy and why Snowden outted the NSA but not the CIA! Ask yourself why did they attack Trump so hard? Bad USA does not exist anymore! It is good USA now! So if USA can switch to good or bad, why do we attack the USA as a whole? The CIA is a Globalist Intel agency who only has Foreign juristiction! They could not get the NSA (directed by the military) to play along! (The NSA has both Foreign and domestic juristiction! So the CIA needed Facebook, Twitter, Google etc to do their spying for them! Thats why they were taken in and even secretly created by them! So now the CIA has inadvertedly got both jursidictions of foreign and domestic spying! One legally (Foreign) and one illegally if people found out (domestic via social media apps)

CIA Globalist spy agency transferring all US secrets and industries to CHINA to be the new HQ (no guns, domestic spy grid, control via social credit system, no elections, president for life, building military without wars to drain its economy)

NSA (most likely the MIC but white hats and loyal to the USA) fights against this! Putin worked for the FSB! Putin’s nationalist agency won! Trump nationalist agency starting to win it back! Good news! Globalists losing!




“Equipment of St. Petersburg”

The rumor that is going around is that the tag is written in English. Those darn Russian spies.

Von Piglet

St. Petersburg, Florida more likely.

John Whitehot

i must be idiotically naive to think that i would not write anything on my whales harnesses, if i planned sending them to cause problems.


This is what I am going to put on my whales harness. BLAME CANADA! ;-)



At least it wasn’t “If lost please return to V. Putin, Kremlin”. LOL.


lol! :-)


Using animals for our perverse games is really wrong.

Harry Smith

It could be some scientific, not military program. I really can not understand why Russian army had to write “Equipment of St. Petersburg” in English.


Obviously it was either the Americans or the British, but it is still very wrong.


But Beluga spy looks very happy. Getting much attention and a food hand out. Is Japan still killing whales in your area ?

Jens Holm

Russian let a lot of whales out north of Sibiria a month ago.


Harry Smith

It depends of objectives. I.E. it could be some research of migration routes, which could lead to reconfiguring of licenses for fishing in that area. I am not saying that all researches on animals are good, but that not all researches are necessarily bad.


Yes of course, I assumed it was a military operation.

Robert Mullin

Bingo! My thoughts exactly.

Jens Holm

Its the most language in the whole world apart from inside China.

Harry Smith

T-ssss. Don’t say it to anyone. Russian army doesn’t care which language is the most popular. They are so dumb so they are using the language which 100% of personnel can understand.

PS if I’m going to start an intelligence operation in Norway, I would never wear a Russian army t-shot. ;)

Albert Pike

Yes you are right animals shouldn’t be used in wars. But it’s done all the time, specially with realy small animals like flies, fleas, or spyders, beatles – infected flies and fleas that is: ‘1.) Bacteriological Warfare: The Commission investigated the allegations that American forces in Korea were using bacteriological weapons against both the DPRK armed forces and the nation’s civilian population. Between the 28th of January and the 12th of March (i.e. during the dead of winter), 1952, the Commission found the following insects which carried bacteria in many different locations:’ https://viableopposition.blogspot.com/2018/06/war-crimes-in-korea-guilty-as-charged.html https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-23929124 This is something which I find worse then a whale with a camera.

PS.: I know you don’t like comments – but please don’t see as an attack of you are writing, I mainly writing under your stuff, because would like to hear your oppinion on that Youtube link and if it is what they think it shows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3eh2qhibRE


“PS.: I know you don’t like comments” Actually I like comments, I think debate is a healthy learning experience.

Yes I know about the germ bombs the US dropped on North Korea and China. An American journalist by the name of John W Powell printed a story about it and he and his wife were imprisoned for 7 years.

Albert Pike

This one: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_W._Powell And it took him seven years get acquitted.


And imprisoning his wife to force him to plead guilty was a very low act.

Jens Holm

We always has. Horses, oxes, camels, pigions, dogs.

Peter Moy

A beluga whale as a naval spy? That’s for amateurs and little kids. An anti-ship weapon the size of Moby Dick mounting a torpedo with a nuclear warhead is more effective.

Jens Holm

Spoiling is war too. It can be just as wounded ones make more harm then killed ones too.


Seems to be the state of the art:



It can’t be Russian. Because if it were, Putin would be riding it armed with a trident.


I’m sure there is a price list these people work off of: the baltics, sweden, denmark, norway, all the rest of them petty minions have a price list from the US and a full carte blanche on ideas how to harm russia, in any way. Whatever ideas they come up with, they get paid accordingly. For example, sweden got paid for that russian sub hoax. Denmark is getting rewarded very handsomely for stalling Nordstream II. The Baltic states basically just bark antirussian verbal abuse and get paid crumbs. This idea with the whales, it’s a great lucrative idea with the potential of a Skripal hoax. These countries have dedicated departments full of people, generating business ideas on how to insult, humiliate or materially harm russia creatively.

Jens Holm

Well, You think its a good idea some other country can plow through and under Your country.

You are upside down according to Northstream.

AndYes, we do bark because we have seen Russians in WW1, WW2 and after that. And yes we many little ones only are something, when we unite.

No more dirty shoes from east. We have our own problems too.

Maybee the whale is named Engelss.

Jens Holm



It is a white whale. A w h i t e whale. Is there no limit to the evil of whiteness!



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