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Russia’s Military Modernization 2019-2020


Russia's Military Modernization 2019-2020

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On December 28th, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexey Krivoruchko spoke of the features of the military-technical policy, as well as the results of improving the domestic weapons system throughout 2019.

The possession of modern effective weapons and constant readiness for their use is a reliable component of maintaining a balance of power in the international arena, as well as an important factor in protecting national interests and ensuring state security, according to the Deputy Defense Minister.

Krivoruchko summarized that for the implementation of the 2019 state defense order, upwards of 1.5 trillion rubles were spent ($24.3 billion).

“To ensure the established pace of equipping the troops and forces with modern types of weapons and equipment, more than 68% of these funds were directed to serial package purchases of high-tech models,” he said.

When it comes to supply of modern weapons, as well as other equipment, the state order was fulfilled up to 99.3%. This is a stable trend, according to the Deputy Minister, as in previous years, the well-coordinated work between the Defense Ministry and the industry resulted in an implementation of 98-99%.

In 2019, as well as in 2020, a priority takes the Nuclear Deterrence Force.

“Therefore, our most important task is to develop and maintain the structure and composition of strategic nuclear forces. The necessary financial resources are allocated for its solution. In the period from 2011 to 2019, the Strategic Missile Forces group was re-equipped from the Topol strategic missile systems to the Yars modern mobile strategic ground missile systems.”

In 2019, the Strategic Missile Forces equipped 2 regiments with Yars mobile missile systems. In 2020, there are plans to conclude a three-year contract for the production and commissioning of three more Yars mobile missile systems.

This will put the Strategic Missile Forces at 76% level of modern equipment, and by 2022 this share would rise to 92%.

Russia's Military Modernization 2019-2020

The RS-28 Sarmat ICBM. Click to see full-size image

In 2020, the Sarmat ICBM is planned to have its ground-based tests finished, and for its flight tests to begin.

Regarding the Russian Aerospace Forces, as well as the Airborne Forces, Krivoruchko said that a full re-equipment is on-going for the delivery of new multifunctional Su-35S, Su-30SM, Su-34 aircraft and Ka-52, Mi-28N, Mi-8MTV-5 helicopters -1, Mi-8AMTSh, all of which are also adapted for use in the Arctic.

In 2019, a contract was concluded for the delivery of 74 Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jets, and their serial production is expected to begin in 2020.

In terms of military transport, there are purchases planned for 2020 of IL-76MD-90A and Be-200 aircraft.

Work on the PAK-DA is moving forward as planned. A future design of the aircraft has been approved, and PJSC Tupolev is working on the design documentation, and the production of parts for the prototype has begun.

Under the current contract, the production of Tu-160M ​​aircraft continues, with increasing deliveries starting in 2021.

In July 2019, the state tests of the S-350 anti-aircraft missile system were completed in full and with positive results, and the first production prototype of the S- 350 has already been transferred to the Russian Armed Forces.

Preliminary tests of the S-500 missile defense system are planned to begin in 2020, and the first model is scheduled for delivery in 2025.

In 2019, the heavy unmanned vehicle “Okhotnik” flew up to the sky and completed a flight cycle, the long-distance unmanned vehicle “Altius” and the fully imported “Outpost-R” also made their first flights.

Russia's Military Modernization 2019-2020

The S-70 Okhotnik UAV. Click to see full-size image

In the Navy, there are currently 12 warships and 9 submarines under construction within the framework of the concluded contracts.

These include Project 22350 modern frigates, project 20380 corvettes, project 636.3 diesel-electric submarines Varshavyanka and project 677 Lada, modernization of multipurpose boats of project 971 Schuka-B, as well as a project 11442 heavy nuclear missile cruiser “Admiral Nakhimov” undergoing a deep modernization.

The tests of the Onyx missile system, which replaces the previous generation anti-ship missile systems, were completed.

In 2020, in order to expand the ocean zone, state contracts for the construction of two orders of the Borey-A project were planned for conclusion as part of the tasks of the state defense order. At the same time, it is planned to lay two Yasen-M submarines, two project 22350 frigates, and two universal landing ships.

Russia's Military Modernization 2019-2020

Project 22350 Admiral Gorshkov-class frigate. Click to see full-size image

In terms of ground forces, preliminary tests of the T-14 battle tank and the T-15 infantry fighting vehicle based on the unified interspecific heavy tracked platform with the rear and front engine-transmission compartment were completed.

Preliminary tests of the K-16 Boomerang wheeled platform have been completed. Next year, it is planned to manufacture prototypes, which will also be connected to state tests.

In December 2019, the state tests of the modernized T-90M Proriv battle tank are being completed. Based on their results, a decision will be made on adopting and starting the serial supply of the battle tank.

In 2019, Preliminary tests of the anti-aircraft artillery system 2C38 “Derivatsiya-PVO” and self-propelled howitzer 2S35 “Koalitsiya-SV” were completed.

Kalashnikov assault rifles AK-12 and AK-15, as well as 6P67 and 6P68, and 6P69 machine guns, were adopted as part of the Ratnik complex.

The latest mobile reconnaissance and target designation center for PRP-5 missile and artillery systems on a tracked and wheeled base is being prepared for adoption in 2020.

Russia's Military Modernization 2019-2020

T-90M Proryv battle tank. Click to see full-size image

In terms of future weapons, the Deputy Defense Minister said that in 2020 Russia plans to complete the development work on the creation of a tactical laser system for destroying UAVs and destroying light-protected surface targets in order to solve the problems of the Ground Forces, Air Force and Navy.

In the interests of the Ground Forces, in 2020 the focus is on completing a portable automated complex of optoelectronic countermeasures for counter-observation and aiming, and counteracting them with laser radiation.

Work is underway to develop technologies for creating powerful lasers of various types. Work is on-going in order to increase the capacity of the Peresvet complex, which should be placed on aircraft carriers in the upcoming years.

Finally, wide-ranging work is being actively carried out on creating hypersonic weapons, aimed at expanding the scope, range of weapons and improving its tactical and technical characteristics.




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  • Z.P.

    “Work is on-going in order to increase the capacity of the Peresvet complex, which should be placed on aircraft carriers in the upcoming years.”

    This is the true answer why is Russia planing to build aircraft carriers.
    Because of laser defenses.

  • Charles Homer

    Here are some interesting recent comments from Russia’s Minister of Defence Sergei Shoigu regarding Russia’s military, America’s spending on its military and the world’s last war:


    While Washington loves to point the finger at Russia for its alleged interference in the affairs of both Georgia and the Ukraine, Russia’s Minster of Defense notes that the massive military budget of the United States is used to fuel disastrous conflicts around the world, all in the name of “bringing democracy” to nations like Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya where the United States has spearheaded nation rebuilding exercises.

  • occupybacon
    • Jacob Wohl

      Feel bad for them. They were on the verge of returning to the stone age due to Ronald Reagan’s crippling economic effect on the Soviet Union, so they had to sell ALL except ONE of their aircraft carriers. Now India and China have all their aircraft carriers. Soon Admiral Smokes-a-lot will be joining the scrapyard permanently. I personally feel bad, it’s sad but also funny how a superpower has only 1 barely functioning non-nuclear carrier that smokes more than a rapper.

      • Raptar Driver

        Big talk big nose. You should have been there when my Father witnessed a Soviet fire team overrun a Nazi machine gun nest. He said the Germans pissed their pants and ran but to no avail.
        Is this your future?

        • occupybacon

          Were the ‘murican been cans expired and made them human Katiusha?

          • Raptar Driver

            Your brain seems to have expired?

  • Jacob Wohl

    Modernization? What a joke. By the time the soviet era Russkie military is “modern”, they will be completely bankrupt. One single Rubble is equal to 0.00000000000000000001 USD currently. Their currency is worse than Africa’s 3rd world nation currency. Their economy is literally smaller than Italy’s. Very sad.

    • Aurelian

      Economies are not not measured in G.D.P (they tell that to dummies like you, to make you feel like you are part of the winning team)

      It is measured in purchasing power how much one $1 dollar get you in the u.s.a versus how much 1 ruble will get in russia.

      seems the ruble gets you more bang to the buck, the avangard the kinzhal spring to mind.

      i wish i was as thick and as truly stupid as you, my life would be far more easy to deal with…what A FCKING TOOL YOU SO REALLY ARE….HALFWIT

    • Aurelian



      iN Reality due to things being more costly in the u.s the 5 times purchasing power the u.s has over russia is nullified and then some, plus russia is not maintaining bases worldwide, empire is a costly adventure


    • SnowCatzor

      Once again you display your ignorance Jacob Troll. Look up current exchange rates and you’ll see that’s simply not true. As others have pointed out, you can’t do a one-to-one comparison of currencies without factoring purchasing-power and the relative cost of living.

      I’ve been to both Russia & the USA in recent years and I found it more affordable in Russia, especially in regards to accommodation (quality was the same). But hey, keep paying $1 million-plus to live in a shitty little box in one of America’s dilapidated, crime-ridden major centers.

    • Aphelion

      Bankruptcy happens when you can’t repay your debts. Russia’s external debt is only 28% of GDP and has been constantly decreasing since 2014. Whether you look at debt in nominal terms, percentage of GDP, per capita or whether you look at external or public debt, Russia is in an extremely healthy position. They would have to completely change their economic and spending strategy over a very long period of time before they need to start worrying about bankruptcy. As for their currency: It has been trading steadily around the 60 Ruble to the Dollar mark (0.016 USD to the Ruble) since the 2014 crisis when it fell from around 35 to 60 and has been trading in a fairly narrow band ever since. There is no indication of any dramatic further drop. There is also no such thing as “Africa’s 3rd world nation currency” – most African countries use their own currencies for internal trade and therefore there are currently 54 different currencies being used in Africa. Some of these are weak and some of them are strong and very stable. The only area where Italy’s economy outperforms Russia’s is on nominal GDP, and you can go to any economist if you want to learn why nominal GDP is not considered an accurate measurement of a country’s wealth by a long stretch. You were literally lying (or are totally ignorant) on every single point you made in your post. Are you going for some sort of record?

      • Z.P.

        “Russia’s external debt is only 28% of GDP”
        Not true!
        It can’t possibly be more than 15% (even that maybe too much)
        Inflation 3%
        Economy stable and growing
        Savings completely cover “external debt” so actually Russian debt is ZERO
        Russian bonds one of the most profitable in whole world.
        Investors more than interested in Russia despite the sanctions

        • Aphelion

          You are right – there are indeed indications that the (already very positive) assessment by international agencies and economists may still understate in what a good position Russia is from a debt point of view. And yes, I simply listed the official external debt numbers, not including the various factors that further offset it. It is very difficult to look at any of those numbers and even mention the word “bankrupt”, which is what triggered my response to the series of false statements made by Mr Wohl above.