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Russia’s MiG-31 Interceptors To Potentially Be Modified And Last 3,000 Flight Hours More

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Russia's MiG-31 Interceptors To Potentially Be Modified And Last 3,000 Flight Hours More

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The MiG-31 fighter jet is to get modified and received an extended service life by several thousand flight hours, according to Russian outlet Izvestia.

This will allow “the most powerful interceptor” in the world to be used for at least another ten years.

It can destroy any aerial targets – from drones and cruise missiles to hypersonic aircraft.

It is also about to be equipped with the Kh-47M2 Kinzhal hypersonic missile.

Izvestia cited experts who believe that the resource of the titanium airframe of the aircraft is practically unlimited, and thanks to the modernization, the aircraft will be relevant for a long time.

The issue of extending the service life of the MiG-31 supersonic interceptors is being studied, but the final decision will only be made based on the results of research and development work (R&D), according to the unnamed sources.

The R&D work is already undergoing, and according to the schedule of the work, the project would be carried out in two stages.

By the end of 2021 trials are planned to confirm whether the airframe can last an approximate 3,000 more flight hours.

In 2022 the plan is to increase that duration to 3,500 hours, and the end of the R&D stage is expected to take place in August 2022.

In 2018, the UEC-Perm Engines company announced that it was ready to quickly resume the production of key components and assemblies of the unique D-30F6 engines installed on the MiG-31.

This is necessary to maintain the combat readiness of the aircraft after the increase in service life.

According to the company, the available stocks of aircraft engines and repair kits for them are sufficient to operate the MiG-31 in the Aerospace Forces for another 30-40 years.

Such a task is quite solvable, according to the honored test pilot, Hero of Russia Igor Malikov.

“Most likely, the chassis itself will not be changed. It is made of titanium, and this metal has an almost unlimited resource. It is possible that some parts and devices will be replaced with more durable ones. The MiG-31BM is a very good aircraft that will remain relevant for a long time. It is necessary to cover, first of all, the northern borders, and the rest too. This modification is equipped with new avionics, electronic equipment and radar,” Malikov said.

Discussions on extending the life of the MiG-31 have been taking place since at least 2013, when the Russian parliament considered whether to invest in developing a new fighter jet, or extending the life of the MiG-31.

Then the MPs recommended that the government stop recycling and keep the existing fleet of warplanes until a full replacement appears.

The improved MiG-31BM received an updated radar. Now the fighter is able to detect the enemy at a distance of up to 320 km and destroy them with long-range missiles at a distance of 280 km. The new weapon control system made it possible to equip the vehicle with more modern ammunition.

In 2018, the MiG Corporation completed the creation of a special modification of the MiG-31K.

Its premiere feature is that it is equippable with the hypersonic aeroballistic missiles “Kinzhal” for attacking ground targets. It also received new on-board equipment, an increased fuel supply, and special communications equipment.

Since 2018, ten MiG-31Ks have been on experimental combat duty in the southern part of Russia. The exercises demonstrated in practice the possibility of hitting targets with the “Kinzhal” at a distance of at least 800 km. High speed and the ability to maneuver on the trajectory make the hypersonic munition allegedly invulnerable to modern air defense and missile defense systems.


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Zionism = EVIL

One of the best time tested examples of Soviet/Russian aerospace superiority. The MIG31 is a class act.
Crew: 2 (pilot and weapons systems officer)
Length: 22.62 m (74 ft 3 in)
Wingspan: 13.456 m (44 ft 2 in)
Height: 6.456 m (21 ft 2 in)
Wing area: 61.6 m2 (663 sq ft)
Empty weight: 21,820 kg (48,105 lb)
Gross weight: 41,000 kg (90,390 lb)
Max takeoff weight: 46,200 kg (101,854 lb)


Lone Ranger

A work of art.
One of the few military jets made out if steel and not aluminum.
Its also faster than most think…
600km radar and 400km missile range.
Nothing comes close except the Su-57.
Cant wait for the Mig-41?

Zionism = EVIL

Indeed, now the Russian avionics and weapons systems are also top notch, not to mention the zero-zero ejection systems. Russia’s latest 4.5 gen like teh SU-35 are better than anything the Americunt morons can field. The 5 +++ gen will be light years ahead.


Lone Ranger

And Russia spent only a fraction of the Flop-35 fiasco…

Jim Bim

Everything is profit driven in the US, even healthcare, it comes with a lot of corruption to.


Are you sure this is accurate? 3000hours flight hours is not a lot

Zionism = EVIL

These are limited specialized interceptors and operate over Russian airspace mostly and short flight duration’s. The workhorse of the Russian Federation aerospace forces,like the Iranian F-4E Phantoms are the SU-30/35 that are multi-purpose and versatile with long endurance with a heavy payload mix.

comment image

Zionism = EVIL

comment image

Iranian F-14A in desert splinter camo out of Bushehr TAB 6.

Simon Gunson

pity the Iranians never disassembled & reverse engineered the F-14 placing it into production themselves?

Zionism = EVIL

Watch out for the coming J-10/F-14 mix fighter being rolled out with Chinese assistance. The prototype will be shown by end of the year.


Reverse engineering of the engine and avionics is complex. Chinese with its massive R&D have just recently managed it. Iran is not yet in that stage.

Lone Ranger

For a Mach 3 interceptor it is.


Fair enough, faster the speed, more the consumption and less the hours on flight. Finally a response that makes sence. Cheers mate.

Lone Ranger


Simon Gunson

Eurofighter wings have a fatigue life of just 5,000 hours,


A US pilot would be lucky to accumulate 3000 flight hours in 20 years, they average about 120-150 p/a. The Mig31 would be good for another 10-15 years; Russian fighter pilots have managed to get about 200-250 hours of flight time p/a.


They are not upgrading the pilots but the hardware, and in Russian Airspace Force the jets are not assigned to pilots.


So true; US assigns their jets to a pilot who then has to beg to be accepted into a ‘team’ as a wingman; no team membership then no fly time.

Lone Ranger

Should be in past tense.
Mods are already done and deployed.

Assad must stay

very nice all the best

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