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JUNE 2023

Russia’s Mi-28NM Attack Helicopters Spotted With LMUR Missiles Over Ukraine Operation Zone

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Russia’s Mi-28NM Attack Helicopters Spotted With LMUR Missiles Over Ukraine Operation Zone

A screengrab showing the LMUR missile carried by the Mi-28NM attack helicopter.

Russia’s new Mi-28NM attack helicopters have been spotted over the special military operation zone in Ukraine for the first time.

On January 10, footage showing two Mi-28NM flying along the frontline surfaced online. One of the helicopters was armed with a Lightweight Multifunction Missile (LMUR), also known as the Izdeliye 305. The missile was loaded on a APU-L twin launcher.

The Mi-28NM is the latest upgrade to the Mi-28 attack helicopter. The upgrade includes powerful VK-2500P engines, improved rotor blades, a new fire-control system and an onboard radio-electronic data processing system.

The LMUR, which was developed by the Kolomna Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering, is the main armament of the upgraded helicopter.

The missile is equipped with an GLONASS-aided inertial navigation system, an optical thermal imaging homing seeker and a two-way secured data-link. The maximum range of the missile is said to be around 15 kilometers. It is armed with a high-explosive warhead weighing 25 kg.

The Russian military has been using LMUR missiles against Kiev forces since the start of the special operation in Ukraine. However, this was the first time Mi-28NM helicopters have been spotted near the frontline there.

It’s worth noting that the LMUR missile can be also launched from upgraded Mi-8MNP-2 and Ka-52M helicopters. A ground-based launcher for the missile was also once in development.

The Russian military is currently working to upgrade nearly all of its attack helicopters. Last year, a plan to upgrade all Mi-28N helicopters to the NM standard was approved. The production of Ka-52M is also underway. The first batch was delivered earlier this month.



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