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Russia’s Lavrov Trolls The US: “Was Comey Fired? You’re Kidding”

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Update: Lavrov reacts to the Comey firing news… Shaking his head, he chirped sarcastically “Was he fired? Was he fired? You are kidding?!”

In what will surely send the Democrats’ anti-Russian hysteria to ’11’, President Trump is set to meet with Russia’s top diplomat Sergei Lavrov later today, after the Russian foreign secretary meets with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson this morning. The timing – just hours after firing Comey – could be better for the optics, but Tillerson told U.S. diplomats that the U.S. was focused on trying to re-engage with Russia and improve relations between the U.S. and Russia from a post-Cold War low.

Russia's Lavrov Trolls The US: "Was Comey Fired? You're Kidding"

As The Wall Street Journal reports, Sergei Lavrov, Moscow’s top diplomat, will be in Washington for the first time since 2013. He is scheduled to meet Secretary of State Rex Tillerson at about 8:30 a.m. before huddling with Mr. Trump later in the morning. The Russian envoy’s visit reciprocates Mr. Tillerson’s trip to Moscow last month, when he met with President Vladimir Putin after meeting with other Russian officials. Russia has said it is working toward establishing a meeting between Messrs. Trump and Putin. In an interview to be published Wednesday, Mr. Lavrov stressed in an interview the importance of a meeting between the two presidents, but said there was no high intrigue around the plans, Interfax reported.

“A meeting between the leaders is quite important to establish personal contact. It always helps subsequently to work on issues,” Interfax reported Mr. Lavrov as saying.

During his visit to Moscow last month, Mr. Tillerson described relations between the U.S. and Russia at a post-Cold War low. He told officials at the State Department last week that Mr. Putin shrugged his shoulders and nodded when Mr. Tillerson offered that assessment during a meeting in Moscow. Even still, Mr. Tillerson told U.S. diplomats that the U.S. was focused on trying to re-engage with Russia to bring about an end to the crisis in Syria and address other issues. The Trump administration wants to work with Moscow on international security issues, including the Syrian civil war, efforts to counter the Islamic State extremist group and the long-running crisis in Ukraine. Mr. Trump’s meeting with Mr. Lavrov comes as a plan by Russia, Iran and Turkey to set up “de-escalation zones” in Syria has been accompanied by Russian demands that U.S. planes stay away from the protected areas.

We can only imagine how Schumer, Pelosi, and evben McCain will cope with such ‘hate-speak’?

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