Russia’s Inskander-M Tactical Ballistic Missile System (Infographics)


Iskander-M is a variant of the Russian tactical missile system 9K720 Iskander (NATO reporting name SS-26 Stone) used by the Russian Armed  Forces. It can fire two types of missiles:

  • the quasi-ballistic 9M723;
  • the cruise 9M728.

Both types can maneuver quickly on their flight path to make more difficult interception by enemy anti-missile weapons.

Russia's Inskander-M Tactical Ballistic Missile System (Infographics)

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Who Is Afraid of Iskander-M?

The Iskander-M has no shortage of admirers. They include the Islamic State and other Islamist entities in Syria, Poland, Turkey, NATO as a whole, and of course the United States. Seemingly no other Russian weapon system is as likely to steal a headline as soon as it makes an appearance somewhere on the global chess board. To what does it owe its worldwide fan base?…



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