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Russia’s Hypersonic Air Power

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Russia is actively working to rearm its air forces with Kinzhal hypersonic missiles.

The Kh-47M2 Kinzhal (Russian for “Dagger”) was one of the six new strategic weapons unveiled by Russian President Vladimir Putin on March 1, 2018. The hypersonic air-launched ballistic missile can carry both conventional and nuclear warheads. Its reported range is upwards of 2,000 kilometers. The missile reaches speeds of above Mach 10 and has the capability to perform evasive maneuvers at every stage of flight.

The missile’s first stage is shared with 9K720 Iskander and the guidance section is specifically designed for this missile. It is capable of attacking stationary and moving targets such as aircraft carriers. It escalates to hypersonic speeds exceeding Mach 5 within seconds after being launched.

According to Russia, the missile as well as other hypersonic weapons revealed is capable of overcoming any known missile defense system. The Russian side describe the introduction of new hypersonic weapons as the retaliatory move needed to restore the strategic balance undermined by actions of the US and NATO.

The first operational unit, armed with the Kinzhal was formed in the Southern Military District of Russia in December 2017. As of February 2019, the number of training flights and patrols of MiG-31K jets armed with the Kinzhal was more than 380. Out of those, 70 were performed with mid-air refueling.

The first time the Kinzhal hypersonic missile was presented to the public was at the Aviadarts international contest in August 2019. The missile was also successfully launched in the Arctic in November 2019.

Currently, MiG-31Ks armed with Kinzhal missiles regularly conduct patrol flights over the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. At least 10 MiG-31Ks with Kinzhal hypersonic missiles are deployed at the Akhtubinsk airfield in the Astrakhan region. Work is ongoing to re-equip the 712th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment at the Kansk airbase that operates MiG-31Bs with MiG-31Ks armed with the Kinzhal.

In April or May 2020, the Kinzhal was also successfully test-fired from a Tu-22M3M long-range bomber. According to PJSC Tupolev, the missile carrier has an expanded combat potential. Former Commander of the Russian Aerospace Forces Viktor Bondarev, head of the Defense and Security Council Committee, previously reported that the Tu-22M3M will be able to carry hypersonic missiles, in addition to X-32 cruise missiles. The aircraft will have both weapons equipped.

Reports say that the Su-57 fifth generation fighter, which is now entering service with the Russian military, will also be able to carry Kinzhal missiles.

All of these developments come, as the United States is also hard at work on streamlining development on its own hypersonic weapons. On May 15, US President Donald Trump announced that his country is now at work on the new ‘super-duper missile’ that will be 17 times faster than Russia or China have right now. However, it remains unclear when the US will be able to put such weapons on experimental duty. In the current conditions, it appears that Russia has a lead to have the only Aerospace Forces around the globe widely modernized with hypersonic weaponry.

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Trap Is Not Gay

If Russia doesn’t nuke the Golem soon the Jew cover-upers are going to turn the whole world into a race of big lipped mulattoes that only know how to kiss the Jewish canoe foot, look at France you get the idea live.


Ironic that you dontemtiom how France is milking the finances and resources of west and central africa though the CFA Franc and neocolonial dictats. You are like a farmer bitching at his cow. Let go of us and we can let go of you otherwise karma. Be careful what you wish for.

Trap Is Not Gay

Taking the resources from Africa to give it to Africans in France, as French people is extinct


It’s not enough that you steal money an resources from Africa at our you also have the audacity to claim that Africans are taking the goodies.
You victimise us then cry victim so as to have an excuse to victimise us further.
I see the devil in you.

Trap Is Not Gay

France is like Africa now, so no “steal” from African to African LOL!

Poor French people who believed in the “democracy” of the Shlomo Goldberg, it would’ve been better for them to just pay back the money to the “countries” they stole it from (or civilized Africa?), hundreds of years in the past…


So you think that pillage and theft is civilising and blaing others for the theft that you conduct and continue enjoying the benefits from. Don’t worry. , Well kick your influence out of Africa and our people will return from there leaving you to have to be self sufficient alone then you’ll learn that you are incapable of anything without being an imperialist parasite

Trap Is Not Gay

France is finished – nothing left behind.
That’s not even “diversity”, but literal replacement.

Swift Laggard II

you sound stup1d

Jim Allen

Russia won’t nuke Golan, there’s no need.
Announce in a press release that Hezbollah has accecpted a request to deal with Golan Heights, and Israel. Zionist Khazars fear Hezbollah, a lot. US military protection of Israel isn’t what it once was, and without it, Israel is done.

Gary Sellars

The queer wierdo said Golem, not Golan. Golem is a Yiddsh word describing an imaginary animated creation of blood (of Christian children) and clay created by Rabbis as a weapon against their enemies.

For the West in general, and the US in particular, the word golem would seem an appropriate metaphor.

Jim Allen

Yes, Russia won’t attack civilians, Iran either.
It’s not like there’s any shortage of military targets. Syria doesn’t either, otherwise Syrian air defense forces, would’ve shot down the IDF fighters attacking from Lebanese airspace long ago. IDF launches missiles above the villages at the border. Both Lebanese, and Syrian. The planes would fall on these. IDF knows this. Any attack on Iran will result in losses to US Coalition assets. Russia can cope with any nukes to a point incoming into Russia, and/or allied countries, and disrupt further launches for a considerable length of time. Iran will attack Israel, and collateral damage is likely, but it’s doubtful that any country is going to care. Israel is the 2nd most hated country on earth, after US Government.


I admit that more and more people have been waking up about what’s really going on with the Zionists, including Americans; however, Syria, Russia, Iran, etc. have avoided directly going on the offense against “Israel” for a reason. Putin is Hillary’s “new Hitler,” and striking too hard and too soon against the “chosen people” did not work out so well for the “old Hitler”…

I am not saying to surrender to the Zionists or absorb their attacks indefinitely, but seriously hitting back is a commitment not to be taken lightly.

Aaron Aarons

You are a worse racist POS than are the majority of ZIonists, and they are *bad*!

Trap Is Not Gay

You are destroying everybody and the world, but I’m the racist?


Being a “Racist” is an act of preservation. Blacks and all the other low grade humans are worse than racist’s, they are killers.


You’re a twisted head case.


Lol, love the sarc ‘super duper’ fake news added at the end for some spice!

Robert Ferrin

Lol didn’t you know every thing is super duper in the land of oz,as Rove remarked that they created reality and while you were studying that they would already have created a new reality.We elect the best nut out of the nuthouse and no one can deny that.!!!

cechas vodobenikov

pozadi amerika
the stupidity of amerikans can never be exaggerated— their dictators will never challenge Russia miliarily—the US empire is near collapse

Jim Allen

I wouldn’t bet on that. The arrogant sociopaths, are lunatics, and so unpredictable. US Government is a walking/talking crime against humanity. There’s more than enough reason to attack US Government, and drop it in its tracks.
To say “it won’t” is a risk. Who in their right fucking mind would would attempt the thing it’s doing to Venezuela ? From the coup de farce to the US defense contractors attempt to grab Maduro, and replace him with what’s his name, Guano, or whatever ?


Venezuela is not quite the same as Russia.

Raptar Driver

It is the Russians that will never challenge American supremacy. All these years of Putin flapping his guns and yet America is as aggressive as ever. Putin did nothing to stop this and in fact encouraged it by making Russia just strong enough to justify more funds for the M.I.C.


Russia is poor and with a worthless currency.

Rodney Loder

Assad will support Jews, go back to living in London, cockney accents will come back in Damascus, it’s amazing Syria survived NATO bombing that got called off would have been called off in Libya too if Gadaffi wasn’t such an idiot, too busy worried about pedantic rubbish instead of the real picture, luckily Brother Erdogan is none of the above, Putin should give Turkey some of these really great missiles, the secret is in their metallurgical construction I don’t think the yanks will ever be able to figure it out.

Gary Sellars

White Western Wahabbi?…. whatever next?



Rostislav Velká Morava


Rodney Loder

Over the years I’ve contributed k’s $ to South F. I stopped when Assad gave Office Space to LNA which is the same ad UAE and Sisi, no need to wonder where Assad is going, fortunately we have Donald Trump on our side pushing China and Russia into the anti Jew Camp, besides I’m Jesus Christ relieving the mantle from the homosexual Sid Loder who stole it from me, outcome is certain death to Jew swine.


Oh poor you Trump and your nasty words, you have shit, and what will do? A 17 TIMES FASTER MISSILE than KINZAL, lol Trump if Kinzal is Mach 5 so, what is the math yours will be Mach 85 Right MR. POTUS. LMAO… Yes listen to Trumpy he will make a Missile fast with a speed of Mach 85 so….. Sure…

Gary Sellars

Khinzal is just the first of the new hypersonic weapons to enter service. There are more to come….


The S-200 was hypersonic 60 years ago.


As much of an accomplishment as Russia’s kinetic weapon’s superiority is. The pressing issue at this time is the scamdemic, which with the lying Jew media at the forefront of it is obvious vermin Jew world order Hegelian theater of the absurd. It’s rational to assume that these criminally insane miscreants are preparing bio terrorism escalation against humanity. The solution to this problem is to dejudify the planet so that it’s Jew free.

A regional coalition armed with advanced nuclear and other weapons that is sufficiently robust to deter NATO intervention on Israel’s behalf. Should be formed and deployed to clear the IDF and Israeli government out of the occupied territories. And police the UN resolutions that Israel is violating and assist with a referendum replacing Israel with a unified Palestine. A UN convention abolishing Judaism, similar to the conventions abolishing torture and slavery, should be enacted and ratified by member nations as part of dejudifying the planet.

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