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MAY 2022

Russia’s Heavy Aircraft-Carrying Missile Cruiser ‘Admiral Kuznetsov’ (Infographics)

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In October, Russia is going to deploy its sole aircraft carrier to the eastern Mediterranean in order to strengthen the naval grouping involved in military operations in Syria.

Russia's Heavy Aircraft-Carrying Missile Cruiser 'Admiral Kuznetsov' (Infographics)

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Russia’s Aircraft Carrier Program:

Aircraft carriers have assumed the role of naval capital ships during World War 2 and have not relinquished it since. Their importance is such that all navies can be divided into two kinds: those with aircraft carriers and those without, with other major surface ships being essentially reduced to the role of escorts for the carriers. Since their combat power resides chiefly in their air component, aircraft carriers are very flexible combat units, and even old ships can remain modern as long as they can operate newer aircraft designs…

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