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JULY 2022

Russia’s Harpoon-3 Anti-Drone System Spotted In Ukraine

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Russia’s Harpoon-3 Anti-Drone System Spotted In Ukraine

The radio-electronic gun of the Harpoon-3 system as seen during the Indestructible Brotherhood-2021 exercise. Photo grab from a video released by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Russia’s Harpoon-3 anti-drone electronic warfare (EW) system has been spotted with Russian troops in Ukraine for the first time.

On May 18, a photo showing the main jamming and detection station of the Harpoon-3 system deployed in an unspecified part of Ukraine surfaced online.

Russia’s Harpoon-3 Anti-Drone System Spotted In Ukraine

The Harpoon-3 main jamming and defection station in Ukraine. Click to see full-size image. Via Twitter.

The Harpoon-3 was developed by the Automation Technology and Programming in Saint Petersburg to counter the threat of light and ultralight drones with EW means. The system was presented for the first time during the 2021 MAKS Air Show.

The system comes with a radio-electronic gun that can suppress the communication and navigation channels of commercial drones.

The Harpoon-3 system operates in the frequencies from 433 to 5800 MHz and has three modes of jamming. The first mode jams the frequencies of 488, 868 or 1200 MHz, suppressing the drone radio control channels. The second mode suppresses the drone’s satellite navigation signals at the frequencies of 1575, 2400 and 5200 MHz. The third mode blocks the frequencies of 433, 868 and 5800 MHz of the drone’s data-link.

Depending on the jamming mode, the system can either force the drone to land or to return to the take-off site. The system has a maximum range of 2-3,5 kilometers.

Kiev forces have been using light and ultralight commercial drone to monitor and even attack Russian forces since the beginning of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine. The effectiveness of these drones was likely behind the Russian military’s decision to equip its forces in Ukraine with anti-drone systems like the Harpoon-3.

It’s worth noting that the Russian military operates several types of anti-drone EW systems, which were developed in the recent years.


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Это могло прийти в голову военным раньше. Это могло бы спасти не мало жизней (и техники)…

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Serey Rab

ok so am happy for you dear. keep on the good work honey.



Opercion Z

Russian forces moved the front line 7mi/11km W in one day. #Ukrainian forces in the area are severely outnumbered and taking heavy losses in the fighting. #Russian forces are seeking to cut the main supply route to #Severodonetsk city by capturing Bakymuts’ke and Soledar.


How can you tell what’s yours on a hectic battlefield when there are all these little drones buzzing around?


I think friendly drone location and identification is already known, so when enemy drone is detected, the ew gun directs the jamming at themm Thanks


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Last edited 1 month ago by Amber

Range of these jammers is limited. You position them where they protect your troops, and send your drones over enemy.


The story says that these are effective against ” Commercial” drones which the Russian military do not use so they’ll have no effect on them. Also, the story says that the Russians use other EW to interfere with the Ukranian military grade drones, no doubt they were smart enough to ensure they don’t interfere with their own. Try reading the article before commenting on it, duh!


Then why did Zelensky ask DJI to make Ukraine a no fly zone for their products? duh!


The NFZ in Libya meant NATO aircraft with Israel could just bomb away. Kids in their beds were mass murdered and carried out of their homes with their guts spilling out of their pyamas and pampers nappies. They could not be saved, they had already left for a better world. Tiny babies covered in NATO death dust with the mam cuddling her baby til it was smelling. Kids carried out in pieces, a leg an arm. And the terrorists we paid to destroy Libya. Fathers were coming home from work and screaming as they saw their wife and children lying in their blood with limbs and legs chopped off. The kids legs were crossed to prevent rape, then cut off. Cannibalism ,hearts torn out of living humans and eaten. The darker Libyans were lined up and had their throats slit like lambs and then were beheaded. and those who were doing this, which glorified evil and satan, they said glory to God, like blasphemy. Very selective reading of the Koran. The murder of one innocent person is the murder of all humans. Where are the shameless sick perverts responsible for creating such evil?


War isn’t static, and it doesn’t have a 120 minute runtime. A military seeks to control the situation by having drones in the air when it needs them, but otherwise making the entire airspace a non-fly zone. Russia can already do this with anti-air missiles obviously, but becomes cost prohibitive if the enemy chooses to use a swarming approach with very cheap drones. This system counters that by creating an area of denial that prevents all drones from operating, and can handle swarming events without an additional cost. Another alternative solution to drones is the combat lazer that Russia has just successfully tested, which could be a more cost effective and near-instant solution to EW resistant drones. To get through EW and lazer a drone needs the appropriate technologies–making it super expensive and therefore a good target for anti-air missiles.

flush goes the nation

Send a few to Jam the Drone fraud white house puppet.

The maharaja

you would think, but then again he has his working phone internet and power. Running water buses and trains. Not really in any hurry or worry about the “war” no pressure! He spends all day calling out to let everyone know his 54 billion is on its way….. if they want a check they gotta deal. I would imagine that the Ukrainian gov would have a lot harder time scrounging weapons and running their war effort in the dark with no phone or internet and no safe city to conduct ops from! Hell at this point there is absolutely no threat to the Ukrainian government at all not one bit. Even while Russian towns are shelled daily. Kieve is safer place to be than Belgorod! Who would have ever thought that? Crazy

The maharaja

Presented in 2021 at MAKS! Russia sitting on 600 billion knowing military action is coming, and Russian army gets anti drone tech just three months into the war?

Orcrainians are white ISIS

First images. Likely it was there at the beginning.

What, you are angry that they did not send you a photograph earlier?

Nigel Maund

Excellent work Russia!! This is a very effective and cheap way of neutering and disabling these drones, which is a vital battlefield tool for now and the future!

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