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Russia’s FSB: Ukrainian Special Services Hire ISIS Member To Assasinate One Of DPR Commanders

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On September 10, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) stated that Ukrainian special services are providing an active assistance to ISIS members in Russia, according to the Russian state media.

According to the FSB, a detained ISIS member, Medzhid Magamedov, revealed that the Ukrainian side is involved in providing security, funds, weapons and explosives to ISIS members in order to carry out terrorist attacks in Russia and assasinate commanders of the Donetsk and Luganks People’s Republics in eastern Ukraine.

The FSB detained Magamedov in the Smolensk Regiion on September 9. FSB servicemen seized an IED and a gun belonging to the suspect. The detained person was allegedly preparing to assasinate one of the DPR commanders upon order from the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the Ukrainian paramilitary organization Right Sector.

According to the FSB, Magamedov visited Ukraine in early 2018 in order to meet with representatives of ISIS, whom later provided him with contacts in the SBU. Then, Magamedov reprotedly received a task to assasinate one of the DPR commanders. The Ukrainian side provided the suspect with means (an IED and a gun) to carry out the attack.

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SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Looks like Jewkraine is just as mobbed up with IS as Israel.


Jewkraine crossed red lines, but FSB don’t sleep.


If true, this could be explosive. It would amount to a line crossed and could earn a very hard response by Russia. This one is worth keeping on eye on it.

AM Hants

Surprise, surprise. Financed and sponsored by same crowd behind Chechnyan War, ME Wars, plus the various colour revolutions. No doubt, seriously connected to ‘Operation Beluga’.

Operation Beluga: A US-UK Plot to Discredit Putin and Destabilize the Russian Federation… https://www.opednews.com/articles/Operation-Beluga-A-US-UK-by-William-Dunkerley-Antiterrorism-Database_France_Litvinenko_Putin-160327-385.html

A SECRET DOCUMENT PROVING COOPERATION BETWEEN THE SBU AND MI6 SURFACES IN A UKRAINIAN COURT… http://www.stalkerzone.org/a-secret-document-proving-cooperation-between-the-sbu-and-mi6-surfaces-in-a-ukrainian-court/

Interesting, Rothschild’s “NAFTOGAZ” WANTS TO SELL 49% OF THE UKRAINIAN GAS TRANSIT SYSTEM TO A WESTERN “PARTNER” FOR $7 BILLION… http://www.stalkerzone.org/naftogaz-wants-to-sell-49-of-the-ukrainian-gas-transit-system-to-a-western-partner-for-7-billion/

Now who would wish to invest, when there will be no Russian gas flowing through the system? Not forgetting, it all needs replacing. How much did Rothschild invest in NAFTOGAZ?


interesting glock on the rope on the photograph :D I had never seen that before. ISIS militia seems to be creative. :D

Brother Ma

Go Russians! Now that is how you treat Headchoppers. Not like the weak-as-piss Zionatoyanquis!

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