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Russia’s FSB Stops 20th Terrorist Attack In 2021 Alone

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Russia's FSB Stops 20th Terrorist Attack In 2021 Alone

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An attack planned by a local neo-Nazi was stopped in Vladivostok, the Russian Security Service FSB reported.

“The leader of the regional association “Right of Primorye” born in 2000, who was preparing a terrorist act using an improvised explosive device, was detained,” the release said.

The radical wanted to influence the migration policy of Russia, the press service added.

During a search of his house, they found components for synthesizing explosives, instructions for making and using a homemade bomb, and four knives. Also withdrawn the charter of the right-wing radical group, “containing calls for violent crimes.”

A criminal case was initiated on preparations for a terrorist attack.

Previously, nothing was known about the “Right of Primorye”. A search in Yandex gives only a single mention of this organization on the page of one of the users of VKontakte.

In recent days, this is the second terrorist attack prepared by neo-Nazis, the suppression of which is announced by the FSB. On Monday, the special service reported on the detention of five members of an illegal group in Ufa.

The details were not disclosed: it is only known that young people were arrested, they found explosives and components for it, instructions, edged weapons and portraits of the leaders of the Third Reich and Ukrainian Nationalist Stepan Bandera.

There seems to be a tendency with these sorts of attacks increasing in 2021. So far, in the year the FSB has stopped a significant number of attacks. Below is a full list of them:

  • On September 27, the FSB of Russia reported that the agency had stopped the preparation of a terrorist act in the Republic of Bashkortostan at one of the facilities of law enforcement agencies. As a result of the measures taken, five residents of Ufa, born in 2001-2003, were detained – members of a neo-Nazi group who were preparing a terrorist act using improvised explosives and explosive devices. At the addresses of their residence and in the cache, the following were seized: a ready-to-use IED, an improvised explosive and components for its synthesis, 9 pieces of cold steel, instructions for making explosive devices, as well as portraits of the leaders of the Third Reich, nationalist Stepan Bandera and nationalist paraphernalia.
  • On September 10, FSB officers carried out a counter-terrorist operation against two militants in the Buinaksk region of Dagestan. Two armed men were found in the forest. To prevent a terrorist attack, the FSB introduced a counter-terrorist operation (CTO) regime. The security forces offered the militants to lay down their arms and surrender. In response, they opened fire on law enforcement officers and were neutralized during combat contact. Automatic weapons and ammunition were found at the scene of the shootout, and an improvised explosive device, ready for use, was found in the militants’ car.
  • On September 6, the Russian FSB announced the arrest of four ISIS supporters who were preparing attacks on police officers in Ingushetia. According to security officials, they contacted other members of the organization via the Internet and planned terrorist attacks using improvised explosive devices and edged weapons. Firearms and edged weapons, improvised explosive and incendiary devices, as well as components and tools for their manufacture were seized from the places of residence of the detainees. In addition, correspondence with members of ISIS was found in their communications, confirming criminal intentions.
  • On the night of July 29, as a result of a complex of operational-search measures on the territory of the Tyumen region, the FSB of the Russian Federation uncovered and suppressed the activities of a conspiratorial cell of supporters of ISIS, which included citizens of one of the republics of the Central Asian region, who planned on the instructions of foreign emissaries of MTO committing sabotage and terrorist acts at objects of mass stay of people. The FSB report emphasizes that during the arrest of the leader and his accomplice, “who were trying to extract means of terror from a cache previously equipped on the outskirts of Tyumen,” the militants put up armed resistance to the security forces and were neutralized. During the inspection of the scene and during the searches “at the addresses of the bandits’ residence, an improvised explosive device, firearms and ammunition, as well as communication equipment and religious literature, ready for use, were found and seized.”
  • On July 15, the FSB announced the arrest in Moscow of a Russian citizen who was planning to detonate an improvised explosive device in crowded places. According to the security officials, components of an improvised explosive device were found in the cache they equipped, and instructions for its manufacture and correspondence with members of international terrorist organizations located in Syria were found in the communications equipment used. The identity of the terrorist was not disclosed in the interests of the investigation.
  • On July 9, an ISIS member was detained in the Moscow region for preparing an explosion. The detainee is a 21-year-old citizen of one of the neighboring states. According to the investigation, the suspect, on his own initiative, joined the ranks of ISIS and “assumed the functions of an ordinary participant.” In June of this year, he planned to commit a terrorist attack in the Moscow region (where exactly, it is not disclosed), for which he acquired components for the manufacture of explosives. This became known to operational officers, after which he was detained. In the premises at his place of residence and work, a blank of an improvised explosive device, as well as items intended for its manufacture, were seized.
  • On July 3, in the suburb of Nalchik (Kabardino-Balkaria), as a result of a counter-terrorist operation, five bandits were neutralized. According to the National Anti-Terrorism Committee (NAC), at night a CTO regime was introduced in part of the territory of Nalchik and Baksan District. The bandits were blocked in one of the houses in a garden partnership. At about three o’clock in the morning they were asked to lay down their arms and surrender, but they opened fire in response. According to the NAC, the killed militants planned to commit terrorist crimes. There are no civilian casualties.
  • On July 1, it became known about the prevention of terrorist attacks, which were preparing members ISIS. According to the FSB, two Russian citizens were planning a simultaneous attack on residents of Moscow and the Astrakhan region with the use of firearms and edged weapons in crowded places. According to the security officials, during the arrest in the Astrakhan region, the offender put up armed resistance and was neutralized with return fire, the second member of the cell was detained in Moscow.
  • On May 27, the Russian FSB announced that it had prevented two terrorist attacks in the Stavropol Territory, which were prepared by supporters of ISIS on the eve of the May holidays. According to the first of them, a resident of Stavropol was detained, who had sworn allegiance to one of the leaders of ISIS and plotted a terrorist attack on the transport infrastructure of the region using an improvised incendiary device. During the search, “means of terror” were seized from him. The second detainee is a migrant from Central Asia who arrived in Stavropol to prepare a terrorist attack. During the search, explosives and submunitions – components of an improvised bomb – were seized from him. Details were not disclosed.
  • On May 25, the FSB of the Russian Federation announced the prevention of a terrorist attack planned for May 9 in Norilsk in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. On April 22, in the Stavropol Territory, an ISIS supporter was detained. The men found a correspondence in the phone, which confirms the version of the investigation and suggests that he could have accomplices. During a search in the basement of the house, investigators found the components of the bomb and electronic instructions for its manufacture.
  • On April 9, the FSB of the Russian Federation announced the prevention of a terrorist attack in Crimea. Two Russian citizens, born in 1992 and 1999, who are supporters of the terrorist organization Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham were detained. According to operational data, they were preparing an armed attack using improvised bombs “on one of the educational institutions of the city of Simferopol” (which one is not disclosed). After the terrorist attack, the radicals planned to transit through Ukraine and Turkey to Syria to join the ranks of the militants. Explosives and other components of improvised bombs with striking elements were seized from the houses of the detainees. There were also found the corresponding instructions, correspondence and exchange of voice messages with the emissaries of the terrorists with a discussion of the planned terrorist attacks.
  • On April 5, the FSB announced the arrest in Kislovodsk (Stavropol Territory) of an Islamist who was preparing a terrorist attack. A Russian citizen born in 1996, previously convicted of common crimes, was going to attack the security forces using homemade bombs. Components for making an improvised explosive device, explosives, and extremist literature were seized at the address of his residence. Also in Kislovodsk, three Russian citizens linked by an Islamist were detained and involved in organizing a channel for financing terrorist militants in Syria. The detainees formed a cell of ISIS supporters, to commit crimes in the Stavropol Territory. The identities of the detainees were not disclosed in the interests of the investigation. Later, according to updated data, another 13 people who were part of the local radical cell were detained. Then, in July, the RF IC reported that seven more people from among the residents of the Republic of Dagestan, the Karachay-Cherkess Republic and the Stavropol Territory were detained in the case of the preparation of a terrorist attack in the police building in Kislovodsk. They were charged under the articles “Organization and participation in the activities of an extremist organization”, “Preparation for committing a terrorist act”, “Illegal manufacture and storage of explosive devices.”
  • On April 1, the FSB reported on the prevention of a terrorist attack that the ISIS militant was preparing at a fuel and energy complex in the Tver region. According to the ministry, a native of Central Asia, who has a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, set up a laboratory at home for synthesizing explosives. During the arrest, he put up armed resistance and was neutralized by the forces of special units of the FSB of Russia. Firearms and ammunition, an improvised explosive device and components for its manufacture were found on the spot.
  • On April 1, a Ukrainian nationalist was detained in Barnaul who wanted to blow up a mosque. A resident of Barnaul, born in 2000, was charged with committing a crime under Article 205 of the Russian Criminal Code “undergoing training in order to carry out terrorist activities.” It was established that he is a supporter of the Ukrainian nationalist organization “Ethnic National Association” (ENO), created to coordinate the actions of the nationalists of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia in the implementation of actions “direct action” against persons of non-Slavic appearance and state authorities. The detainee confirmed that he was planning, on the instructions of the “ENO” curator from Ukraine, to carry out actions of “direct action” aimed at intimidating the local population. In February 2021, he contacted a representative of ENO, at the beginning of March he was given the task of selecting targets for attempts and sending a photo report, which he carried out. Subsequently, the young man was instructed to commit arson. At the stage of preparation for the execution of the assignment, his activities were suppressed by officers of the FSB of Russia in the Altai Territory. In the course of the operational-search measures carried out at the place of residence of the accused, an explosive, instructions for the manufacture of IEDs, extremist literature, as well as communication media containing photographic materials of intelligence of objects of criminal encroachments were seized. By a court decision, the man was arrested for two months.
  • On March 17, the FSB announced the arrest in Adygea of ​​an ISIS supporter for preparing a terrorist attack. The detainee is a native of the Central Asian region. At his home, security officials found components of an improvised bomb with striking elements, a flag of ISIS and a map of Maikop “with objects of terrorist aspirations.” According to the FSB, “a significant amount of terrorist content,” including various instructions, was found in his gadgets, and the Islamist himself had fake migration documents. When exactly the detention took place is not specified.
  • On March 11, in the Sovetsky District of Makhachkala (Dagestan), for the first time since the early 2010s, a counterterrorist operation regime was introduced: the special services received information that a supporter of an international criminal organization was preparing an attack. He was found in a private house and offered to surrender, in response the militant opened fire, and in the end he was destroyed. No one was injured among the civilian population and security officials.
  • On March 4, it became known about the arrest of a Russian for preparing a terrorist attack at a power plant in the Kaliningrad region. According to the FSB, the motive for the crime was “hatred of the current government.” The department noted that the detainee also recruited residents of the region to participate in terrorist activities. At home, the defendant found a homemade bomb, instructions for its manufacture and components for synthesizing explosives. It also confiscated “materials with offensive content in relation to Russian executive and legislative bodies.”
  • On February 17, the FSB reported on the detention in southern Russia of 19 Islamists who were preparing attacks in the North Caucasus. Special operations took place in Karachay-Cherkessia, Crimea, Krasnodar Territory and Rostov Region. The detainees are members of the At-Takfir wal-Hijra organization. The security forces found a cache with an RPK machine gun, an AKM machine gun, cartridges and improvised explosives, as well as a “suicide belt” with striking elements.
  • On January 22, the FSB announced the arrest of a follower of radical Islam who was preparing a terrorist attack in Bashkiria. According to security officials, a Russian citizen born in 1995 was planning an armed attack on law enforcement officers. Firearms and components of an improvised bomb were seized from the militant’s cache. As follows from the correspondence in his gadgets, he received the necessary instructions from the emissaries of the terrorist organization Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham.

Evidently, there’s an increased risk of terror attacks, and the Russian authorities are making actual progress in impeding their efforts.


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Crimes against the Central asian turks are increasing by the day. Central Asia is all a bunch of failed states going no where and the millions of migrants cause these racial problems in Russia.

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Well done FSB 😊👍

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Condolences to the fallen wahabimossad and CIAisis operators.
May they rest in pieces…

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