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Russia’s FSB Detains 6 ISIS Members Preparing Terrorist Attacks In Moscow (Video)


On October 26, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) detained 6 ISIS members that had been planning to carry out terrorist attacks inside the city of Moscow and the Moscow region.

The FSB seized schemes of improvised explosive devices, reports on the preparations for terrorist attacks, automatic rifles and money from the terrorists. The ISIS cell was headed by ISIS emissaries sent from Syria. The cell was receiving money through transactions from foreign states and criminal activity in Russia.

Recentlly, Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed that during the past 9 months the FSB had prevented 26 crimes related to the terrorism, including 15 terrorist attacks.



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  • R Trojson

    Thank Heaven Putin caught the terrorists. Hopefully interrogation will be productive. How can at least 9 ISIS terrorists travel from Syria to Moscow undetected? There must be many ISIS backers in Russia. Someone in intelligence needs to be fired.

    • Merijn

      Go back to Kindergarten Kid…you know what is weird… my Phone is starting to act funny when I try to Post something to you… strange isn’t it? I always have that with certain Folks….are you profilin’ boy?

    • Sinbad2

      Air America.

  • Sinbad2

    And their names where Chuck, Randy, Solomon, Isaac, Dwayne and Bibi.