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JUNE 2021

Russia’s FSB Detained Ukrainian Spy In Crimea (Video)

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Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has detained a Ukrainian ctitizen, Konstantin Davidenko, in the Republic of Crimea, the FSB press service said in a statement on February 12.

According to the statement, Davidenko was collecting information about units and service members of the FSB and the National Guard and transfering it to Ukrainian intelligence services.

The suspect is charged for espionage. The investigation is ongoing.

According to media, Davidenko was detained in the city of Simferopol on February 11.

This was no the first case when the FSB prevented activities of Ukrainian intelligence in the peninsula. Previously, the security service had prevented a number of terrorist acts and cracked down a Ukrainian espionage network.

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Tudor Miron

Another one bites the dust.


He looks quite young too, he’ll have many many many years to marvel at his stupidity and loss of freedom. Brain death seems to be an epidemic in Ukraine.


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Gary Sellars

Castrate him with a broken bottle and throw him back…

Real Anti-Racist Action

Seems that Ukraine has declared war not only on Russia, but on all Nationalist based states. Ukraine only serves Mi6 and Mossad now. Treat them as such.

Bulgarian God

Crimea is ukrainian. Fuck russian commies !


People from Crimea see it otherwise :/
And you idiot are living in the past. Better lighten up that cracked bulb.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Should remind him it was Bolshevik Jews who are the real fascist Nazis , and stole Crimea from the Russian people. Well most of Ukraine is stolen and it should be returned to the rightful countries except Poland the Bolshevik Jews started the war by killing nearly 6k and displacing 58-60,000 ethnic Germans in the most barbaric acts ever. Germany waited 6 weeks for an answer and wasn’t given one and so they invaded.

Bulgarian God

Shut up monkey. Crimea is ukrainian. You are kgb-puppet !

Igor Dano

what is Okraia?
U mean Small Russia?
How about decision of drunken Slomo Chruscov, the chazar?

The Farney Fontenoy

Do Poroshenko and his band of merry-Russia-hating-maniacs seriously think they can take back Crimea? They are not giving up trying so it seems they honestly think it’s possible, well since the USA handed a bunch of empty-headed street thugs & career criminals the country’s top political posts they feel anything is possible, no matter how ridiculous ;)

Igor Dano

is it not better toaccidentaly kill him during the arrest?
just remember the Nasta, she was released.

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