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JUNE 2021

Russia’s FSB Detained 8 Suspected ISIS Recruiters In Kaliningrad

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Russia’s FSB Detained 8 Suspected ISIS Recruiters In Kaliningrad

A screenshot from the video

On May 23, Kaliningrad’s news website Klops.ru published a video showing a detention of 8 persons allegedly affiliated to Jama’at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad, a branch of ISIS.

The 8 people, immigrants from the Central Asia, were detained by the Russian Federal Security Service. According to the press service of Kaliningrad’s department of the FSB, all persons are suspected in the recruitment of Russian citizens to ISIS.

According to reports, some of the detained persons were in touch with a foreigner, who left Kaliningrad in 2016 and went to Syria. This person is an alleged member of the ISIS terrorist group.

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Dr. Pro Liv

Why is Russia accepting so many people from Central Asia in the first place?!
Why are you so eager to augment the number of Muslim citizens in Russia when it is obvious security risk?
What proves do you still need to recognize danger?!


I think Russia gets a lot of benefit from cheap labour for construction jobs etc, and most of them must do the right thing otherwise there is no point letting them in.

Dr. Pro Liv

Russia gets a “lot of benefit from cheap labor”.
But central Asians are not only cheap labor available.
I would make agreement with North Korea who are excellent workers and NOT trouble makers or religious fanatics like many from Central Asia are.
Son of the Kirghiz couple have made Jihad bomb attack in US where he was accepted as refugee.


Sign that these guys can come from litterally anywhere…

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