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Russia’s FSB Cracks Down ISIS-linked Cells In Moscow And Saint Petersburg

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Russia's FSB Cracks Down ISIS-linked Cells In Moscow And Saint Petersburg


Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has cracked down terrorist cells in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Russian daily Komsomolskaya Pravda reported on May 16.

The FSB has raided appartments of 10 terrorists and seized 4 high powered improvised explosive devices, automatic rifles, subguns and grenades.

According to the FSB, the terrorists were detained thanks to joint efforts by the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs as well as an assistance from Tadjikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

The FSB says that the terrorists were preparing to carry out a series of terrorist attacks in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The detained terrorists are reportedly linked to ISIS.

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this whole picture is insane..just as life in the eu is right now…thousands of bastards…45% cannot read or write…medival belief system..totally spaced out…we had 16 year old bastards raping 92 year old women anally…25 year old bastards raping 8 year old boys..etc… gangbang with 22 bastards raping a 31 year old. and and and …why im mentioning this to this article…we all know were the whahabi medival extremism spaced out bullshit comes from…SAUDI ARABIA.The epicenter.And here we have the russians arresting those spaced out assholes, while the russian president is shaking hands and laughing with the countrys fucked up leadership and selling them those weapons(s-400) , while he wont even sell his supposed allied syria the s-300.mindboggling.
and on the other side europe.white caucasian race..that have been on the forefront of humankind in the last 1000 years..a society supposed to be based on equal rights, freedom and peace.and we europeans for the last 20 years have let the spaced out freaked out mentally retarded into our homes.insane.what did we expect?what does putin expect? do we europeans expect those fucked up mentally retarded to one day wake up and say , hey right women have the same rights as men..or hey its ok, u can look at my women i dont have to slit your throat for offending my pride..or hey other people have other beliefs, i dontt have to cut their heads off….insane totally insane…and putin..what oes he expect from blowjobbing the saudi leadership?them sending no more spaced out bastards to russia to blow themselves up because they will get 30 virgins?insane totally insane.
The best example would be…..the wolves have been let into the sheeps yard..wat did anyone expect what the wolves do to the sheep? barbecue and ballgames? same in europe or russia and for that matter all over the world including asia, where the saudis are funding the religious schools just like in pakistan.


Ha ha ha! Nice try, Hell Aviv.

Brother Ma

Too true!! Yet putin can not do otherwise. He is countering saudi friendship with usa as strategy. He however chops headchopper rag heads in russia and anywhere else he finds them! Long live Putin ! Only pragmatic leader ! Lesser of all evil leaders including leaders of zioyanquistani countries!

Richard M

It’s too hard to read your rantings when every third word is vulgarity. I don’t mind someone posting shit or fuck, but when your entire post is a series of such, no one except pimply 13 year olds will take time to slog through it.

New Israel is Muslims

FSB are terrorists and not to be ever trusted.

Marcus Edder

What did you just said about the CIA?

New Israel is Muslims

FSB/CIA work together in false flags/creation of CIA terrorist groups. There is a reason why the former President of Italy said 9/11 was done by Mossad, and the “President” of Russia said it was done by the Muslims.

Dr. Pro Liv

you are terrorist Muslim Jihad p i g

Pave Way IV

There’s no reason to treat US diplomats in that kind of rough manner, Russia. Please turn them over to the US Embassy in Moscow so my country can conduct a thorough internal investigation and clear them. We recycle head-choppers, so they’ll probably be assigned elsewhere in Russia or the EU.

أبو ياسر

Give us a chance


Yes, you have the chance of die or be in jail.

Brother Ma

Very well written and made me laugh heartily! I wish i could write like that!

Richard M

See ya. Wouldn’t wanta be ya!

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