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Russia’s FSB Allegedly Tried To Poison Navalny A Second Time, Or Maybe The GRU Did, Who Knows, Really?

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Russia's FSB Allegedly Tried To Poison Navalny A Second Time, Or Maybe The GRU Did, Who Knows, Really?

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The comedy series with the alleged ‘novichok poisoning’ (spoiler: NO) of neo-liberal, pro-Western Russian ‘opposition figure’ Alexey Navalny just got the second season.

So, here you go: The Times claimed that Russia allegedly attempted to assassinate opposition figure Alexey Navalny a second time, again with Novichok, after the first alleged attempt failed.

“The lethal nerve agent is said to have been used again with the hopes that he would die before he arrived in Berlin for medical treatment after the Kremlin gave into pressure from around the world to let him travel.”

However, the extremely deadly nerve agent that the entire world fears is apparently incredibly ineffective, or Navalny was, somehow, inoculated to it.

Allegedly, he was given an “antidote” that saved his life and stopped the alleged second batch of poison.

“That atropine saved his life,” former commander of the British army’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Regiment, Hamish de Bretton-Gordon told The Times.

The Times alleged that Russian security forces may have influenced the doctor who treated Navalny in Omsk.

Of course, that’s why he later announced that “Putin’s greatest critic” was probably suffering from a metabolic disorder rather than poisoning.

So-called unnamed German security sources believe that the would-be assassins used this opportunity to carry out a second attack with the deadly nerve agent.

“This was with a view to him being dead by the time he arrived in Berlin,” the newspaper quoted one source as saying.

So far, according to MSM and various Western officials, Russia has attempted to poison Sergey Skripal and his daughter Yulia Skripal, and has twice tried to poison Alexey Navalny. So far, all three alleged attempts by Russian GRU agents failed.

This was according to The Times’ version.

Then comes “investigative website” Bellingcat’s version, which was created in conjunction with CNN.

“A Bellingcat investigation with CNN has identified at least six members of a Russian intelligence team that specializes in toxins and nerve agents. Phone and flight records show that for years, the team’s operatives surveilled Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny. Navalny was poisoned during a trip to Tomsk in August.”

Apparently, not only did Russia allegedly try to poison Navalny on August 20th, and then try again shortly after that, but they also allegedly tried in July 2020, but also failed.

It happened when Alexey Navalny and his wife Yulia were on vacation in Kaliningrad, Russia’s exclave between Latvia and Poland.

On July 6th, Yulia fell ill after returning home.

Navalny told CNN that she described a sense of sudden exhaustion and disorientation. Yulia recovered and the exact cause of her illness was not determined.

Experts told CNN that such symptoms are consistent with a low dosage of poisoning. And looking back, Navalny believes the symptoms were “absolutely the same” as those he would suffer weeks later.

“I couldn’t connect these dots. Now I realize how bad she was, what it was, the kind of terrible, terrible feeling she experienced at this time.”

It all just made sense now, despite these same experts cited by CNN haven’t even been mentioned by name.

Furthermore, Maria Pevchikh, somebody who was largely unknown prior to August 20th, turns out is a campaign manager of sorts for Navalny, and she was widely and well known.

According to the investigation, furthermore, Navalny had not one team of five or six people targeting him, but actually two teams.

Essentially, the claim is that not 6, but 12 FSB agents wanted to poison and kill Alexey Navalny, and they all failed.

And yes – this version claims the FSB did it, not the GRU.

On December 14th, CNN visited the home of Oleg Tayakin, who is allegedly a member of an elite team in the FSB and who monitored allegedly the toxins team’s communications while Navalny was in Siberia.

When asked whether he was involved with the unit, he abruptly closed the door without comment.

“Russian officials and media have advanced dozens of scenarios to explain Navalny’s poisoning, suggesting it might have been done on the plane that took him to Germany. One of the favorite theories of state media is that Pevchikh was responsible, working for British intelligence in an effort to smear the Russian government. Pevchikh has dismissed the allegation.”

At least if Pevchikh denies it, that’s enough proof anybody needs.

On December 11th, Russian President Vladimir Putin told Russia’s Human Rights Council that, while it was not necessary to open a criminal investigation every time someone nearly died, he had asked prosecutors to look into the Navalny case.

Russian analysts were looking at the materials available to them, Putin said, but were being blocked elsewhere.

“Our specialists are ready to travel abroad — to France, Germany, and the Netherlands — to see specialists who claim that poisonous warfare agents have been found there,” Putin said. “Nobody invites us. We invited them to us. They don’t come to us.”

If any of this holds water, this is quite pitiful in view of the activities of the Russian security service or the military intelligence. Be it the GRU or FSB, they both failed, more than once to eliminate a citizen of Russia, while he was in the country.

At the same time, the United States managed to assassinate an Iranian official, via drone strike, while he was in a country that was neither the US, nor Iran.

Puzzling, really.


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Somebody, anybody PLEASE poison, strangle, drown this man in feces, annihilate him somehow because he is MONSTROUSLY CORNY…
So that humanity can continue living!


I read it in Putin’s voice.


You always do.
I just remember you (long time ago)… how much you were pro American.
Now one hardly can hear you mention your beloved US.
Why is that?
Are you trying to hide your past of US bot…?


You are mixing me with someone else, I’m on a Russian cheerleaders site, I talk about Russia here.


I remember you very well and how much your comments were pro American.
Now you do not even mention US you little double faced Ukrainian fucker.


And what was I saying about USA? Maybe I made a comparison with Russia.

Hind Abyad

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Jews forbid Baconcomment image

Our civilians. comment image Since when Lebanese civilians are Netanyahu’s civilians?? Psychopaths


Fried bacon and work makes you free.

Potato Man

Yeah Russia did it….again…yup, I saw bottle of vodka and Russian flag next to his drink again….

Why the fuk would anyone use poison to kill someone anymore, here is the main reason, no one give a fuk to him or care to remember him. So let make some shit up so people remember this shit and what a perfect timing huh…also Russian hacked US.

Lone Ranger

That MkUltra Trollstoy should work for Disney.
Aside from the CIA Clown News Network nobody is backing his lies.

Lone Ranger

If GRU wanted him dead he would be dead.


gru is not mossad or cia and russia is not a total degenerate like that so even the accusation is absurd russia would not execute anyone its not what it does and the accussation simply falls flat when you use a reasonable approach to the issue but the wests hate of russia is unreasonable so they come up with things who dont make sense and at the end of the story they end up as losers and navalny as their new problem


chubais was a nazi disgusting creature and russia got rid of him softly so why would russia care about navalny this is utter nonsense the west has no excuses so it creates some


Yes i have said before they are Vlasovists,they would have welcomed the Nazis into Moscow,they really are lower than vermin.


Do they really think any reasonable person would buy this story? If Russia wanted to kill someone they could do it FAR more easily in Russia. Why wait until he goes overseas only to use a poison with a very obvious origin?

It makes no sense and occurs conveniently just as NordStream is getting underway… hmm… must just be a coincidence.


The ones who buy this Bollocks are the ones who WANT to buy it,then they don’t have to look at their own criminal politicans too much, and do their own research,they are just too lazy,so they go along with the nonsense.


Navalny is such a hardened commando that he breathes in novichok-breath-freshener every morning! Soon the SAS will give him a job of Anti-Poison Chief Consultant, such a staggering immunity Navalny developed against all poisons. Truly a miracle.. Another miracle is Bill Hates curing the Nothingburger Covid-Flu with such a deadly vaccine jab that will kill millions in Jan-Feb 2021, 6 weeks after the poor unfortunate wretches will get jabbed they will develop a fatal immune system-collapse on re-infection causing horrible death & suffering. All who remain unvaccinated will remain healthy and alive: Except the vaccinated unfortunates dropping like flies.
Pray that Bill Hates & his bosses won’t blame us, the unvaccinated, for the millions of Pfizer-AstraZeneca-CureVac deaths, by saying, we the unvaccinated caused the deaths of the vaccinated, because we are shedding too much Covid, which is a weak flu-virus with 99% survivability rate. Except, if you get their Frankstein rancid Zombie vaccine concoction, your survival chances plummet to 30-50%. Exactly how they aim to reduce human population. They might even take distilled water jabs LIVE on TV – concealed as Covid-vaccine – but nothing will be in it, just purified water. They know very well the Covid-vaccine is for killing the unwashed masses = us.

Igors Savitsas

Operation was planned and executed by US, Britain and Germany (the vassal of both). Navalny has compromised himself and proved that he works against Russia. If Russia wanted that bitch dead, he would be dead. I truly hope to see him dead though.


Haha this explains why Russia has the highest suicide rate on earth :D

cechas vodobenikov

porky lying again—u ukrop gypsy’s fear death….u will live empty meaningless lives desperate for attention


Let’s take a look at the statistics… Nope, still the same. Russia in number one :)

Hind Abyad

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I don’t know, it sounds like a porn plot to me. Good appetite!

Hind Abyad

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Igors Savitsas



Reading it in Putin’s voice :)


i repeat the real story of russia are the chubais and other nazis and to me more precise its about the vlassov traitors those who changed russian traditional yellow imperial color to the colors of their nazi battalion meaning they seek to genocide russia feeling as real winners of the second world war and are on top levels to decide over policies yet vlassov battalion hauptmann ss nazi officer chubais was softly taken out of office why would anyone in russia care about anything but these nazis who want to follow the genocide all russians plan of the west it all doesnt make sense and i salute russia again for taking out chubais i hope russia will send alot of his kind into oblivion soon

chris chuba

Atropine was administered to him in the Russian hospital in Siberia when they found some wonky things going on with his enzymes. So it was the excellent care in Russia that saved his life.

The only thing missing from this bizarrely obsessive coverage (a very long segment on CNN), is a heroic narrative involving Israel. Israeli doctors, posing as Russian agents snuck into the hospital, administered lifesaving care, and then disappeared along with a treasure trove of documents linking Russia to N Korea’s and Iran’s nuclear weapons program but not before they could plant a computer virus setting back the doomsday clock by 10yrs.


Sounds like a movie pitch …

A Netflix original …

‘Riding the Novichok Express’

cechas vodobenikov

3 mountain Chechens could disappear Navalny forever for 1000 USD


Heeey. Voldemort is not Voldemort anymore


Why on earth would Russia want this non-entity third rate politician dead? It makes no sense. I’m sure if the FSB or GRU wanted him dead, which I doubt, he’ll be stone cold dead and no evidence as to the perpetrator will be found.


Indeed he would have walked off a train station platform or had an heart attack,this james Bond stuff is so 20th century.


So a new question arises here. Is mighty Russia not able to protect its political figures ? Because it seems that these people are being regularly poisoned , dying of strange causes , jumping out of windows for no reason etc etc.


Seems doesn’t make it fact,i don’t believe anyone has been poisoned with so called Novichok,they would have dies very quick if they had.

chris chuba

A Russian hospital in Siberia saved his life by administering the atropine. They did a general tox screen, found an abnormality in his liver function and gave it to him as a pre-cautionary measure before diagnosing ‘novichok’.


navalny has a certain usefulness for the morons making up mo6, cia etc and thus they can spin their attempt to blame russia one step further – but it doesn’t change the situation except that navalny is a useful idiot for wests program to discredit Putin and Russia and msm is firmly onboard the attemps. what a larf and then his daughter enrolled at stanford uni – wonder who pays her fees or is she on a cia-scholarship.


LOL!!! they are not very good are they?novichok said to be the most deadly nerve agent known just gave that bastard a headache,the Skripals are alive and well,so they tell us,and Navalny can’t be killed in an hospital,never mind many of the lobotomized Herd will believe it.

Hind Abyad

Navalny is a mentally sick man, no need to be psychiatrist i see killers eyes
comment image

Hind Abyad

To ‘Guest’ comment image

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