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Russia’s Frigate Armed With Kalibr Cruise Missiles Heads To Mediterranean


Russia's Frigate Armed With Kalibr Cruise Missiles Heads To Mediterranean

Admiral Grigorovich passes the Bosphorus

Russia’s frigate Admiral Grigorovich, armed with Kalibr cruise missiles, is heading to the Mediterranean Sea from the port of Sevastopol.

Admiral Grigorovich left Sevastopol on Monday to sail to the Mediterranean Sea and take part in the Russian week on the Ionian Islands in Greece.

The frigate could be involved in widely expected cruise missiles strikes on ISIS in Syria following the death of Russia’s Lieutenant General Valery Asapov in an ISIS shelling near Deir Ezzor.

Russia's Frigate Armed With Kalibr Cruise Missiles Heads To Mediterranean

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  • Prince Teutonic

    Author of this article should state how many cruise missiles can carry this frigate…

    • It has 8 cells for Kalibr cruise missiles. You can find this info in the graphics.

      • Prince Teutonic

        So it can fire up to 8 cruise missiles in one salvo but it can probably reload them. So my question still stands…

        • Jesus

          A support ship would carry the extra missiles and reload them into the vertical launcher of the frigate.

        • Solomon Krupacek

          this info you will never read.

      • Solomon Krupacek

        i sent e-mail on info

        • Dear friend, in general, all emails are answered within 24 hours.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            ok, thanks :)

      • Valery Grigoryev

        8 at the each of both sides. plus reserved ones onboard,

  • Riky Nik

    Nuclear warheads this time, I hope…

  • Jesus

    Quite a heavy strike punch and air defenses for a vessel lighter than 4000 tons displacement.
    Compared to the US littoral costal ship that comes close to the same displacement, Grigorovich class frigates have direct surface to surface and surface to air capabilities, while the littoral costal ship is a sitting duck without any heavy weaponry for surface attack or air defenses.

    • dutchnational

      If you refer to Coast Guard ships, those are not really navy ships at all, they are mostly border patrol, S&R, piracy control, smuggling etc.

      If you refer to the lighter newer USN ships, I think you are really wrong here. Saw a new coastal navy ship recently, which was all geared up for stealth action in coastal waters, not like this rather old fashioned Russian ship.

      Look also into the newest Norwegian and Swedish ships, built for coastal waters in the Baltics and Norwegian coast. Quite a different built. The future is coming and it isn’t Russian.

      • Jesus

        This Russian class frigates would blow away all the costal vessels NATO has, I was referring to littoral costal ships US navy has developed and built. NATO costal vessels would be useless 1000 -2000 miles away from their coast lines, while this frigate has independent capability to attack and defend itself unlike most LCS’s. The future belongs to Russia and their cutting edge in rocketry and electromagnetic technologies that would render most high tech NATO weapons useless.

        • dutchnational

          The proof of the pudding is always in the eating.

          Let us hope it will not come to eating.

          A slight comment though. Coastal means near the coast. A ship built to operate beyond 1.000 to 2.000 miles away from the coast is not coastal anymore. A different strategic concept would also mean extensive differences to the requirements of a ship and therefore also to its structure and capabilities.

          • Jesus

            I was initially comparing the tonnage of the Grigorovich class to US LCS, similar tonnage vastly different capabilities. The Russians decided to pack ASW, SSM and SAM weaponry on a 4000 ton platform which is quite significant. A ship with similar capabilities would be the US Arleigh Burke destroyer displacing a little over 9000 tons, with a greater missile capacity due to its size and displacement.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            destroyer is other category. it rplaced battleships. frigate will never replace battleship. you no nothing about these weapons. you are not expert. i see, you read some army/military focused newspapers and thats.

          • Jesus

            You know, you can write English a lot better than you show us, you are a bad actor.
            What I am saying is that the Russians packaged a firepower package in a frigate, that is equal the American firepower in a destroyer twice its size. Actually Kaliber missiles are superior to Tomahaks, and Russian CIWS and EW capabilities exceed that of US destroyers. When the Russians build the LIDDER destroyer, it will greatly surpass US destroyers and Aegis cruisers in tonnage and all around capabilities.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            So is better. But really you wrote in szch style, that everybody understood something else.

        • Solomon Krupacek

          ” this frigate has independent capability to attack and defend itself”

          this is not true. also in official statement is not written this. frigate is frigate. thats all. quite good frigate, but no miracle.

      • ruca

        Apparently shit can be polished.

        • dutchnational

          Never tried, but I take your word for it.

    • dutchnational

      Russia has build,as in completed, three of those ships, using Ukrainian engines.

      After Crimea, Ukraine cancelled the order for more engines, leaving Russia unable to complete the second batch of three ships.

      Russia is hoping to build engines themselves and can maybe complete the other three ships somewhere after 2019.

      • Deo Cass

        The Russian indigenous Turbine Engine has already been created back in 2016. By 2019 all three remaining ships in this class would have been laid down and ready for combat.

        • Solomon Krupacek

          you are more optimistic than the official russian site. independently upon this dutch kanntekening reader i checked this frifate imediately after article came out. so, i know, what about i am writing.

          • BMWA1

            Yes, in relation to above, as the Nikolaev shipping industry collapses (post-2014), the technicians and engineers have been head-huntied by Russian ship-building firms, have some contacts with people in this city (after fieldwork in lower Bug River basin). This is not surprising, everyone in the city at least speaks Russian, and the mood their is quite pro (RU). Just personal note on local trend, but I think this is a broad move of technical talent in UA to RU, a sort of Ukraine brain drain as it were.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            look, jesus is fanatic. let me little stick pins in him. :)

          • PZIVJ

            On a rare occasion I will agree with Jesus, this Russian frigate has a lot of punch for it’s size. Please, no voodoo or pins. This scares me, I AM AZTEC ! :D

          • Solomon Krupacek

            did you read the article about boars?

          • DJ Double D

            Solomon, can you please write good English? I see that you are brilliant, but you need to check your writings for cohesion before posting.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            i know, i have lot of mistypes

          • DJ Double D

            But you have good opinions though.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            Thanks. I would like, if were more people who answered, argued. for me is no problem the opposite opinion. i discuss with any problems with jesus, who is far pro russian weapons fan, i midle pro russian weapons fan. or with PZIVJ, whith whome we share 40-50% common viewpoints. but unfortunately, most of people attack immediately. i visit this site lern new thimgs. and i have learned lot of.

            Have a nice day, bro! :)

        • Justin
      • Jesus

        They are building the turbine engines themselves, dependency on Ukraine is a thing of the past.

        • Solomon Krupacek

          we saw in case kusnetsov

          • BMWA1

            Case in point, Kusnetsov was built in Nikolaev, check map for country locale of this city/oblast, clue, about midway between Kherson and Odessa/

          • Solomon Krupacek

            but he wrote, russia can manufasture moder ship engines. and kusnyestsof has coal fueled steam angine like james watts locomotive :D

      • Igor Dano


      • Justin
      • Justin

        Minor set back!
        Who cares when uve got the best subs with the best Cruise missiles!
        Corvettes which can launch them also!
        etc etc!

        Russia lost Ukraine as a partner but gained China!

        Best thing that happened to Russia was Sanctions and the Kiev coup!

        Russia now has Crimea back, a foot hold within Eastern Ukraine
        Blocked the proposed Qatar pipeline to Europe
        Persuaded Turkey to ally with them (sold them S-400’s)
        Building pipelines to both China and Japan (can’t get cheaper than Russian oil and gas)
        Have 50 year (free rent) bases in syria and now in Egypt!
        the January 2017 estimated contract of rebuilding Syria @ $800 billion dollars
        Invited to build in Iraq!
        Philippines asking for Russian weapons!
        Containing Israel with the best Air defence systems in Syria!
        Just started building the Turkstream pipeline across the Black Sea!
        Nord stream 2 has been given the Green light

        Tell me, where in all of this is Russia losing?

        It must suck if u are dutch!
        To be so Beta male and so close to Russia!
        U must be shitting your little cheese coloured pants!


      • Justin
  • Petrus Levelleri

    Payback time, soon. We better stay tuned.

  • FlorianGeyer

    Perhaps the US will send one of their fancy new Stealth ships that break down a lot and are not really very stealthy:)

    They are VERY expensive though .

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      The problem with procurement without oversight typical of US bureaucracy too many greasing each others palms and greasing the taxpayers in the …..!

  • Mortal

    Again, the discussion deteriorates to a comparison between US and Russian LCS capabilities. If that’s what it is about, then people should take into account what the navy means for the US and what it means for Russia. US naval superiority is undeniable. That is because it fits with the power projection strategy that US follow, pretty much like the British some centuries ago. On the other hand, Russia does not really need an immensely powerful navy to fulfil her strategic purposes, at least as the things are for now.

    • dutchnational

      Agreed. The geographic profiles are also quite different. US has large coastlines completely ice free and located where their access cannot be strangled far away.

      Almost all ports of Russia are in waters that freeze (exception being the Black Sea) and almost all important ports can easily be blockaded from afar (Bosporus-Black Sea, The Sont – all Baltic ports, Wladiwostok by the Japan Sea. Remains Moermansk which is very eccentric to Russias main land.

      All of this also makes for differences in strategics. This also is one of the explanations for the importance of Russia’s naval port in Syria.

  • Daniel Rich

    “You want to rule the oceans where ships sail? I’d rather control the land, where people walk.” – Dan Tzu [unknown Chinese master]

  • DJ Double D

    Enemy airplane shot down over Damascus sky a short while ago.

    • Thegr8rambino

      Yes I heard that too, very good :))

  • Solomon Krupacek

    I put here:

    72% of people voted is plebiscit for free kurdistan in iraq. 90% voted yes.

    the war can begin

  • Thegr8rambino

    I hope the daeshbags enjoy the cruise missile party lol :)))