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Russia’s Fifth Gen Su-57 Successfully Tested With “Second Stage” Engine

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Russia's Fifth Gen Su-57 Successfully Tested With "Second Stage" Engine

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Russia’s Su-57 fifth generation fighter jet performed in 16 test flights with its 2nd stage engine “Product 30” (Izdeliye-30), Rostec Aviation Cluster Industrial Director Anatoly Serdyukov said on December 6th.

“Currently, the engineering bench tests of the advanced engine continue and the item is being tested on a flying laboratory. In October, another flight was performed to check the item’s characteristics in various flight modes, specifically, the operation of the vectoring jet nozzle and the oil system at negative overloads. Overall, 16 flights on a flying laboratory were performed,” Serdyukov reported.

The first flight of the Su-57 with the Product 30 engine was realized in December 2017th.

The engine will get a fully electronic automatic control system and ensure the fighter’s super-maneuverability, thrust-to-weight ratio, stealth characteristics and the ability to perform cruising flights at supersonic speed.

Currently, the Su-57 flies with an AL-41F1 engine (Product 117), which are typically equipped on Su-35 fighter jets.

The Su-57 fighter belongs to the conditional fifth generation, which indicates the presence of a number of characteristic requirements. One of the main requirements is the provision of cruising supersonic speed, including without the use of afterburners.

Existing engines (such as the AL-41F1) are not capable of providing such characteristics, and therefore the fighter jet requires a completely new engine.

The engine of the second stage for the Su-57 fighter (“Product 30”) was developed at the Lyulki Design Bureau under the direction of Evgeny Marchukov and in collaboration with other large Russian engine-building companies.

According to known data, “Product 30” is a dual-circuit turbojet engine with afterburner. At the level of some basic ideas, it has similarities with older engines of the AL-31 and AL-41 families, but all of its units were developed anew and using modern technology.

The result of this was a noticeable increase in all the basic characteristics, allowing to attribute “Product 30” to the next generation of turbofan engines.

The engine has a typical architecture for its class with multi-stage high and low pressure compressors, a combustion chamber and multi-stage turbines.

Behind the turbines are an afterburner and a nozzle with TVC (thrust vector control).

The compressor provides compression of the incoming air with a degree of 6.7, providing air flow up to 20-23 kg/s. The combustion chamber is equipped with a plasma ignition system installed directly on the nozzles.

Such tools ignite the fuel immediately after it enters the combustion chamber. Due to this, the optimal combustion mode is maintained, and the so-called flare – improper combustion of fuel accumulated in the engine. The temperature of the gases in front of the turbine ranges from 1950 to 2100 ° K. For comparison, in the serial AL-31F engine, this parameter does not exceed 1700 ° K.

According to open data, the maximum thrust of the Product 30 engine reaches 11,000 kgf, afterburning – 18,000 kgf. For comparison, the engine of the first stage AL-41F1 has a thrust of 9500 and 15000 kgf, respectively. Thus, the Su-57 aircraft, even with a maximum take-off mass exceeding 35 tons, will have a thrust ratio of more than one. With normal take-off weight, this parameter will reach 1.15-1.2.

It is to replace the AL-41F1 engine when it enters serial production. The “first stage” engine has been in serial production since 2018. The Product 30 engine is expected to enter serial production sometime in 2020.


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Long Nose Larry, Ph.D

imagine the neocon/zionist salt when a Russian SU-57 shoots down an F-35


But first Russian pilots will have to practice to shoot down an airplane that moves extremely slowly to get the habit.
It will be like shooting fish in barrel.
Embarrassingly easy.

Long Nose Larry, Ph.D

The article said “The pilots were forced to flee”
another article said, pilots nervously fled. Typical cowardly kikes, only brave striking their neighbors from other country’s airspace outside of harms way. I guarantee a 12 year old could personally kick these pilots asses to XD


Yeah “Second stage engine tested” for the second time already!
While many Western “experts” were claiming that Russia is totally incapable to create such engine or at last incapable to deliver in timely manner, specially with targeted time lapse they have scheduled.
So their “experts” predictions for the production model of SU-57 were 1st.:
“It’ll never be produced!”
than they’ve lowered their skepticism to : “In 7-10 years time at the best while US will have 6th generation by than”
It seams that they were wrong (again) and Russia will deliver promised production model SU-57 with new engines till next year at the latest.
Same goes for the export model.
So next year Russia will have SU-57 with new engines, S-500 and hyper-sonic Zircon missile among other things!


And China will have it, too. Even worse for US military industrial complex.

Long Nose Larry, Ph.D

haha suck a cock zionists! https://www.jpost.com/International/Russian-Su-35s-scrambled-to-stop-Israel-over-T-4-Russia-Iran-media-claim-610329
Russian AF SU-35 just successfully intercepted a pair of Israeli F-35’s trying to illegally attack Syria again :D


Are Israeli fighter pilots allowed to bring spare pants while on a mission? Because how could they be able to withstand all that smell in the cockpit … the pilot’s helmet wouldn’t help them. Being chased by su 35 is definitely not like being chased by a beautiful girl.

Long Nose Larry, Ph.D

they’re used to chasing underage palestinian girls who throw rocks lol


They wear diappers when on missions. Same as US.


Joe, thought you realised, they have being wearing G-Force Nappies for years. Not sure how many Gs they would be able to pull before all their crap ends up in their booties. Negative G will of course fill their helmets , so it’s best avoided… lol

Avi Schwartz (IDF:71, hamas:0)

FAKE NEWS! IDF fighter jets did NOT run away, they made the intelligent decision to not shoot down the Russkie scrap metal jets


I call BS if they even tried to attack Russian planes the Russians would have engaged the S400s on them.


LOL Jacob. You just admitted the Israeli planes where forced to withdrawal !

Saso Mange

Only thing which is fake here is Hasbara.


Do you really need to go back to 1973 to find a “victory”?
Were you even born then?


Those of us who know history , know 2 F4s shot down 4 Mig 17s with a 5th Mig being badly damaged. However we also know that both those F 4Es were engaged by 2 Egyptian Mig 21s and were themselves downed. One of the IAF crews were captured. We also know that on 15/10/1973 that 4 F-4Es were taken out by a Syrian SAM 6 unit along with a Mirage V while 2 other IAF aircraft were badly damaged and had to disengage.

Avi Schwartz (IDF:71, hamas:0)

Twitter experts have already debunked this. No SU-35 intercepted any F-35. IDF could have shot down those russkie planes if they wanted to. ELINT News, Aleph (no_itsmyturn) and parallel_universe already confirmed the Russkies NEVER intercepted any Israeli Warplanes! Get over it already!

Long Nose Larry, Ph.D

Lol you just listed 3 certified ultra-zionist Jewish twitter users, who are on Hasbara/IDF internet payroll. Their posts are non-stop zionist propaganda Congrats. The shit out your ass has more credibility than them :)


Twitter “experts”:) Ha ha ha!

Saso Mange

But really man. Imagine, ”twitter experts” presented as an argument… Man this world, total ”idiocracy”.


You are relying on twitter experts are you for real!!

Ricky Miller

Whatever. The F-35 is not an air to air aircraft. It has four missiles in inventory. The Su-35 can carry twelve, including mounts for four that outrange anything the F-35 carries. It would not be a long fight. If Israel were really serious about combating Su-35’s they would counter with F-15’s. Your ignorance about real world military tech is illuminated each time you post your cheerleader comments.

Saso Mange

”twitter experts” :D

Are you even serious?




Not a very plausible hasbara trolling. Love the Jew nose though, it could house the new generation of radars.

Gary Sellars

Dirty kyke lying scumbag. You’ll have to pay yer gas bill before you gasp your last breath away…


So much for the mythical invisibility!!

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

they need to be doing that everytime israhell tries to do that


Currently, there is no equal to Russian SU-35 Super Flanker and the SU-57. The F-35 despite its hype and US forcing its lapdogs to buy the flying junk at Jew sale prices, it has been lit up by the radars of SU-35 and even Iranian upgraded F-14A. One of Zionist F-35 was damaged by a Soviet era Syrian SA-2 Guideline (aka birdstrike).

Mehmet Aslanak

I wonder whether Russian stealth paint is falling off like F-35 over mach 1 speed or not.
Another irritating point is that Germans discovered to detect stealth paint with 80s TV antenna signals.
Guess 5th generation won’t live long, that’s why tech is rushing to develop 6th gen. which won’t have a pilot.


All old radars can detect 5th generation “stealth” planes, like in Serbia 1999 – but they can’t say precisely the plane coordinates or speed so they can’t lock a missile on it, that’s why only one got shot down, that was a combination between talent and luck.

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