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Russia’s Defense Minister Congratulated ‘Syrian Counterparts’ On Liberation Of Al-Bukamal


Russia's Defense Minister Congratulated 'Syrian Counterparts' On Liberation Of Al-Bukamal

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu speaks at a session of the Federation Council, May 24 (Source: mil.ru)

On November 10, Russia’s Defense Ministery Sergey Shoigu congratulated Syrian forces on the liberation of al-Bukamal city, which had been the last large ISIS stronghold in Syria.

Work is in progress on demining Deir ez-Zor [Deir Ezzor] and al-Mayadeen. Today we started demining and clearing Abu Kamal. That’s the last major stronghold where a fairly large group of terrorists was concentrated. Some of them were wiped out, while some others crossed the Euphrates and are moving northwards. I hope they will receive a worthy ‘welcome’ there,” Shoigu said at the military board of Russia and Belarus. “Convey our congratulations to our Syrian counterparts. I congratulate you on the successful completion of the operation that was underway over the past four days. The Russian Aerospace Forces showed all their skills, and, most importantly, accomplished all the missions they were tasked with amid poor weather conditions.”

The Syrian Defense Ministry announced the liberation of al-Bukamal on November 9. However, some firefights were still ongoing in the area.

However, there are still not enough photos and videos from the area to confirm that the city is fully secured.



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  • Nigel Maund

    SF needs to spellcheck some of their articles first. Otherwise, good of Shoigu to recognise the SAA effort and sacrifice. This is both fair and good manners to ones Ally. The Russians handling of the Syrian campaign has been excellent. Sound and solid support and good Generalship.

    • FlorianGeyer

      I agree with you Nigel.
      There are though some readers here who consider that ‘ the correct spelling in English’ on this English language is unimportant. I am sure we both appreciate that some spelling errors of those who post comments here are by readers to whom English is not their native tongue and others are due to ‘fat finger’ typing !

      However , careless spelling in the main articles are easily avoided and ‘words’ obviously have a meaning (often different meanings according to the context in which they are used ) in every language. If words are spelt incorrectly they are in fact ‘meaningless’ and when translated into other languages by some readers here, they can be interpreted as describing something completely divorced from the intended narration, or more often just an unintelligible jumble of letters .

      I fully accept that translations of speech and written words to the English language can be intuitive and it is therefore even more important to avoid careless spelling mistakes so that reasoned opinions of what we see and hear can be determined by the South Front readership.

      South Front is one of the few ‘Islands of Reality’ that are refuge’s towering above the ‘ Putrid Morass of Fantasy ‘ that is peddled by the Western MSM today.

      p.s If I have made any spelling errors here , they are Fat Finger ones :)

      • Langaniso Mhlobo

        Just leave Nigel you don’t owe him any explaination is he a English grammar teacher after the war.Tell him we are welding,connecting and puźzling the words but still understand each other.Maybe his ban by CNBC,BBC,MSM and CNN now he want to put us in bad light from our favourite South front.

        • FlorianGeyer

          Your comment is virtually intelligible Langaniso and an example of the atypical language used by abettor’s such as you.

          • Langaniso Mhlobo


          • FlorianGeyer

            No problem :)

      • Orcbuu

        Fat Finger Tipping and LAzy a$$ Biatch Solomon :D

  • dutchnational

    Still no conclusive evidence that Al Bukamal was ever taken or still under control of either Hezbollah or PMU. SAA not really present at all, they are still stuck along the river.

    SOHR now also doubting the seizure of Al Bukamal.

    What is going on? It has become a virtual war? Only blah blah?

    Is this like the pontoon bridge in DeireZZor, the bridge that never was until two weeks later?

    • Turbofan

      What are you so afraid of?

      • Tudor Miron


      • dutchnational

        fake news

      • BMWA1


      • FlorianGeyer

        Reality I think Turbofan .It has burst Dutchnationals balloon :)

      • Orcbuu

        The Truth, hurts him so much he Desillusionate it, with harsh words against the people who fight the Fashist Parasites. He is afraid of the illusion he is living.
        When a Slave learns Finaly he is a Slave he becomes more free of the illusion he is been Living in, truth sets you free.

        • dutchnational

          A Slave is a speaker of a slavic language. As I am Dutch, I am a Gemanic speaker.

          Having said that, I do not understand your comment at all.

          • John Whitehot

            because there are slaves that think they are free.

          • Orcbuu

            Germanic is also a Form of Slavic my friend, just reformed very hard for the divide and conquer tactic that takes place again and again look up Ukrain there language is also not more then 200 years old, first taken place in the churches to Higher up there BEEING from the small folk. You can thank Martin Luther(warmonger) for the High German language and yours is just Germanic(Baby germanic, thanks to Rudi Karel for that) with Anglo-sachen, Mischmasch. Europe was once 1 Full Region in the Bigger Empire, the oldes district in Lissabon is called Moskwa(Moscow) the word Moscwa or as the russians say it MASKWA is an old meaning for the MASK you are wearing, in the old Heiden(german) Heathen Believe(Not Religion). Only you can entlighten
            yourself give History a chance look up Encyclopedia Britannica first ever Issue you will see a LOT of Facts written by the Enemy of the Biggest Empire ever existet on our Planet (Until Disproven, maby there where Planet sized Empired before the fall 11-12 thousand years).

            And yes Slave where called people from speaking slavic languages, because they got Into slavery by there Slave masters, fall of individual countrys around europe, afrika and middle east.
            Russians themself do not call it Slave they say Rabi(hard i).
            And yes you are still just a Slave for your old Believes you cant get rid of you are FREE.

            (Fun Fact: The most Slaves ever existed where in the Middle east after the Fall in that region and yes that where all people with the heritage of White People(Slavs)).

            You are too a Slav even when you are not aware of that fact. Because 11-12 thousand years Europe was a Thick 1-3 Kilometer big Icewall, that means White people are NOT from Europe as everywhere stated.

          • Goran Grubić HardyVeles

            There are in deed ties between Low German and Old-Slavic. Probably the closest non-Slavic language in Europe is Low German (excluding Veldish), but it is not “hidden” or disputable history – such notion lead German philosophers of 19c to develop Indo-European thesis, which gave us linguistics, as science. (of course: German intellectual reach to India had far greater impact, but Germano-Slavic similaritiy was the first lead to follow… ok, later some narco-addicts “upgraded” findings of the linguistics, created Tule, and gave us Nazi-Aryan-Bs-Doctrine … but these guys were junkies anyway :) )

          • Orcbuu

            Write that to Dutchnational :) He thinks that his nation is somewhat unique and they where the first one after the romas already speaking german. _This fool

          • John Veitch

            You mean a Slav is a speaker of a Slavic language. Best wishes

          • Goran Grubić HardyVeles

            Slav is from servant, Servi (alternative name on the West for us, the Serbs). Slavery is somewhat modern term, but, there is clear correlation – no doubt. Only less known part of that picture is fact that commanders of Roman Legions were referred and referred them selfs as Servi – in the sense: serving to the Empire. Definitely not the ruling class, but, hardly slaves in sense of the term we have today.

          • John Veitch

            Thanks for your reply.

          • Goran Grubić HardyVeles

            John Vejić, maaan!!! Vejić :) You have something with us :)

          • John Veitch

            You’re a good bloke.

    • John Whitehot

      there are several videos of Syrian legit forces in the city and they’ve been positively georeferencered.

      it must be tough to accept for jihadi-huggers but this is it.

  • EmilyEnso

    Russia’s Defense Ministery Sergey Shoigu congratulated Syrian forces on the liberation of al-Bukamal city.

    Can we on Southfront all join in.
    And congratulate Russia for its part and a job well done as well.
    Thank you, sir.

  • Kennethllindsy

    *Apparently, Russia is on verge of declaring victory in Syria and pulling out most of its military resources as elections are only months away. (It goes without saying that pictures of dead Russians in Syria are to be avoided).

    *Expect joint announcement by Trump & Putin soon that major operations have ended.

    *If war ends today, the big winner is Turkey who has seized large chunks of Syria.

    • dutchnational

      I know the Syrian war in impopular within Russia – Russians in general do not like arabs and or muslims – but so bad?

      • Kennethllindsy

        Russia has achieved it’s strategic objectives of preserving Assad Regime and retaining bases on Latakia. So now only costs and casualties by remaining.

        *While pro Iran elements in Syria keep pushing for expanding the war against the SDF and the Turks, there is little benefit (if any) to Russia in escalating the war, especially since outcomes are not predicatable.

        **Better to bank a win than risk further losses.

        • dutchnational


        • John Whitehot

          the SDF will have to retreat in kurdish areas though and give back to the Syrian people the areas they are occupying illegaly.

          • Kennethllindsy

            Doubtful about any return of land as SDF has never sought independence from Syria.

            In short term, Assad can’t risk attacking SDF as it would only give Coalition an excuse to counterattack. (The only time Trump has had a greater than 60% approval rating was when he bombed that airfield).

            Over long term there will probably be a political solution of sorts.

      • John Whitehot

        then you must be know countries where war in general is popular. perhaps you should name them.

        • dutchnational

          This is nonsense. Some wars are more popular, or less impopular, then others. Fi WWII was rather popular within the US. Vietnam was impopular there. Falkland war was hugely popular in the UK.

          So not all wars are equal. Pretending they are in denying reality.

          • John Whitehot

            you is nonsense.

            nobody likes war. If you want to put it in the “more popular” or “less popular” perspective, then the war against terrorism in Syria is among those “more popular” in Russia.

          • John Veitch

            What is wrong with you, the American people were overwhelmingly isolationist and only by using back door manoeuvres did they enter the fray. There was an anti-war movement during the Falklands war. 80 percent of American soldiers in the Vietnam war of liberation were volunteers. Regards

  • dutchnational

    Al-Bukamal city is still under Daesh control, the Assad regime captured it only via its media propaganda

    Date: 10 / 11 / 2017
    Daesh is still in control of the city of Al-Bukamal, despite the fact that the Assad regime continues to claim the capture of the city. There are still ongoing clashes between the organization and Assad’s forces in the outskirts of the city amid heavy airstrikes on the frontlines.

    Yesterday, the head of the regime defense ministry claimed the ‘liberation’ of Al-Bukamal east of Deir Ezzor and the media outlet run by Assad’s forces released footages showing clashes on the vicinity of the city. But, they have not released any footage from inside the cit

    Copied from en.deirezzor24.net, local reporting

    • gustavo

      You are wrongly informed. Do not use SDF or ISIS source of information.


      I think the end result has been obvious for some time. Syrian govt’ controls areas west of the river and the Kurdish SDF controls areas to the east. Hopefully this natural border will be enough to keep the two sides from killing each other. I can only imagine how tired of war the Syrians must be. If I was dictator, I would start building a mote/channel separating Idlibistan from the rest of Syria. Additionally, having an electric fence or wall might help too. That way HTS, & company become Turkey’s problem.