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Russia’s Defense Companies Predominantly Use Counterfeit Materials: Russian Prosecutor General

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Russia's Defense Companies Predominantly Use Counterfeit Materials: Russian Prosecutor General

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Russian companies in the military-industrial complex are predominantly using counterfeit materials and components, according to the Russian Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov.

“Of particular concern is the massive use by the defense industry enterprises of counterfeit materials and components. Given the strategic nature of this problem, it is necessary to bring all the planned supervisory measures to a logical end,” said the prosecutor general at an extended board of the supervisory agency on March 17th.

According to him, “the legal situation dictates the need to increase the supervisory component in strengthening financial discipline, reducing the debt of the defense industry enterprises on unfulfilled obligations and improving the quality of military products.”

At the same time, Krasnov noted that over the past year, military prosecutors have identified more than 44,000 violations of the law in the field of the military-industrial complex.

He emphasized at the same time that “prosecutors in this area ensured the legality of spending budget funds allocated for defense orders and the creation of new types of military equipment.”

The prosecutor general added that in cooperation with the tax authorities, prosecutors should seek to clear the sphere of state defense orders from “one-day companies”.

He also instructed the military prosecutors to enforce the laws of the military acceptance bodies of the Ministry of Defense and their proper organization of control over the execution of work on state defense orders.

It appears that the Russian authorities are somewhat capable in detecting the crimes, specifically of corruption, after the fact, while they’re not that adept at preventing any such crime.

It should be reminded that just days ago it was reported that a company repaired four nuclear submarines from the Russian Northern Fleet, without having the necessary licenses to do so, and according to the lawsuits against the company’s director and the company itself, all of the funds allocated from the government need to be returned.

The authorities are also not capable in preventing, nor detecting another type of crime – cybercrime. Which is surprising, judging by the constant accusations by the Western establishment that Russia has astoundingly skilled hackers on its payroll that carry out various cyber-attacks.

Separately, Krasnov noted that Russian law enforcement agencies have not yet been able to effectively counter cybercrime. According to him, only 9% of such crimes are revealed.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the Prosecutor General’s Office, instructed the supervisor to work together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other interested bodies to evaluate the effectiveness of measures to combat cybercrime, and also to develop a system to reduce the number of such crimes.

In addition, Putin called on the Prosecutor General to increase efficiency in ensuring the rights and freedoms of citizens. The department should identify and suppress any offenses, the head of state noted.


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Lone Ranger

I will translate this to noobs.
There are foreign agents in some of these companies and they have to deal with them.
How was Al Capone caught?
Was he charged with murder, kidnapping, or something serious in that direction?
He was caught evading taxes…


Yes, this would be a way of ridding Zionist sympathiser’s from the Russian procurement processes.


I will translate this to noobs. Every company sending workers at home/cuting their wages needs an external factor to justify the measure and just because there are no more funds is not enough. Remember the biggest California rephinery burning two weeks ago?

Lone Ranger

Searching for english….
English exe not found…
Fail 101…

Jens Holm

Typical from You. Of course some foreigners do it.

You really dont see, what counterfitt also is. Most of that is not second class but produced better, the same or cheeper by foreigners. Thats world competision and normal in my world. We do buy a lot of stuff into our products as well as wel sell specilized ones to grat parts of the world.

The main problems for the Russians are their production rates are vey low and they therefore dont produce as much as needed for finacing those products.

Here Russia are in the same problems as the Tzars had. They never has develloped a large well and relative well educated middle class, which can do the difference and make Russia grow.

If Russia will remain as leading state of the world, they should use the money for ineffective production for educating 1000s of middle calssers and many of them being ecperts in running companies and logistics.

Lone Ranger

Actually they have.
Russian scientists are amongst the best if not the best.
You on the other hand could use some education in english language.
Im starting to get PTSD reading your gibberish…

Jens Holm

The invensions are not the problem.

The problem is to produce many and cheep to the price keeeping that asked for quality.

That demands a lot of people being the producers.

I can give a fast spreding example, which I have followed. Some school in Denmark for kids from 16 to 18 years and seveal having family problems went to a school, which should inspire them to be more normal then they were and are.

Some few teachers not even sciantists but very good teachers got the idea, that a projekt for all could be studying windmills and how they could be used for lectric power.

It was a good idea. The puåols there worked hard and learned a lot. Some companies gave them extra donatiosn. And after 3-4 years they had the first windtubine being able to make a lot of electricity compared to anything else before that.

The price was 10 times as much as coal and 5 times more then with foddil fuel, but it worked. It was shown all over the world. The idea was new but the technoly was duable.

And here its not Russia anymore. You could di that in Russia as well.

The change came when 3 danish companies started production and the whole world did. Some few scientist is not enough for that.

You have to have a lot in the middle AND the scientists making them better and better.

Those here now produce electricity much nelow the price by fossil fuel and are at the same level as coal.

Thats my point other countries and companies could not make that good idea come through if they had no copying and innovative producers as well as just as many being open and able to replaace the old stuff.

Ricky Miller

I’m looking through the news and see that Russia launched a GLONASS satellite yesterday from Russia, on a Russian rocket. Russia has an excellent university system that produces engineers capable of such feats, so since you are so superior in Denmark you must have your own global positioning systems satellites, made in Denmark and launched on Danish rockets? Oh, no you say? You talk a lot of crap about Russia but come from a country who relies on the United States and the France, Germany, Italy consortium who launches Europe’s Galileo positioning system and operates it from other places, not Denmark. Why, some of those satellites were launched using Russian made rockets. Maybe one day your country will catch up to Russia in rocket and space technology Jens, if your schools can get their act together.

Robert Ferrin

Ah now you are starting to make sense.!!!

Jens Holm

I cvan add, that the main problem many also name as “jew” is that You have not produces a middle class. So the only educated betwen the farmers and shoemakes and the upperclas was jews.

WE have no problems with jews here at all. They often create jobs just as anyboduý else. But the difference also is, we have, what You dont have. Thats named income tax.

When the companies pay the people working there, we tax them. We also try to tax the big and bigger companies and do have some ducces by that.

We even has to pay 15% tax to the state, when we die.

That tax then is used for anybody by our parlament and goverment. Most incomming money already are used for education, medical care and fx pension. If we need more money we have a system, which can raise it.If we get too much in, we can ipen for more private home use.

It do work – so far but You cant change al over night as well as You might have Your own version.

Its like Sanders in USA. He didnt invent Skandinavia and You cant put ourt systems into USA. But You can take parts of our good ideas and implement them.

I some times compare Sanders as car and his ideas are likeputing in a seatbelt saving many good lves even being only a smallpart of a car.

Lone Ranger

You have serious issues.
Hope you know that…

Ricky Miller

You continue to be full of shit and unfortunately for us choose to spread your odiferous nonsense here at SF. At least Russia is self-reliant in military equipment and can defend itself. Denmark buys nearly all her equipment overseas. Yes, you are dependent on others for your defense production. All your aircraft and the weapons they employ are foreign made, especially from the United States. Your Navy has ships that have hulls made in Denmark but all the weapons systems and sensor suites are made elsewhere including sea sparrow missiles and your naval artillery systems, which are procured from Italy. Your Army operates armored vehicles from Germany and elsewhere and your artillery and mortars are outsourced to the United States and Israel. Even your drones are bought from the United States. Russia makes all those things herself. Whatever problems they need to solve in the procurement supply chain they are still way ahead of you and yours, greedy middle class sponges who constantly demand more resources than society or the Earth can bear just to motivate your asses to get out of bed in the morning.

Hide Behind

Have to agree, patialy with not building a middle class, at least a middle class much like what US once had, as it was that portion of society that brought about the technological advances, not the state, not the military, but an educated highly skilled middle class of innovative thinkers.
Take the digital revolution; it began as a pure military project, a top down bureaucratic committee managed undertaking and when they had what they thought was most advanced system in world and safe from enemies tinkering it was grabbed onto by small companies of educated buisness oriented entrepeneures and suddenly in less than 3 years the militarys internet capabilities made them seem as if still using an abacus adding board; which is actually quite an accurate description in how they configured it.
Russia since beginning of Industrial revolution been noted as a private enterprise friendly government, it’s industry, agricuture, mineral and energy have come about through Governments edicts, and even their educational systems were geared for inclusion in the states needs.
Their financial systems had very few Banking Firms and they too were under direct control of Centralized planners.
Russia does have a world class digital capability but it is almost, until last 10 years, been restricted to State and military aims and only recently have a few digital offshoots, began own R&R , which they had to and still largely do, by taking western designs and improving on language for programming.

cechas vodobenikov

it is impossible to convince an idiot that is immune to evidence–holms…the danish and Swedish educational systems have become so eroded that their students r now nearly as incompetent as amerikans….Russian students rank #1


Surely it is up to the government to make sure that companies it pays to repair nuclear submarines are licenced – and competent.

Pave Way IV

The Russian Federation finds the Khazar Mafia guilty of crimes against the Russian people. Off with their f’king heads. All personal assets of the defendants, their businesses and their families are to be seized and sold off as partial restitution to the state. Business and personal associates of the convicted are to be investigated for any beneficial interest in these crimes or their proceeds. Get these animals out of here and hose down the cage. Next case, please…

comment image


The Khazars need to be removed from any important contracts in order to prevent theft and sabotages!
BTW in Russia they at least find “irregularities”, while in the US already $ 22 TRILLIONS are missing from the military budget!

Ricky Miller

Most of this seems to occur in subcontracts. It’s the chaos and greed, and was inevitable as the defense industry underwent partial large scale privatization. Everyone wants to make greedy money, like defense contractors in the USA. The Bulava missile program produced an excellent design that tested well at first because the prototypes were built out of the design bureau. Then, the first mass produced ones starting showing failure percentages during submarine test launches surpassing 40%. The problem was in the subcontracting process where substandard parts were introduced into production in an effort to get rich and retire to Dubai, or London or someplace all off the Russian taxpayer. The same thing for the Su-57. The prototypes, hand constructed with care and top of the line materials flew for years without major problems, including combat sorties in Syria. But, mass production started up and the very first production model crashed on it’s first flight test, due to substandard materials subcontracted into the supplies/materials process, in this case the control mechanisms in the tail assembly. It seems no one is afraid of the state anymore, inside Russia. In the USSR years defense contractors did it for love of duty and sense of accomplishment. Now, the greed thing and limited fears of the FSB coming and dealing with you for fraud or corruption leads many to cut the corner to find the treasure that can lead to easy street. I have an idea: increase the criminal and civil penalties for fraud and abuse in the state orders production process. And key staff involved in those processes, public and private, should not be permitted a passport until a military contract that they were a part of the supply chain for shows reliability under post production testing + 6 months. A few greedy scum going missing couldn’t hurt either.

Jens Holm

Yes. There seemes to be no quality control and too much money control. You cant expect some cheep products are as good as any.

So You also has to include the expectations from a Goverment could be many units even the companies say, that not possible.

Another one is Russia and several others are not able to priduce advance things well. Now Russians even they are 140 million as hoemarket are not even able to produce a simple “everybodies car´” or a prestige one.

Western economies has big problems with a lot comming from China. Its often cheeper then ours – thats fine. But often its also not the same standards, so we do pay a little less and are given things, which dont fir our standards told by Govemental and Private demands for it.

We are guilty ourself too. We try hard to stop things like that and ´have some succes. So Rusia do need much more then the quaity check.

Its a hard work and not done from day to day. Its almost a science ro take new bad products away and make new writings for, what they products can for the price.

We also tax many chines products now because they pretend low prices because its decided by their goverments also even having lack of control.

Hard work. Things has to be ok. It doesnt matter if You has a bicycle for just around the corner or You want to visit the moon.

Ricky Miller

Please. Russia sells rocket engines and seats to the ISS to the United States and Europe, not the other way around. Russia builds nuclear powered icebreakers and top of the line nuclear reactors, states in Europe and North America now do neither. Russia has problems but has gone a long way in import substitution and now makes about 70% of her own consumption, including farming vehicles, buses, and mining equipment. People like you just enjoy putting Russia down but the truth is there is enormous progress being made there, it just hasn’t progressed in a mirror image of the wasteful and decadent West.

Jaime Galarza

Don’t waste your time with the village idiot. Tomorrow he’ll be back with “Its almost a science ro take new bad products away and make new writings for, what they products can for the price.”

Ricky Miller

So true. And you nailed him. Others knows this so well and I too once knew.

cechas vodobenikov

your stupidity and ignorance r again displayed


Yeah, the problem is unversial, witch means it incl Russia, and not a surprice at all.
Some things first, quality control, a word that means jack shit, I know about that because I have been there and worked with that my self, in various ways, but the main thing is, QC dont work, because its confined to the QC system localy, and with that, the QC system can with ease be manipulated, faked and/or even lied about, the system depends on been honest, implimenting this thru the system needs to be honest, with out it the QC simply are not working.
The second, usualy the workers are either pushed hard thru work hours, limited time to conduct the QC or its been ordered to be neglected/covered up, its to often an combo of this two above mentioned causes.

They can wave an pice of paper and drool something about what QC system they have, this changes nothing, it stil requires an personel that can do the job, because faking this papers are way to easy, and usualy they gets way with it, like saying something about, ups….. we are truuuly sorry and will have to look and rewise the system, since it have been riddleled with flaws, the same lame exuse medical systems use when they kill an patient, again, sorry we will go thru the procedyres, we swear, this will not happen again it was the procedyres, like blaming Santa claus for the cockup and not the people in charge, witch means the top of the chain/corp.

The truth is, QC systems never will be better than what people who is implementing this QCs, corruption from welders to the head of the company, is not something new, its sometimes something they all know about, ordering lower quality steel to put the excess in their own pockets is the “law of the nature”.
Cracks are ignored due to loos of time because it means they have to do the job over again, and then comes the head and says that is not going to happen and both parts knows that the best way to hide that is to fake the QC, etc, etc.

I think you get the drift, and again, the QC isnt better than the people doing it, just take Boeing as an briliant ex. on the same, an systemic corruption that everybody knew about, because it pays to go with the flow or you simply are kicked out of the job, unless you do something about That, nothing will change, do you get it, the wistle blowers needs protection, otherwise you can kiss the entire system good bye, and Japaness steel, was another briliant ex. on faking papers for decades, the reason some cars rust so fast you can place your ears to the car body and hear it rust, like ants in the wall, and I am not even exagerating, shit in, shit out.

Solution, dragg the f…. in charge and shoot them in the neck and dump their bodys in the ditch, and tell the next one coming that if this corrution dont change, you will wack em all.
But you have to make an system where workers, etc are better protected, otherwise the corruption will never end, since the QC system must be baked into the work, when they aply for the prodjects, etc, if they dont, then the QC is wurthless, this dont only confins to Russia, its everywhere, incl Chines cheep shit.
Belive me, nothing else works, and to make it better is not easy, but that requres much strickter control.


cechas vodobenikov

bizarre fiction….counterfeit???? no complaints were lodged regarding the quality or materials, only that proper permits had not been procured


Isn’t it amazing that from time to time we hear stories of corruption in Russian military industries, but in the West it’s always brilliant, and everything is top quality and works fantastically! But somehow Pentagon (but not only) has a black hole in its unaccounted expenditures the size of several trillions!!! Fantastic, isn’t it!

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