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Russia’s Defense Companies Predominantly Use Counterfeit Materials: Russian Prosecutor General


Russia's Defense Companies Predominantly Use Counterfeit Materials: Russian Prosecutor General

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Russian companies in the military-industrial complex are predominantly using counterfeit materials and components, according to the Russian Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov.

“Of particular concern is the massive use by the defense industry enterprises of counterfeit materials and components. Given the strategic nature of this problem, it is necessary to bring all the planned supervisory measures to a logical end,” said the prosecutor general at an extended board of the supervisory agency on March 17th.

According to him, “the legal situation dictates the need to increase the supervisory component in strengthening financial discipline, reducing the debt of the defense industry enterprises on unfulfilled obligations and improving the quality of military products.”

At the same time, Krasnov noted that over the past year, military prosecutors have identified more than 44,000 violations of the law in the field of the military-industrial complex.

He emphasized at the same time that “prosecutors in this area ensured the legality of spending budget funds allocated for defense orders and the creation of new types of military equipment.”

The prosecutor general added that in cooperation with the tax authorities, prosecutors should seek to clear the sphere of state defense orders from “one-day companies”.

He also instructed the military prosecutors to enforce the laws of the military acceptance bodies of the Ministry of Defense and their proper organization of control over the execution of work on state defense orders.

It appears that the Russian authorities are somewhat capable in detecting the crimes, specifically of corruption, after the fact, while they’re not that adept at preventing any such crime.

It should be reminded that just days ago it was reported that a company repaired four nuclear submarines from the Russian Northern Fleet, without having the necessary licenses to do so, and according to the lawsuits against the company’s director and the company itself, all of the funds allocated from the government need to be returned.

The authorities are also not capable in preventing, nor detecting another type of crime – cybercrime. Which is surprising, judging by the constant accusations by the Western establishment that Russia has astoundingly skilled hackers on its payroll that carry out various cyber-attacks.

Separately, Krasnov noted that Russian law enforcement agencies have not yet been able to effectively counter cybercrime. According to him, only 9% of such crimes are revealed.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the Prosecutor General’s Office, instructed the supervisor to work together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other interested bodies to evaluate the effectiveness of measures to combat cybercrime, and also to develop a system to reduce the number of such crimes.

In addition, Putin called on the Prosecutor General to increase efficiency in ensuring the rights and freedoms of citizens. The department should identify and suppress any offenses, the head of state noted.




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