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JUNE 2021

Russia’s Coastguards Detain Ukrainian Fishing Boat In Azov Sea – Reports

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Russia's Coastguards Detain Ukrainian Fishing Boat In Azov Sea - Reports

Illustrative image: RIA Novosti / Aleksandr Polegenko

Russian coastguards have reportedly detained the Ukrainian fishing boat “Amur” with two persons on board in the Sea of Azov, the Ukrainian media says. According to reports, the incident allegedly took place on May 10. If this is confirmed, the May 10 detantion was the seond since the start of May.

On May 4, Russia’s FSB Border Department in Crimea said in a statement that the fishing vessel YMK-0041 (homeported in Ochakiv, Ukraine) had been detained for “illegal fishing” by coastguards off the coast of the Russian Republic of Crimea.

In late April, Russian coastguards started to inspect vessels heading to Ukraine on a daily basis.

These actions were triggered by actions from the Ukrainain side, which illegally seized the Nord fishing vessel [with 10 people on board] flying the flag of the Russian Federation in the territorial waters of Russia.

According to some signals and Russian sources, if the Ukrainian side continues its agressive activities against Russian vessels in the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea, Moscow may ban maritime traffic through the Kerch Strait thus blocking the Ukrainian economic maritime trade activity through the Sea of Azov.

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Bryan Holden

Block the Ukrainian vessels at every opportunity otherwise they will become even more brazen.

AG Korvin

Brazen fishermen are especially dangerous!


Fishermen have been employed as ‘eyes and ears’ for millennia by all maritime nations.

Britain was just one nation in WW2 who ‘mobilised’ its fishing fleets for various tasks.


UKrain looking for a Pat on the Back from the WEST & NATO


Now they will go running back to Daddy!

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Banderised “fishermen” activities across the Kerch straights and under the bridge will only increase. RF cannot be caught by surprise. There can be no slip-ups in the search of these vessels, or the bridge and lives will be at stake.
It is high time that Banderised Ukraine is forced to respect Russian territory and property and it seems only force will convince these brainwashed victims of the US/EU/NATO/Kiev Neo-Nazi gang.

Tudor Miron

Ukros are hard to learn. First they detaine Russian vessel with Crimean fishermen and now they wonder why something starts to heppen to ukro boats. “А нас то за шо?”

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