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Russia’s Black Sea Fleet Carries Out Live Fire Drills, Tests Crimean Defenses Alongside NATO’s Sea Breeze Exercise

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Russia's Black Sea Fleet Carries Out Live Fire Drills, Tests Crimean Defenses Alongside NATO's Sea Breeze Exercise

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On July 1st, Russian warships carried out a live fire training exercise in the Black Sea, as Ukraine and NATO countries hold the Sea Breeze 2021 drills in the same wider area.

Russia’s Black Sea fleet said in a statement carried by the Interfax news agency that the crews of two large landing ships had fired at sea and air targets in the Black Sea.

In separate comments, Russia’s defence ministry said it was tracking an Italian navy frigate after it entered the Black Sea on July 1st, Interfax reported.

The drill came two days after the air defense system was tested in Crimea against the backdrop of the Sea Breeze NATO exercise. The test was announced by the head of the information support department of the Black Sea Fleet (Black Sea Fleet) Captain Second Rank Alexei Rulev.

According to him, during the check, Su-30SM, Su-27 fighters, as well as Su-24 bombers and combat helicopters acted as control targets for the S-400 air defense systems. Also, the crews of aircraft and helicopters of the Black Sea Fleet conducted training with the divisions of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems and the Pantsir complexes, he said.

Aviation performed the task both at the maximum distance from the detection zones of radar stations, and at ultra-low altitudes.

Sea Breeze 2021 will last two weeks and involve about 5,000 military personnel from NATO and other allies, and around 30 ships and 40 aircraft, with U.S. missile destroyer USS Ross and the U.S. Marine Corps taking part.

The spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova said that the exercise has two goals – to destabilize the situation along the perimeter of the Russian border, and to transfer various types of equipment and weapons to the territory of Ukraine.

Separately, rocket firing of ships of the permanent formation of the Russian Navy will took place in the Mediterranean Sea. The exercises will take place several dozen kilometers from the UK Navy’s flagship, the Queen Elizabeth II aircraft carrier.

The exercises took place on June 26, specifies RIA Novosti. The area of ​​the Mediterranean Sea south of the island of Cyprus will be closed for them. Also south of Cyprus, from June 1 to June 30, a group of British ships operates. There will be about 30 kilometers between the northern border of the Russian exercise zone and the Queen Elizabeth area.

Joint maneuvers of the forces of the permanent task force of the Navy and aviation of the Aerospace Forces in the Mediterranean Sea began on June 25. The maneuvers involved 5 ships, two submarines, aircraft carriers of MiG-31K hypersonic missiles, and long-range Tu-22M3 bombers.

Meanwhile, having completed their mission in the Black Sea, the British destroyer HMS Defender and the Dutch Navy frigate HNLMS Evertsen passed the Bosphorus Strait on a course to the Mediterranean Sea on June 2.

Russia's Black Sea Fleet Carries Out Live Fire Drills, Tests Crimean Defenses Alongside NATO's Sea Breeze Exercise

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Nice video, understated. What is natos defense against Mach 10+ missiles? Only western imbeciles bring a knife to a gun fight.


Save it for the batshit eater you clown. Your attempts to appear wise are ridiculous. Research the Russian hypersonic missile programs fool.

The west is several generations behind Russia & China.

L du Plessis

Yep be ready for WW3, the EU have no ears to listen!!


The EU doesn’t even have an army to fight. WW3 would spell the end of the EU.

Americunt LOSERS

You got that right amigo. NATO is corrupt to the core and large segments of its population are queers. They are hardly going to fight Russia as they know what happened to the NAZI losers in 1945 when Russia liberated Europe and literally fuked the Germans. Most NATO losers are tiny US occupied colonies like UK, Holland, Belgium, Denmark etc, hardly military powers lol. The Italians, Greeks, Spaniards and other Europeans are not interested in a war with Russia or suicide at the hands of China. On the contrary many southern tier EU states are developing string ties with China and Russia, and that includes historically treacherousTurkey which is looking at the benefits of China’s ONE BELT. The Americunts are loser fools.

Last edited 1 year ago by Americunt LOSERS
Americunt LOSERS

Seriously, the Americunt cowards plus 52 assorted NATO and other pansies could not fight stone age Taliban, let alone take on the armed might of Russia. President Putin has judged the situation quite accurately, the NATOfaggots are in no position to fight and will do fuckalll if Russia chose to sink a limey or Dutchqueers rust bucket. Over 60% of NATO failed states population is LGBTQI or trannies as Afghanistan clearly exposed, so they are hardly going to fight and die for Jews. Russia today is in its military primacy and is far stronger and united than the USSR. Putin is pretty educated and astute leader and has a good grasp of the global strategic situation. NATO is a collect of buttbangers.

Americunt LOSERS

The Black Sea is a historical Russian lake and these stupid NATO ar$eholes are literally playing with fire. As President Putin wisely said, no one in the world will give a shit if Russia sank one these NATOfaggots rust buckets. Next time Russia will not be so lenient if its borders are breached by a bunch of Jew infested dumbasses.


Not the Ruskies best video of their military kit this one; WWII Flack Cannon on WWI Battle Cruiser with Radar profile big enough to flash up on the moon.


Take a round in the arse then tell us all about the radar profile.


I understand Russian frustration. They remember the time when it was their “lake”, and now it is not any more.


Now Russia needs to stage live fire drills in the Gulf of Mexico. Give the Jews’ US Tyranny something to really cry about.

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