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Russia’s Avangard Hypersonic Missile System Enters Serial Production

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Russia's Avangard Hypersonic Missile System Enters Serial Production

Illustrative image: Avangard missile system

The Russian Defense Ministry reports that the development of the sophisticated hypersonic missile system Avangard has been completed. It took place within the framework of the strengthening of the Russian national security.

Sputnik News reported on March 4th that Avangard has entered production. Sputnik News also quotes Russian military expert Alexei Leonkov who claims that the creation of the Avangard effectively rendered US missile defenses “useless.” Also quoted by Sputnik News, security analyst Mostafa Azrian added with systems like the Avangard and the Kinzhal provide Russia with a capability to strike a “devastating” counterblow to any would-be aggressor. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterates that the new weaponry, such as the Avangard and the Kinzhal are of purely defensive nature and Russia has no plans of attacking anyone. Ria News reports that at the same time as Putin’s announcement, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, who at that time was deputy minister of defense, said that the military department had signed a contract for the serial production of the first batch of “Avangards”. A continuation of which is July 19th’s announcement of the Ministry of Defense.

The military department repeated that the flight of the missiles passes at an altitude of several tens of kilometers in the dense layers of the atmosphere. In comparison, traditional intercontinental ballistic missiles fly to the target along a ballistic trajectory. The maximum speed that “Avangard” develops allegedly exceeds Mach 20. The unpredictability of the flight trajectory of the new system is achieved due to its ability to maneuver and bypass the Anti-Ballistic Missile zone.

Ria News reports that on Tuesday, July 17th, it was reported that Avangard will be upgraded with a heat-resistant titanium casing.

Preparations for the commissioning began together with the launch of serial production. Major-General Sergei Poroskun, deputy commander of the Strategic Missile Troops said regarding the matter: “In the position area of ​​the Dombrovsky compound of the Strategic Missile Troops, measures are being taken to prepare infrastructure facilities for the operation of the Avangard missile system and to check its combat and operational characteristics, which will ensure the timely adoption of the system for arming.”

Ria News reports that, in June, President Putin called the system “an absolute weapon,” which will not have any equal in the near future in any country. He also repeated that Moscow began its development as a response to the unilateral withdrawal of the United States from the treaty on missile defense.

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paul ( original )

I believe President Putin when he says these weapons are defensive. However, this is not where the threat lies. The USA will not attack Russia directly but will seek to throttle it to death by any means possible short of war. So herein lies the problem for Putin. At what point does he decide that enough is enough and use these weapons to knock the USA back on its heals?
Only so much economic strangulation should be tolerated. At the moment this may only be an irritant, but for sure it is set to escalate. If Putin is not careful he may find the ground cut from under him.


now write the message:” We have never produced any Novichok !!”
put that message on Avangard and hit that old hag Theresa May right in the middle of here bony ass!
She will get the message for sure and that way would be the best.

paul ( original )

Bony arse indeed. Exactly the right target. These people have so much to answer for.

Russian patience is not unlimited, I hope Putin gets tired of indefinitely persuading the West to behave peacefully and he will use force


I have always had impression that Putin’s style is:
“Speak softly and carry a big stick”
Any action from the West will be punished severely.
I do not believe that Russia will ever start confrontation 1st.

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