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Russia’s A-135 Anti-Ballistic Missile System (Infographics)


Russia's A-135 Anti-Ballistic Missile System (Infographics)

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The A-135 is an anti-ballistic missile system deployed around Moscow to counter enemy missiles targeting the city or its surrounding areas. Russia is currently developing a new system, the A-235, that should replace the A-135 ‘Nudol’.

The fact that Russia was working on the A-235 Nudol, dubbed the Satellite Killer, was first revealed in 2014. According to media reports, the initial contract for the creation of the A-235 system was signed in 1991, and the completion of the project was scheduled for 2015. The initial project for the modernization of the A-135 was set out in soviet times on June 7th, 1978. However, the development of the system seems to be still ongoing.

The main contractor for the project is Almaz-Antey, who created the S-300, S-400 and is working on the S-500. Presumably, the A-235 will receive a supercomputer “Elbrus-3M”, a radar station “Don-2N” and two echelons of large and medium-range interceptors. The Don-2N radar station, which resembles a Maya pyramid, has one objective and it is to detect enemy intercontinental ballistic missiles and direct the A-235 Nudol antimissile system.

It is to operate in three stages: long-range, based on the 51T6 and capable of destroying targets at distances up to 1500 km (930 miles), at altitudes up to 800,000 m; medium-range, an update of the 58R6, designed to hit targets at distances up to 1000 km (620 miles), at altitudes up to 120,000 m; and short-range (the 53T6M or 45T6 (based on the 53T6)), with an operating range of 350 km (215 miles) and a flight ceiling of 40,000-50,000 m.

According to military experts, the future of the missile defense systems A-235 and S-500 will form the basis for the comprehensive, integrated aerospace defense system of Russia, which will include a variety of modern ground-based detection tools.




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