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Russia’s 4th-Generation MiG-35 Fighter Aircraft to Start Test Flights in Late Summer

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Russia will begin test flights of its 4th-generation MiG-35 fighter aircraft later this summer. Test flights will last into next year. The Russian Defense Ministry could sign a contract for MiG-35 serial deliveries after the tests.

Russia’s 4th-Generation MiG-35 Fighter Aircraft to Start Test Flights in Late Summer

Photo: cogitoergo.it

Russia’s fourth-generation MiG-35 fighter aircraft (Fulcrum-F) will start its test flights at the end of this summer, RIA Novosti reported on Tuesday, citing the words of the CEO of the United Aircraft Corporation’s (UAC), Sergey Korotkov. According to Korotkov, test flights will last into next year.

The CEO of the UAC noted that the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation could sign a contract for MiG-35 serial deliveries after the tests.

“The aircraft is completing the general assembly stage, and should move to flight tests in accordance with the schedule. We will begin state tests as part of the Ministry of Defense program at the end of summer. The tests will be carried out until next year,” Korotkov told RIA Novosti at the Sirius education center for gifted children.

The Mikoyan MiG-35 is classified as a multipurpose 4++ generation jet fighter. It is a further development of the MiG-29M/M2 and MiG-29K/KUB fighters with improved combat effectiveness and versatility, as well as improved performance. The aircraft was first officially presented during the Aero India 2007 air show.

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Wtf? This jet is in Festung since over 8 years, wtf they are doing so long?


The F35 took its first flight a year before the Mig35. I would bet the Mig35 it will enter service before the F35.

And don’t bring up how the Marines have put them into service, because they don’t actually use them, they are parked and will only get used after the upgrades, which will never happen. they are just a billion dollars of propaganda.


Yeah, but the F-35 is a complete new jet, the MiG-35 is just an upgraded MiG-29.

chris chuba

I don’t have the link but either souhtfront or Russian Insider had a story on the aircraft carrier version of the Mig 29 where they explained that the Mig fighter series was largely redundant with the Su series so there was a period of time where the Russians consolidated on the Su series. The Russians only recently decided to revive the company that produces the Mig in order to avoid the single vendor trap and to keep innovation intact.

The Mig 35 competes for the same role as the Su 35 as an air superiority Jet. If you look at how each of them compare against the F35 they each bring something different to the table. The Mig 35 is cheaper to operate and has a much higher service ceiling but the Su 35 looks to be more heavy duty and higher rated in some categories.

http://www.aviatia.net/f-35-lightning-ii-vs-su-35/ http://www.aviatia.net/f-35-lightning-ii-vs-mig-35/


Tjx for the information and links


The best defense Russia has, is the F35. As long as the Americans keep wasting money on planes that don’t fly, Russia will be safe.

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